Worlds Largest Beyblade Destroys A House!

14 nov 2020
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    I did a thingI did a thing5 månader sedan
    • Do a part two

      Andrew MorrisAndrew MorrisMånad sedan
    • What about against a giannnnnnt saw blade

      joshuajoshuaMånad sedan
    • oy oy, where is the second part?

      Tafsir NahianTafsir Nahian2 månader sedan
  • Unfortunately you can only get the shitty beyblade burst now and not the classic metal fusion which let you customize more (you can get them off ebay but they're shitty knockoffs)

    Arceus 101Arceus 1013 dagar sedan
  • Sorry but that’s not the worlds largest

    Ultimate BeyMaster1Ultimate BeyMaster18 dagar sedan
  • 15:54 The new Resident Evil game lookin lit

    DaYoutuberDaYoutuber9 dagar sedan
  • nice mountain bike lmao

    HellbentAttic50HellbentAttic509 dagar sedan
  • Insane your first idea is eat the bag of chips left in the abandoned drug den

    Flip A GoatFlip A Goat16 dagar sedan
  • who else got a beyblade ad

    BilaBila17 dagar sedan
  • Today’s video is sponsored by simply safe, more on that later. AND THEN A SAW BLADE ROLLS BY.

    hiworldiexisthiworldiexist18 dagar sedan
  • Get SimpliSafe so no one can do this to your house

    LD EvansonLD Evanson19 dagar sedan
  • i forgot about your channel so i searched "australian man making giant beyblade"

    AizincAizinc19 dagar sedan
  • "This video is sponsored by Simply Safe" Proceeds to create a giant death beyblade

    lhdk2712lhdk271222 dagar sedan
  • Dude!! When he was spinning the blade with that drill to chop the carrot it made my toes curl up hahhaa

    ChogesChoges22 dagar sedan
  • I don't understand people that walk barefoot all the time...I always have shoes and socks on..I even sleep with socks...I haaate barefeet 🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏼‍♂️

    Natron Fa†u'MallaFallaNatron Fa†u'MallaFalla22 dagar sedan
  • as a wise man once said- "spEeeeeEEEeeeeeEeEEEeeeEEeEeeEEEEeen"

    Christopher EarthChristopher Earth22 dagar sedan
  • 22 kilos = 49.5 lbs...?

    Ace RuneAce Rune23 dagar sedan
  • Instant Sub for the quality Sarcasm in this Vid, Great job mate.

    Brahim AherouaneBrahim Aherouane23 dagar sedan
  • I LOVED that scooby do intro.

    Nathan BakerNathan Baker28 dagar sedan
  • Why the hell are you never wearing shoes?

    For ScienceFor ScienceMånad sedan
  • My fav part is when he shows the giant saw

    KatKatMånad sedan
    • @Cloudy_Kat_UwU Noob

      KatKatMånad sedan
    • Wow that part is the gamer best woah

      KatKatMånad sedan
    • I agree yeah hmm

      KatKatMånad sedan
    • Mmmmm yeah that's my fav part

      KatKatMånad sedan
  • 2:19

    BABY A TDBABY A TDMånad sedan
  • Fuck that’s a nice bench you pinched from the grow house. Nice score

    VL_TURBO420VL_TURBO420Månad sedan
  • twisted tempo wants to know your location allow _/ dont allow x

    Terro TendoTerro TendoMånad sedan
  • 12:25 is this a jojo reference?

    artkaartkaMånad sedan
  • 7:38 is just fucking hilarious

    Clive BriesemeisterClive BriesemeisterMånad sedan
  • as a person from a cold place, what struck me the most was how that piece of metal was able to melt butter. althrough you were just milling it....

    HB Steury Puget SoundHB Steury Puget SoundMånad sedan
  • Do a part two

    Andrew MorrisAndrew MorrisMånad sedan
  • Dude you could've grabbed all the lawnmowers and restore them and sell them for good prices

    Keanu Playz_VideosKeanu Playz_VideosMånad sedan
  • Barefeet!!! Ahhhhhh!!! Ok over it. Put the blade under the mower. great speed, and quick release.

    Ron ArcovioRon ArcovioMånad sedan
  • This guy can weld...

