This Evil Man Only Picks Up Girls from Poor Countries

21 feb 2021
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    I did a thingI did a thing5 dagar sedan
    • Ohhhh yeeeeaaaaaa

      Enrique MirandaEnrique MirandaDag sedan
    • the updated thumbnail seems more accurate

      Beau JellyBeau JellyDag sedan
    • I think it's a little sad that SEworld recommends me to go watch David Bondo at the end of this video =(

      The AstraThe AstraDag sedan
    • Jesus this did makes Americans seem so arrogant....

      A VA VDag sedan

      Live WellLive WellDag sedan
  • Anybody else getting mad quagmire vibes

  • Imagine being so dependent on female validation that you do sad shit like this.

    TRODSTRODS57 minuter sedan
  • Man ere woman ere. Smash

    matthew thomsonmatthew thomson59 minuter sedan
  • "Slaves" my man. No

    Sam LambertSam LambertTimme sedan
  • What a freak

    Mitch CastrissionMitch Castrission2 timmar sedan
  • "Are you alone?" oh hell nah

    Gus PohlmanGus Pohlman3 timmar sedan
  • if some random dude walked up to my sister and asked if she's alone i would run to wherever my sister is and kick his ass

    Christopher JimenezChristopher Jimenez3 timmar sedan
  • Even after watching this I still don’t feel like I know how he looks like

    Bruh BruhBruh Bruh3 timmar sedan
  • i actually raped a guy with breast implants lol

    wefswefs3 timmar sedan
  • dude love the content keep it up

    noah morannoah moran4 timmar sedan
  • Some people abuse the rights given to them, David Bond abuses the right to live. Some people just deserve a swift crowbar to the knee.

    Chris NicholesChris Nicholes4 timmar sedan
  • why the hell is this guy going on the internet saying that women are products you can pay for with sex?

    Dab CatDab Cat4 timmar sedan
  • Wel its all about $$$$

    RUSTYRUSTY5 timmar sedan
  • Great ribena shirt

    Kamsii JKamsii J5 timmar sedan
  • we need more of these.

    Joe GreenJoe Green5 timmar sedan
  • 15:12 fuck yeah he almost started crying, he had to deal with this asshole's shit for longer than he originally thought.

    WILDCARD101WILDCARD1015 timmar sedan
  • Good job

    Trav PotsTrav Pots5 timmar sedan
  • Keep up the reaction videos! Commentary is hilarious

    Shaun TVShaun TV6 timmar sedan
  • This guy is crazy. Thought it was gonna be a meme but this guy is ill

    zakardazakarda6 timmar sedan
  • Women can't ride motorcycles, that's a boy thing!! Time to go to Thailand where the most popular form of transportation is motorcycles, bicycles, and scooters.

    Seen BeanSeen Bean6 timmar sedan
  • May I ask why you have a random clamp on your shelf

    Seen BeanSeen Bean6 timmar sedan
  • No no, he's got a point about how there is a higher average of fat women in America so the skinnier girls have more options. That makes so much sense.

    Faolan GreyFaolan Grey6 timmar sedan
  • It’s videos of him sexually harassing women

  • this is hilarious

    LandTayLandTay7 timmar sedan
  • How to pull: ban them off tinder

    kempo boykempo boy8 timmar sedan
  • heard a story about a dude who didnt wanna lose his gf who was planning on leaving him, so when she slept over his house he would put nicotine patches on her and wake up before her to take them off. After a couple days she "magically" couldnt resist him, shit is crazy af

    Drop DeddDrop Dedd8 timmar sedan
  • C'mon man we watched your podcast in cold ones. We know who really likes and hates sex

    BathTime NordstromBathTime Nordstrom8 timmar sedan
  • "this is my Thai girlfriend who is totally not a prostitute who im using to trying to prove my harassment videos are a guide to pick up a girls"

    Elmins NellwindElmins Nellwind9 timmar sedan
  • If cancel culture have any reason to exist he is one and still popular wtf

    antekantek10 timmar sedan
  • "Oh yeah I'm a pickup artist" *Harasses girls on the daily*

    RZC0828RZC082810 timmar sedan
  • This guy keeps refuring to things like this as dating but it is NOT dating it is hooking up and some of these women dont know its hooking up so they think this dude actually wants to spend time with him but he really just wants to have sex with them with no contact other than that and he only cares about their bodies. This isnt a super bad thing as long as its mutual but some of these women don't know that

    The Sapphic SalamanderThe Sapphic Salamander10 timmar sedan
  • Lmfao ahhahahaha

    Here's DaddyHere's Daddy10 timmar sedan
  • Cringe

    Gayle OwensGayle Owens10 timmar sedan
  • These poor girls looks so uncomfortable and i feel so bad for them

    The Sapphic SalamanderThe Sapphic Salamander10 timmar sedan
  • the spooky part is, they do it because it works ...think about that

    scooter doggscooter dogg10 timmar sedan
  • Only a real beta male needs to try so hard to pick up girls in a third world country 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Ye Jun ChaeYe Jun Chae10 timmar sedan
  • That's painfull to watch even from here, CRINGE ALARM BUSTED UP

    Lucas MatiasLucas Matias10 timmar sedan
  • Please do more of these vids they make me happy ,

    Sean GallaherSean Gallaher11 timmar sedan
  • they are all adults.... meh! he didn't drug them, so nothing to see here.

