Making a Knife from a Milk Bottle

5 aug 2019
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Making a knife from old smelly milk bottles.
Go check out Joels video and decide who wins:


  • Great, now you'll need ID to buy milk unless you can prove you don't own a sandwich press...

    Joel CreatesJoel CreatesÅr sedan
    • @E N S L A V E D F U N N I ew... western Canada

      Mike 0405HMike 0405HMånad sedan
    • @I did a thing you fucking serious 😂?

      Mike 0405HMike 0405HMånad sedan
    • @Ember D-L bro that joke flew over your head

      Adam FlanneryAdam FlanneryMånad sedan
    • @mip les Belguim existes, my country is right next to it.

      ezgames oiezgames oiMånad sedan
  • When Dani Look This Video Dani:*exhales*

    Kenzie ArdhaniKenzie Ardhani4 dagar sedan
  • I fink that Joel won....

    Fillidam KKSFillidam KKS5 dagar sedan
  • joel wins

    not a guynot a guy5 dagar sedan
  • "also if you do comment that Joel wins and your comment disappears I just thought that you should know that SEworld has been acting really weird" Me who is a content creator too: oh, of course, you definitely can't just remove it. of course.

    RigJigRigJig9 dagar sedan
    • @Bigurethra not everyone actually, I have 55 subs at the moment of writing.

      RigJigRigJig17 timmar sedan
    • We all have videos but we have no way to tell cuz most of us have 4 subs

      BigurethraBigurethra8 dagar sedan
  • One year left

    WatermelonWatermelon10 dagar sedan
  • if only we had more of him we could save the ocean......and give all the fish stupidity BUT HEY FISH DUMB, HUMAN CATCH FISH EASIER !!!!

    Roulette GamingRoulette Gaming10 dagar sedan
  • ey hes got the same mouse as me

    NeonNeon11 dagar sedan
  • I feel you with the gloves my hands are huge and trying to wear latex gloves is like doing calculus

    Wolfkun ProductionsWolfkun Productions12 dagar sedan
  • We did it bois OJ gang is no more

    X-Man XavierX-Man Xavier13 dagar sedan
  • I think the knife and bowl won.

    MrHypnotubeMrHypnotube18 dagar sedan
  • Haha it sounds like he is saying Ball but with BoUAL

    Edwin DuranEdwin Duran19 dagar sedan
  • Now make a milk bottle out of a knife

    Potato With armsPotato With arms20 dagar sedan
  • It would have been a set of you had done a spoon to go with the bowl

    dylan lynchdylan lynch20 dagar sedan
  • I liked joel's better!

    Maximilian NilarMaximilian Nilar24 dagar sedan
  • Joel wins

    yakenyaken25 dagar sedan
  • You win i did a thing

    Jenny TrimbergerJenny Trimberger26 dagar sedan
  • Beauty is in the eye of the bowl-holder.

    WaywardBrigandWaywardBrigand26 dagar sedan
  • Now make a milk bottle out of a knife

    SmellTheLSmellTheL27 dagar sedan
  • ( 3:37 ) how can you be so serious about that??

    Joshua RomanJoshua Roman29 dagar sedan
  • Is it just me or is that knife looking kinda THICC

    darcy stablerdarcy stabler29 dagar sedan
  • A comrade?

    B.O.S. SentinelB.O.S. SentinelMånad sedan
  • joel wins

    YaBoiOthmanYaBoiOthmanMånad sedan
  • "Aey, Me bottle of scrumpey" ~Demoman TF2

    LoogLoogMånad sedan
  • Allways wanted a bowl holder XD

    EtäsäädinEtäsäädinMånad sedan
  • legend says he still hasnt taken the rubber gloves off

    PhonnPhonnMånad sedan
  • Bro I watched three videos from this dude and this is the third time ive heard him talk about cutting of a fingur

    Qwinn!Qwinn!Månad sedan
  • This waffle iron method of melting plastic into moldable and foldable sheets will come in handy someday

    Mike 0405HMike 0405HMånad sedan
  • Will you ever have like an offical face reveal

    Akela Wolf GamingAkela Wolf GamingMånad sedan
  • Joel made can air conditioner for his car

    space470space470Månad sedan
  • Yeah

    MattizmushroomMattizmushroomMånad sedan
  • Big hands dum 🤪

  • Burn my whole body off omfg

    Tyler BrewerTyler BrewerMånad sedan
  • so did u get cancer?-

    FS AnimationsFS AnimationsMånad sedan
  • So do you have cancer yet?

