This Is What Rubber Bullets Do To Your Head!

21 jun 2020
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This is an educational video outlining how to stay safe during protests. Do not try anything in this video at home.
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How to treat Pepper Spray:

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    • I know ur trying to make a bit but don’t lie. Peacfull or not ur not aloud to walk on the streets. Everybody was warned moltiple times that if they failed to move they would be moved forcefully. They also never opened fire on a crowd with live ammunition

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    • F F F F F F F F F

      Cool CorbaCool Corba9 dagar sedan
    • @The Interstellar Podcast He shows you how to make body armor which is illegal in some countries he is lucky he didn't get his channel taken down

      Cat mixerCat mixer15 dagar sedan
    • @Alexander Woolley ... uh what?

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    • 1:37 don't be racist

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  • Somewhere in the last 80 years american protest went from holding signs to burning and looting. This sucks

    Adam MadisonAdam Madison3 timmar sedan
  • I skipped to 16:00 and was so confused

    Trey GagermeierTrey Gagermeier6 timmar sedan
  • Thought u put hr whole foot up. Put it was on ground

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  • I watched this to see an Ozzie shoot rubber bullets not politics

    KogaWolf_and_FriendsKogaWolf_and_FriendsDag sedan
  • Sooo the “rubber” bullet is like a smaller HESH round

    Bandit CatBandit CatDag sedan
  • Wtf are you made of? Bouncy balls hurt like bullcrap(the rubber ones)

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  • R.I.P. That cheese cake 😔

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  • I cried when they sprayed the pepper spray lol

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  • Sooooo police should use nerf guns?

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  • I mean, you could just move to Canada

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  • Thank you man

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  • I know ur trying to make a bit but don’t lie. Peacfull or not ur not aloud to walk on the streets. Everybody was warned moltiple times that if they failed to move they would be moved forcefully. They also never opened fire on a crowd with live ammunition

    FishingKing 13FishingKing 133 dagar sedan
    • @little bitch macadamia dude that has 50 years ago. We also had slavery and genocides what’s ur point. In today’s day and age we don’t open fire on crouds

      FishingKing 13FishingKing 132 dagar sedan
    • Did you not even listen to the example of the Vietnam protests?

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  • amoogus

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  • Just letting you know, Kent State want Vietnam protestors, it was students protesting the bombing of Cambodia. Not much difference in how police would treat them though

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  • My eyes were sore watching this

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  • 18:40 hey man spray some more don’t be scared

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  • #nedkellyisbigbrain

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  • After hearing someone say your were the most neutral neutral person ever, I strongly agree

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  • Let’s be real here, he doesn’t need a Kevlar vest. Bullets would shatter upon impact against his washboard abs.

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  • they were never peaceful

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  • 15:51 uhhhu uuhuhuh uhuuh

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  • That's cute, you should look up Iraq's protests

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  • 6:25 FLEX TAPE

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  • Most rubber projectiles are supposed to be bounced off the ground like a ricochet, so that it reduces its momentum and less pain is inflicted. Some forces do this and others dont

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  • your chest protection works i'm dead yaya jk i dont think it is good

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  • Does anyone know the song at the beginning

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  • fun fact, you want the rubber bullets to be as big as humanly possible, both because a bigger projectile pacs a bigger punch which can litterally knock a person off his feet but also because a bigger projectile hits with a bigger surface area making them less lethal than their smaller counterparts

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  • Pls dont use bella ciao again its cringe in italy

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  • While people call rubber bullets "non-lethal" the truth is they are designated as "less-lethal" As they are still a projectile traveling at high velocity as we have clearly seen in this video. Life lesson? Don't get shot.

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  • Just shoot them with airsoft guns and grenades

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  • So uhhhhh don’t.

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  • So how's Australia? Help me I'm in America

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  • Up until 2:10 all I could think of was the capitol insurrection and how they proved everything you said.

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  • This video is kinda racist

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  • * laughing in brown and yellow skin *

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  • Me: white Police: shoot Me: bruh Court: you'll be fine XD

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  • Can confirm, am white and have not been shot dead for eating skittles

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  • BLM “Protest” Molotovs V.S Rubber Bullets

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  • This could have been avoided if they would have protested and attacked police

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  • I’ve shot a gun 30 times

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  • Got it no more tacos for me just burgers and from now on I also only like my sister and dose any one has a tractor I can have

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  • Rubber bullets are less lethal not because of there material composition they are less likely to hurt u cus they still have four extra but they have a big area that they hit u unlike normal bullets with has small tips

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  • Peper spray fight fire with fire or more spice lol

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  • No it could have easily been avoided to fitted and go to a riot

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  • mans has only shot a gun once? shooting guns is so much fun during the spring to fall i go out at least once a week to go shooting for fun (i live out in the country on a rather large farm, so i can go out the the middle of a field and set up some targets), but thats not even the best part. The best part is when you bring your friends out to go shooting with you and you turn it into a game

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  • So true

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  • I have a tip. Dont go to protest 👍

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  • bella ciao Intensifies

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  • Cuban tree frog mucas burns the shit out of your eyes

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  • One time I got the red flavor powder from takis in my eyes so I can officially say capcacin hurts in your eyes

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  • Please don’t trust the bull shit the news shows the media is run by a bunch of idiots

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  • Am I the only one who wants the music name

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  • the police hold such despicable power

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  • Can someone please tell me the song name at 0:30??