    The Over/UnderThinkerThe Over/UnderThinker11 timmar sedan
  • My strategy is to work out and then wait

    jim smartjim smart11 timmar sedan
  • "Men do not cook food" Gordon Ramsey: You f*ckin donut

  • Im 55 seconds in the video and Im already dead of laughter xD

    NanoSpicerNanoSpicer12 timmar sedan
  • maybe david should go out for men instead of women since he skilled that sector of dating

    Rhys Vaughan-DaviesRhys Vaughan-Davies12 timmar sedan
  • this guy needs knocked out.

    XskyeXXskyeX12 timmar sedan
  • Where do I get me a ribena shirt??

    MrCrispyNipsMrCrispyNips12 timmar sedan
  • is this the dennis reynolds dating handbook ??

    Jordan FisherJordan Fisher14 timmar sedan
  • Girls are not objects, what the hell man. 😖🤮

    Cherry CatCherry Cat14 timmar sedan
  • Oh no i 100% didn't report that creep

    Scott BellottiScott Bellotti14 timmar sedan
  • Fuck this is some funny shit

    uncoordinated meaty boiuncoordinated meaty boi15 timmar sedan
  • that guy is a dick

    Los PotatoesLos Potatoes15 timmar sedan
  • I'm pretty sure you didn't do anything in this video Unsubscribe

    Tengah MainTengah Main15 timmar sedan
  • big schnozer

    ZenoZeno15 timmar sedan
  • socks exist

    clock.clock.16 timmar sedan
  • I have a feeling David is a sosiopath...

    pelikovitspelikovits16 timmar sedan
  • That's the LOWEST SENSITIVITY I've ever seen someone play on 14:27

    Haseeb AhmedHaseeb Ahmed17 timmar sedan
    • Or maybe he isn't even playing the game, But watching a video of someone else playing the game

      Haseeb AhmedHaseeb Ahmed17 timmar sedan
  • is that Arthur fooking shelby?

    Danson NowikovDanson Nowikov18 timmar sedan
  • I love you

    James FalzonJames Falzon18 timmar sedan
  • Why do you say data and not data??!

    Anton DAnton D18 timmar sedan
  • this is the creepiest shit

    xenomorphanxenomorphan19 timmar sedan
  • something changed..

    Dimas AryaDimas Arya19 timmar sedan
  • "Its easy to think of dating as a sexual marketplace" what a truly evil individual

    Conor&KanohiConor&Kanohi20 timmar sedan
  • Lady’s little known secret when David aboundo says are you alone you say no I am with my kids.

    Lemon ManLemon Man21 timme sedan
  • this guy is the embodiment of cringe, it hurts me to watch this

    bad matterbad matter21 timme sedan
  • Is he evil? Or is the nature of people he's picking up evil? Is the universe evil? Am i evil? What is evil? is this channel evil for pausing every 2 secs and talking for 15mins? Who the fuck knows...

    HatwoxHatwox21 timme sedan
  • Hes so racist its painfully funny XD

    Isaiah LeonardIsaiah Leonard21 timme sedan
  • Dont hate the player hate the game, but in all seriousness this dude sleeping with all these females is messed up and you making this video to get views and just joking around with it is messed weither its to make light out of a dark situation or not. You should have just exposed this dude in a serious matter and possibly get his channel took down

    Joshua ArevaloJoshua Arevalo21 timme sedan
  • Buckets of condoms sales after this 📈📈📈

    Carlos CarvalhoCarlos Carvalho22 timmar sedan
  • Someone please off this man

    J DJ D22 timmar sedan
  • I’m a simple man I see a new video I like no questions asked ❤️❤️

  • I'm a chocolate man

    gurren laginggurren laging22 timmar sedan
  • Look fuck feminist but this guy is just a creep

    Anthony MittelAnthony Mittel22 timmar sedan
  • Super Seducer

    Meow meowMeow meow22 timmar sedan
  • Lol this was hilarious, what a creep

    Danny W.Danny W.23 timmar sedan
  • 😂😂😂

    Masimeke LatianaraMasimeke Latianara23 timmar sedan
  • Why'd you change the thumbnail Vegemite?

    tedottech -tedottech -23 timmar sedan
  • They have been changing the the thumbnail

    CaptainAwsomeCaptainAwsome23 timmar sedan
    • Yea

      CaptainAwsomeCaptainAwsome10 timmar sedan
  • Remember if she doesn’t understand you, fists are universal.

    6cmcnc66cmcnc623 timmar sedan
  • This is predatory and pretty rapey tbh

    6cmcnc66cmcnc623 timmar sedan
  • This dude is so fucking creepy, imagine being a girl just casually chilling and some random dude comes up to you and starts touching you, asks if you're alone and then proceeds to call you cute. That's terrifying. I'd feel like I'm about to get kidnapped

    The breadThe bread23 timmar sedan
  • "Eating a delicious coffee" so right! I love eating my coffee, loved it.

    Clara Baltoré PooterClara Baltoré Pooter23 timmar sedan
  • As much as this upsets me, it makes me glad that two guys are denouncing his preditoral behavior. Two handsome guys at that (not that that entirely matter one bit, but it adds to it)!

    kingdomhearts351kingdomhearts35123 timmar sedan
  • that's so petty jfc buying 3 phones just to get a girl banned on tinder

    Ery AlmarioEry Almario23 timmar sedan
  • