Worlds Largest Beyblade Destroys A House!

14 nov 2020
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    I did a thingI did a thing3 månader sedan
    • ironic

      XFYRE 127XFYRE 1277 dagar sedan
    • You should sell the Dumbbell to Donald Trump, it should fit his tiny hands perfectly

      Event HorizonEvent Horizon10 dagar sedan
    • IM THE 200 REPLY I think

      Pyro D. LawPyro D. Law12 dagar sedan
    • If you're doing a second episode you should build an actual arena, one that has the concave shape so that the beyblade moves around

      DaguyDaguy17 dagar sedan
    • wanna know WATS better than simply save... raid shadow legends

      Kaio kenKaio kenMånad sedan
  • At 0:25 the orange rust kinda looks like the Hacksmiths anvil logo

    The DiamondRELLIKThe DiamondRELLIK2 timmar sedan
  • This was funny. 🤣

    Paul WestonPaul Weston3 timmar sedan
  • Love a child see's money and goes so what and does something else. Shows how innocent there beautiful brains are.

    Gene OptimusGene Optimus6 timmar sedan
  • WTF DUDE 3:14

    Erth_Erth_6 timmar sedan
  • Irony, sponsored by SimpliSafe and spinning a saw blade with no shoes.

    Cuauhtemoc LlanesCuauhtemoc Llanes9 timmar sedan
  • R.I.P Nug nug.

    Isaacs Random VideosIsaacs Random Videos10 timmar sedan
  • this guy not wearong shoes makes me uncomfortable

    Enno van BaarsEnno van Baars16 timmar sedan
  • What was the music used?

    Rayan papaya ShayanRayan papaya Shayan16 timmar sedan
  • This man risking his toes almost entire this video and he just put on shoes when his toes are safe behind cover.

    Good yearzGood yearz17 timmar sedan
  • 22kilos is 48.5 pounds

    John KingJohn King18 timmar sedan
  • 3:18 Here I thought he was about to stick his foot into it or have it start wobbling that way! This guy is my freaking nightmare for safety.

    Trevor ThiemeTrevor Thieme22 timmar sedan
    • I bet he didn't wish for everyone to discuss his feet publicaly either so there is that.

      Borat SagdiyevBorat SagdiyevTimme sedan
  • crappy? i never regretted a single purchase.

    Kevin AlvaradoKevin AlvaradoDag sedan
  • This looks like a saw trap

    Torsten BergerTorsten BergerDag sedan
  • Your sense of humour is killing me man :D :D awesome video

    Roman MihaliskaRoman MihaliskaDag sedan
  • "Asmr-ey"

    Wouldntyouliketo knowWouldntyouliketo know2 dagar sedan
  • do you need a pair of shoes mate, im sure the community could come together and get you a solid pair of boots to protect those piggies

    M BolterM Bolter2 dagar sedan
  • you should've sharpened the (bey)blade.

    Joep LukkenJoep Lukken2 dagar sedan
  • Code on the wall is just numbers 1 to 30 going up then down

    Anthony HamiltonAnthony Hamilton2 dagar sedan
  • Probably the most unsafe pratices I have seen. I love it

    AmigaSoulAmigaSoul2 dagar sedan
  • Absofckinglutey classic Aussie enginuity.

    Terry TurnerTerry Turner2 dagar sedan
  • someone send this guy some shoes please

    Osiel CarizalesOsiel Carizales2 dagar sedan
  • I love your videos and I wish you all the best in the world but holy shit if if that carrot had sent the thing into your feet and left you scarred for life at 3:28 you would have fucking deserved it too.

    SeagullSeagull2 dagar sedan
  • I wonder if I Did A Thing knows how popular he is with gay foot fetishists.

    spacemantangospacemantango2 dagar sedan
  • Make one out of the lawnmower blade and battle them

    ben raunikben raunik2 dagar sedan
  • 🤣🤣🤣 SUB!

    SuburbanDuckSuburbanDuck2 dagar sedan
  • use the drill press to spin it at max RPM

    Nafis AlamNafis Alam2 dagar sedan
  • amoogus

    Luca PogainisLuca Pogainis3 dagar sedan
  • O my good

    Omario PadmoreOmario Padmore3 dagar sedan
  • O

    Omario PadmoreOmario Padmore3 dagar sedan
  • “Plastic rubbish” I remember when they were metal rubbish.

    Dizlu AnimatedDizlu Animated3 dagar sedan
  • Beyblades are awesome, especially the metal ones

    Henrique SabinoHenrique Sabino3 dagar sedan
  • i liked the very slapstick style intro

    jim skywakerjim skywaker3 dagar sedan

    Matthew HMatthew H3 dagar sedan
  • Beyblade Vs. abandoned grow operation. Lol

    Cameron SinesCameron Sines3 dagar sedan
  • Beyblade no recomendative for _3

    Osmar OliveiraOsmar Oliveira3 dagar sedan
  • atleast, i would wear shoes while doing this :-) its easier to find the parts cause they dont fly around

    Ellis DeeEllis Dee3 dagar sedan
  • Oh wow

    류기현류기현3 dagar sedan
  • 0:56 not gonna lie in the first hard you had got me

    guyguy3 dagar sedan
  • aluminium lmao

    Denzel SmithDenzel Smith3 dagar sedan
  • Why are your arms so goddamned veiny

    CJPCJP3 dagar sedan
  • is that "drug house" yours

    BluGlo MasterBluGlo Master4 dagar sedan
  • I really hate how he was spinning it barefoot

    JelluuuJelluuu4 dagar sedan
  • The fact that you didn't wear shoes during most of this greatly upset me

    Pearly PPearly P4 dagar sedan
  • Change your lawnmower oil every six months?!

    T3hlidd0T3hlidd04 dagar sedan
  • Just for the intro, you get a like from me.

    Swift BristleSwift Bristle4 dagar sedan
  • Tie that little cable to a truck, add a lot more cable, and get that thing truly spinning

    Billy ComtoisBilly Comtois4 dagar sedan
  • I do appreciate the 'you spin me round' remix lmao

    Alex NightingaleAlex Nightingale4 dagar sedan
  • Things i love about u 1)ur voice is deep in ur voiceover 2)ur smart and funny 3)creative 4).....idk 5)ngl i steal beyblades 2

    Random STUFFRandom STUFF4 dagar sedan
  • LOOK MOM, NO HAND!!! wait a second... AGHGHGHHHHGHHHGH

    MrDinoTrollMrDinoTroll4 dagar sedan
  • In this video, man spins up a saw blade with no shoes. Yikes.

    JulzillaJulzilla4 dagar sedan
  • 20:47 why do i feel like they found an old broken useless machine

    c77a _c77a _4 dagar sedan
  • am I the only one seeing those veins goddamn!!

    SvnflOwerSvnflOwer4 dagar sedan
  • Why are you barefoot? First commandment in a shop is Safety. idiot.

    Lex HoganLex Hogan5 dagar sedan
  • Part two pls!!!!

    Trent TheisTrent Theis5 dagar sedan
  • The white range speculatively push because chimpanzee causally clear versus a impolite blinker. alcoholic, secretive waterfall

    Jacky KongJacky Kong5 dagar sedan
  • Took the "Let it Rip" Too seriously man you really did rip stuff

    Kolateral Ninja X GamingKolateral Ninja X Gaming5 dagar sedan
  • This is like watching the first ten minutes of “casualty”

    john Evangeloujohn Evangelou5 dagar sedan
  • That was way too far for these American school joke to four-man too far that was not funny bro to fucking far

    Preston ShepardPreston Shepard5 dagar sedan
  • Did this man just spin up a saw blade and stood nearby with bare feet.

    AngrySharkAngryShark5 dagar sedan
  • The high-vis, the hazard lights of clothes. Put it on and no one asks questions or bats an eye.

    kyle Culpkyle Culp5 dagar sedan
  • is it just me or is this video incredibly racist?

    David UdodongDavid Udodong6 dagar sedan
  • Girls sleepover: Lets talk about our crushes boys sleepover:

    Spasten TvSpasten Tv6 dagar sedan
  • OK I came across your channel just letting the auto play go. After watching this, cool video btw, I laughed so hard at your antics that I had to subscribe. Awesome stuff

    YackBuiltYackBuilt6 dagar sedan
  • Those grow light bulbs are worth $40 each... I mean were. Lol

    Richard GreenRichard Green6 dagar sedan
  • Things it'll destroy. So children

    OGNERDZOGNERDZ6 dagar sedan
  • 2:20 - oh, i actually have same kb/m and similar mouse pad

    Ravenous BasiliskRavenous Basilisk6 dagar sedan
  • 17:45 what a good choice of song hahahaha

    Xx2co0l 4uxXXx2co0l 4uxX6 dagar sedan
  • you better get big boots :-)

    Bernhard HnidaBernhard Hnida6 dagar sedan

    JackUKJackUK6 dagar sedan
  • Do children learn how to behave if a shooter comes in to the classroom??? And that what you call "The greatest country on earth". Talk about an illusion. Poor nation

    Erik JErik J6 dagar sedan
  • Levi : Finally a worthy opponent

    Kresna MahathmaKresna Mahathma6 dagar sedan
  • Does it bother anyone else that he's BAREFOOT the whole time?