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  • IDK why it hurts me more with home made pepper spray

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  • You looked like a mime with Tourette’s! XD

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  • My town is simple and peaceful and people from out of town came and looted. We aren’t racist either

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  • Non Americans get their info from cnn

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  • You can’t really make a bullet not hurt

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  • Regardless of the material it’d still hurt since it’s fired via fucking explosion

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  • Ahh yes the national hero Ned Kelly the outlaw that wore full metal armor two things that embody Australia Excessiveness, and crime. I mean seriously people steal Christmas decorations in Australia what are you going to do with a five foot inflatable Rudolph the red nose reindeer KYLE

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  • 16:02

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  • When you just printed the bullet it looks like one of those bullet Bill head things in super Mario Maker 2 with the little stand still on it

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  • I'm gonna be honest, I knew Rubber Bullets were on the harder rubber ride, but I didn't know they were so big? that's not a bullet, that's a small cannon

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  • just make a full armor

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  • Micheal Jackson did step 1

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  • 11:59 an aussie bent over in front of a hose while orchestral music plays

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  • why does he look like a Brit with actually good teeth?

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  • cops are good cops are great

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  • This is a very strange channel And its amazing

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  • Bro I remember cutting jalapeños and then rubbing my eyes it felt so bad.

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  • that's kinda racial discrimination on the first tip

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    • You missed the joke

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  • I'm sorry I am black so I took that to offense

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  • I ahave a idea for a head to shot to see what it would do is put a conut in watermelon

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  • Ned Kelly is a true hero and will always live in our minds

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  • weeee pain

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  • why are you australian doing stuff about america LOL

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  • 7:33 money heist, if you know you know

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  • 17:39- 17:55 Show someone that. Nothing else. Then ask them what they think the video is about.

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  • I just got to say they aren’t peaceful they are rioting

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  • how does a peaceful protest cause 2 billion dollars in damage

    Shawn PodgorskiShawn Podgorski20 dagar sedan
    • @HARME When someone sets a building on fire and yells BLM and F*ck 12 it isnt a peaceful protest anymore

      Shawn PodgorskiShawn Podgorski18 dagar sedan
    • People who take advantage of the brutalities and use the protests as a shield to do illegal shit

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  • Inebwe wanted to scream "he needs some milk" more badly

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  • The rubber bullets are bigger than grenades you litterally can reload more grenades than rubber bullets

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  • 21:55 and 22:01 what language was he speaking?

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  • I understand where you're coming from and I understand that police brutality is a problem but you seem to be the portraying the police as a terrorist organization that is only out to hunt black people which statistically is not true and the majority of the time when

    Nerf NerdsNerf Nerds21 dag sedan
    • most of the time when people get hurt is because a crowd is advancing on police and I'm pretty sure that you have never been through law School nor understand what it is like to be a police officer in that everyone hates you for something one guy did and I don't think you fully understand that please are there to enforce the law and if they do anything otherwise they will probably be hated misunderstood and targeted by people so many cops have lost their lives due to false information and people who did not care and did not think that they are people too so spreading misinformation that statistically and factually incorrect is dangerous and you're allowed to peacefully protest but the reason that cops have these things is because people are willing to get violent and even kill and trust me people can be ruthless and this is a much better way to deal with the situation other than letting it resort to violence I'm interested to see what the comments produce so I'll be here waiting

      Nerf NerdsNerf Nerds21 dag sedan
  • Next video ‘I did a thing’ today I created a replica of the pak38 now let’s test it on the BLM riots

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  • I

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  • One of my favorite videos i love coming back to it

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  • "just be white" LMAOOOOOO

    littlebitsalty ·littlebitsalty ·21 dag sedan
  • I love how he talks about racism and those bogus facts, and then justifies them using victims that were almost all white

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  • The aussie police are typing 👮‍♂️ 💬

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  • 0:15 looks like fun where can I sign up

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  • Amun amun

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  • How to survive, just don’t do it

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  • PLS LOOK AT THIS IS IMPORTANT. i wanted to say that most cops are good ppl, but the ones that everyone shows are th bad ones. and robbing stores on a protest aint nice. LOOK UP DONUT OPERATOR TO KNOW MORE ABOUT HOW POLICE ACUALLY WORK AND HE DIVES DEEP INTO THIS STUFF.

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  • That vest plate isin short your poor mans ballistic vest insert. So ya if you wish to get though a area that does have protesters and your on foot, take this dudes advice as it's not a progesionals but it's still scientifically sound.

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  • Yeah america is pretty shit most of the time

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  • Vocus on your breathing...sais he while pouring more milk

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  • 6:01

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