    Spino GamingSpino GamingMånad sedan
  • Gimme another one I'm on a roll 😂

    Spunch BopSpunch BopMånad sedan
  • You son for sure

    Yin YangVenomYin YangVenomMånad sedan
  • Lol "SCROTUMY" I learned a new adjective today

    susan boilssusan boilsMånad sedan

    Jake McLainJake McLainMånad sedan
  • Dani is gonna get his revenge…

    UngratefulapeUngratefulapeMånad sedan
  • Those arnt bowls those are very deep plates i hate Bowls with angled ends because it's so easy to spill the milk when walking

    R3braccoonR3braccoonMånad sedan
  • 2hy the fuck are you worrying about plastic fumes you live in Australia lmao

    Anti-matter ProductionsAnti-matter ProductionsMånad sedan
  • I need that bowser poster in the background 😂

    LzerithLzerithMånad sedan
  • He make Brownies one time but he didnt want to talk about it... He is definitely part of the MISFITS Crew

    blin1blin1Månad sedan
  • When I see "making a knife from", I always think of Kiwami's videos... This was close enough.

    Kieran BrownKieran BrownMånad sedan
  • [Comment Deleted]

    [Username Deleted][Username Deleted]Månad sedan
  • i wonder if this is howtobasic's brother, howtobasic destroys stuff and his brother makes stuff

    WavesWavesMånad sedan
  • ... Damn, it took me ages to get the joke that Joel was the one in the bin in the intro.

    K1R1NK1R1NMånad sedan
  • Not kiddin I Kinda want a scrotum bowl

    leigh int ukleigh int ukMånad sedan
  • Joel won

    SwiftrickSwiftrickMånad sedan
  • Little did he know the corona creeping up behind him

    harrison raceharrison raceMånad sedan
  • If you guys know who Trent Hamilton is and you think he says his "F" weird you shouldn't see this guy say "H"

    yaldram muqadisyaldram muqadisMånad sedan
  • Me: joel wi- i did a thing: Silence

    MrSiameseMrSiameseMånad sedan
  • Me: watching this video and not doing work this video: 2:47 Me: ok time to get working

    Toby HintonToby HintonMånad sedan
  • im getting so tripped out watching you video. becase im high

    Donut GamingDonut GamingMånad sedan
  • I have the same old sandwich press

    Lt MintLt MintMånad sedan
  • I expected Dani to comment on this vid

    tres fedatres fedaMånad sedan
  • It's the bread not the knife that is bad

    Helmuts VizbulisHelmuts VizbulisMånad sedan
  • i hate this guy

    Mudassir Ayaz GhauriMudassir Ayaz GhauriMånad sedan
  • Bowl. Bowl holder. Bolder.

    FunnyHacksFunnyHacksMånad sedan
  • I wonder of this could benefit from a pottery glaze. I'm thinking about making sure it's safe to use without anything in the plastic leading into the food. It should also give it a nice finish. Although what you did looked really nice.

    FunnyHacksFunnyHacksMånad sedan
  • Joel wins! I put this comment here a year later because now i know that the probability of “youtube” deleting this comment is very slim.

    YolkYolkMånad sedan
    • You’re not supposed to find out

      YolkYolkMånad sedan
    • What

      YolkYolkMånad sedan
    • dont make me do it

      I did a thingI did a thingMånad sedan
  • Joal wins

    MicahMicahMånad sedan
  • Do you know what oven mitts are?

    Hydrogen Before HeliumHydrogen Before HeliumMånad sedan
  • The swamp cooler was pretty "cool" but I think your knife and bowl wins out mate

    [ Redacted ][ Redacted ]Månad sedan
  • I didn't have milk bottles because my dad hasn't come back from buying milk yet

    superbladensuperbladenMånad sedan
  • a bowl holder amazing when is it coming to retail

    Sher VangSher VangMånad sedan
  • Dad finally came home with the milk

    theremittancemantheremittancemanMånad sedan
  • 7:03 nice fingernail

    kohliosiskohliosisMånad sedan
  • Joel won

    Janna-lynn SechserJanna-lynn SechserMånad sedan
  • ygygygygygygygygygygygygyg /

    Zing0Zing0Månad sedan
  • Eye of the bowl holder

    Aaron BlainAaron BlainMånad sedan
  • Why didn’t he make a bowl and a spoon?

    Da BruhDa BruhMånad sedan
  • He eating the ramen of the devil. That shit burns 3 times not even kidding. He gotta hate himself alot if he eats that on his own free will

    MrYoBeYoMrYoBeYoMånad sedan
  • He hasn’t got any cancer yet

    Da BruhDa BruhMånad sedan
  • i did a thing is milk gang now boiiiis

    D KorneyD KorneyMånad sedan
  • when microplastic isn't enough you gotta go MACRO

    Uncle BenUncle BenMånad sedan
  • The scrotum bowl channel

    Genaro ScalaGenaro ScalaMånad sedan
  • @4:29 i love that corner cabinet!!! Super random but its the little things in life..

    Logan RamosLogan RamosMånad sedan
  • @Ididathing sneaky boy put a spring water tank in the back row of the milk jug pile, fake milk lover

    nvgclips nvgclipsnvgclips nvgclipsMånad sedan
  • 1 more year bud ur tumor is near

    Michael YinMichael YinMånad sedan
    • @I did a thing I know where u live..............

      Michael YinMichael YinMånad sedan
    • @I did a thing scare u ok

      Michael YinMichael YinMånad sedan
    • dont scare me

      I did a thingI did a thingMånad sedan
  • something on this video reminds me of the lock picking lawyer, i don't know why

    CeramintCeramintMånad sedan
  • How are Australians even real

    Jear DesusJear DesusMånad sedan
  • where can i buy this stuff

    Fred the fushFred the fushMånad sedan
  • Hear me out: plastic bullets for us Americans to shoot at schools

    Brandon ButcherBrandon ButcherMånad sedan
  • you win because of the red and blue container in the back ground 10:46

    Kaiden GauleyKaiden GauleyMånad sedan
  • Lol

    Kadenboom1000 YTKadenboom1000 YTMånad sedan
  • 3:04 you have 20 L milk jugs in Australia?!

    reinout koenenreinout koenenMånad sedan
  • wth was there a slav in the bin xd

    Chloe HowardChloe HowardMånad sedan
  • 2:20 can't have dirty garbage

    Kadin NoeKadin NoeMånad sedan
  • we go throng about one per three days i have eaght sibs too though

    con_the_monkey meonkeycon_the_monkey meonkeyMånad sedan
  • Awesome

    Tyler BraunTyler BraunMånad sedan
  • Awesome

    Tyler BraunTyler BraunMånad sedan
  • Maybe it’s maybelline

    The Soviet UnionThe Soviet UnionMånad sedan
  • I totally love you channel! Better then Saturday Night Live!

    Bob TBob TMånad sedan
  • Dani would be proud

    TerramanTerramanMånad sedan
  • wow, I'm so used to internet vernacular that I forgot that people might get uncomfortable if you ask them to cut their finger off

  • The rebel professor rahilly squash because skiing preauricularly contain amid a spooky daisy. domineering, wasteful piano

    Mubasshir HossainMubasshir HossainMånad sedan
  • Hey

    Birdman DaveBirdman DaveMånad sedan
  • Joel wins

    Cameron ScruggsCameron ScruggsMånad sedan