    AndreAndreMånad sedan
  • PUT SOME DAMN STEEL TOE BOOTS ON BEFORE YOU GIVE US A HEART ATTACK. Ya know if the diabetes doesn’t first.

    Mackenzie WalshMackenzie WalshMånad sedan
  • Love how he's walking around his workshop barefoot. Ur working with steel bro cmon

    Nathan RaymakersNathan RaymakersMånad sedan
  • i love that the background music is just a classical cover of 'You spin me right round"

    J MJ MMånad sedan
  • He says that beyblades are crappy and have a terrible tv show. Me: grabs shotgun and galaxy Pegasus

    Bonald PhillipsBonald PhillipsMånad sedan
  • Should make another one and let them rip at the skate park see who wins

  • Watching him do shop work gives me anxiety but I can’t stop watch his videos

    TheNuggetLordTheNuggetLordMånad sedan
  • reject normal measurements use only vegetables

    trenchcoatbandittrenchcoatbanditMånad sedan
  • I love your Hilarious, subtle, but passive aggressive comedy and comments you say as you are being a unique, creative, independent creator, inventive genius! should be an ingineer...if you are not already...well you still technically have the dedication....👏

    Aaron UsherAaron UsherMånad sedan
    • @I did a thing you are welcome man!...God bless you!

      Aaron UsherAaron UsherMånad sedan
    • thanks mate!

      I did a thingI did a thingMånad sedan
    • Say*

      Aaron UsherAaron UsherMånad sedan
    • I forgot to day love sarcasm....It's like punching people in the face....but with words...💥😵😂🤣😂🤣

      Aaron UsherAaron UsherMånad sedan
  • i cringed so much

    tomsprojecttomsprojectMånad sedan

    Tyler EberhardtTyler EberhardtMånad sedan
  • “Crappy little metal discs” Phantom Orion would like to know your location

    Kitteh 109Kitteh 109Månad sedan
  • Turned the melon into pac man

    RhymeHubRhymeHubMånad sedan
  • All that foam board insulation and ventilation tells me they were growing pot with hps... probably beautiful plants. - a grower in California

    James EnglesJames EnglesMånad sedan
  • You spin me right round baby right round

    Duneblazer85Duneblazer85Månad sedan
  • him: *touches the hot, just cut metal pipe* me, knowing full well i'd do the same thing: haha what an idiot

    Victor GnoatoVictor GnoatoMånad sedan
  • You became my favourite youtuber about 15 seconds into this video

    Thomas HovordThomas HovordMånad sedan
  • 49 seconds in and I subscribed

    Spyder's WebbSpyder's WebbMånad sedan
  • shoes would be a good idea... :-)

    Haus MeisterHaus MeisterMånad sedan
  • 4:48 why is this so funny

    Peyton CarterPeyton CarterMånad sedan
  • the ultimate shinner

    OrangeOrangeMånad sedan
  • this guy is so funny!!!! im subbing now

    Talmage LudlowTalmage LudlowMånad sedan
  • We should call this thing the hash slinging slasher after watching it snap the pull cord

    lucky boilucky boiMånad sedan
  • Cool... Now waterjet that from 20mm hardox400 and spin it up with an electric motor.

    OutlandOutlandMånad sedan
  • i also did a thing but shhhhh i think the fbi r after me

    LawlessElfLawlessElfMånad sedan
  • 中国国旗,真有爱哈哈哈

    Lok SexLok SexMånad sedan
  • Dam this is really dangerous.... you don't even wear a shoe...

    倪嘉言倪嘉言Månad sedan
  • Make a Battlebot

    A CA CMånad sedan
  • just discovered you, nice name

    MarcoTron08MarcoTron08Månad sedan
  • I love the "you spin me round" rendition in the background

    WindsorHornIIIWindsorHornIIIMånad sedan
  • The sore bomb monthly plant because game supply hop below a grotesque database. keen, electric underwear

    cora ortizcora ortizMånad sedan

    Adrian RadtkeAdrian RadtkeMånad sedan

    Adrian RadtkeAdrian RadtkeMånad sedan
  • This is the worst video on youtube.

    fenfenMånad sedan
  • This is like an anime story in which a boy being bullied by children through bayblade and when he graw up he make his own beyblade and start destroying everything.......