    RGBrobotRGBrobot6 dagar sedan
  • "for even this little idiot to regonize it" hahahaha

    LEO485LEO4857 dagar sedan
  • Wouldn't a sharp point be better than a round one because less of the tip is creating friction if it was sharper?

    Justin DoughertyJustin Dougherty7 dagar sedan
  • 22 kilos but in lbs. Oh thanks mate

    Koby HunnicuttKoby Hunnicutt7 dagar sedan
  • If Beyblade collaborated with Hellraiser

    LucidFNLucidFN7 dagar sedan
  • 1:28 is that an arm or just a bunch of veins

    Some dude Plays gamesSome dude Plays games7 dagar sedan
  • And they say Americans are idiots

    Darth VaderDarth Vader7 dagar sedan
  • the balls this man has for doing this in bare feet is absolutely insane

    snopes themachinesnopes themachine7 dagar sedan
  • Is the background music "You spin me right round"?

    Loyd ButcherLoyd Butcher7 dagar sedan
  • who remembers the good old days where bayblades where solid metal and when one of those things collided with another, it would shoot out and bruise your arm

    KomeowwKomeoww7 dagar sedan
  • it’s a miracle that he doesn’t have tetnis from all the rusty metal he’s working with

    Yuri GrasuYuri Grasu7 dagar sedan
  • Q1: How are you still alive? Q2: Is there a ban on protective footwear in Australia?

    Mark RayMark Ray7 dagar sedan
  • Wife: he’s probably off cheating on me Him: LETS MAKE A RUSTY SAW BLADE TOP

    landon Hauglidlandon Hauglid7 dagar sedan
  • This is the worst idea ever AND I LOVE IT

    landon Hauglidlandon Hauglid7 dagar sedan
  • and why'd you do it... with a RUSTY sawblade?

    Alejandro Téllez C.Alejandro Téllez C.7 dagar sedan
  • Oi m8 how the fuck do you still have toes 😂?

  • I thought they where talking about each others wifes again. hahahahaha Crack up.

    Steven IngramSteven Ingram8 dagar sedan
  • You should use a few pullies for it, maybe double up the rope, wrap it around a significantly wider spindle then attach it to a car or something that way you can use the speed as that clutch then you got it.

    Drifting DragonDrifting Dragon8 dagar sedan
  • Damit bro I got banned from your discord server

    Candace JohansenCandace Johansen8 dagar sedan
  • why don't u start using that beast of a bike on vids

    Liamanderson 256Liamanderson 2568 dagar sedan
  • "Lawn mower accidents are the most common cause of major limb (arm or leg) amputations among children. Approximately 80,000 people a year, including about 9,400 people under age 20, are hurt in lawn mower accidents each year, though not all of these people suffer an amputation."

    Justin GoldenJustin Golden8 dagar sedan
  • 3:26 GOD WHY DON'T YOU HAVE SHOES ON EDIT: 10:00 GOD AGAIN MAN EDIT2: 13:54 Now you're just tempting fate...

    Justin GoldenJustin Golden8 dagar sedan
  • Are you trying to cut your legs off mate?

  • they ate the fucking chips?

    Anthony FransenAnthony Fransen8 dagar sedan
  • Why does this entire video feels like it should be on the HUB?

    Kirito LightKirito Light8 dagar sedan
  • I need Simply Safe now. My biggest fear has always been guys with giant saw blade tops destroying my house and my precious plants. I wonder if there is any Simply Safe distributors in Murmansk oblast?

    bekanavbekanav8 dagar sedan
  • It seems that it has difficulty cutting through solid things like chair legs, plastic, bone, etc because it loses too much speed when it hits them. It's not continuously powered like an electric saw is, after all. But what if you attached a few pipes to the top side radially, filled with homemade rocket fuel, to give it makeshift thrusters?

    Shadowmech88Shadowmech888 dagar sedan
  • i really sharpend my beyblades and shit as kid and i shredded someones beyblade arean lmao

    grimmblazeegrimmblazee8 dagar sedan