    Lord___TanishqLord___TanishqMånad sedan
  • Pokémon is not stupid

    Lior VRLior VRMånad sedan
  • Let it rip :)

    AustinAustinMånad sedan
  • Bro. Introduce a wobble with a weighted top

    Richard GesegnetRichard GesegnetMånad sedan
  • You not wear shoes is giving me anxiety

    Jake AlanJake AlanMånad sedan
  • For my American viewers 22 kilos but in pounds

    bathwater42bathwater42Månad sedan
  • Why is he advertising a CCTV system to Chinese drug dealers.

    Joe MitJoe MitMånad sedan
  • man these Australians are pretty wacky.

    Meme CatMeme CatMånad sedan
  • ah yes this is what happens when you swap brains with an orc

    UruburusUruburusMånad sedan
  • Horrible?,nah its nostalgia

  • This channel has definite SsethTzeentach energy

    ElitarformElitarformMånad sedan
  • Those were plant growing light bulbs. They're worth a fortune

    gekfuriangekfurianMånad sedan
  • Greatest intro ever in the history of SEworld

    Brandon DaweBrandon DaweMånad sedan
  • 5:48 stupid!!!! 😂

    H MH MMånad sedan
  • Oh my God that intro, I miss those good quality cartoons

    Savage SalyerSavage SalyerMånad sedan
  • I’m just imagining the conversation when he returns to the garage trying to explain why he has butter

    user not founduser not foundMånad sedan
  • The only reason that it is rubbish because you got that dumb metal fusion bey

    Keshawn ParkerKeshawn ParkerMånad sedan
  • Rest In Peace nug nug the nugget, you will be missed..

    Noob_Pro236Noob_Pro236Månad sedan
  • wow... they didn't even destroy a chair lol

    Josh MckayJosh MckayMånad sedan
  • Four thousand liars. You don't actually dislike the video, probably.

    N _00N _00Månad sedan

    InsertfunnynameInsertfunnynameMånad sedan
  • Stephen hawkin didnt make a mistake he lost the ability of his legs thru no fault of his own show some respect

    alex shingalingaalex shingalingaMånad sedan
  • And then I subscribed

    TheHack101playerTheHack101playerMånad sedan
  • Pokemon-amazing game- ok show- bad physical game Bayblade-bad game- ok show- amazing physical game Digimon- ok game- amazing show- no physical game to my knowledge

    The_True _LameThe_True _LameMånad sedan
  • "are you sick of obnoxious youtubers breaking into your house and spinning giant bayblades everywhere" *proceeds to be an even more obnoxious youtuber with a sponsor*

    Za1botZa1botMånad sedan
    • thats the joke ahaha

      I did a thingI did a thingMånad sedan
  • Imagine bringing this to an actual battle.., say bye bye to your stadium

    Beys LaunchBeys LaunchMånad sedan
  • 1:41 “so I just stole other kids”

    Nobody HereNobody HereMånad sedan
  • Hey, ✌️👍 to all those of us who actually know the metric system and the imperial.

    Elvis SanchezElvis SanchezMånad sedan
  • This whole channel is just playing Gary’s mod in real life

    Elaborate ExpansionElaborate ExpansionMånad sedan
  • That beginning cartoon sequence was amazing

    Arman AgahiArman AgahiMånad sedan
  • "moving through steel like butter" as he makes a super jagged and unstable cut on a mill thats probobly best meant for aluminum

    Pancake EmpirePancake EmpireMånad sedan
  • How in the world do you still have feet bro

    Spencer LloydSpencer LloydMånad sedan
  • Make it taller

    Donnie SanipassDonnie SanipassMånad sedan
  • Most ironic sponsor ever. Simply safe on a very safe video lol

    Doom SlayerDoom SlayerMånad sedan
  • They dont make beyblades like they use to

    Tony HamiltonTony HamiltonMånad sedan
  • When you made the change to the steel rod to 'Aluminum' I subbed instantly!

    John TJohn TMånad sedan
  • lolol like $600 of lightbulbs at the end on a whim I love it

    Cheese RulesCheese RulesMånad sedan
  • I got 3 minutes in. YOu are playing stupid games testing a spinning blade barefoot. I'm not finishing to see if you win a stupid prize. But it wouldn't shock me if you cut your feel off ignoring safety like this.

    Verbin WeaverVerbin WeaverMånad sedan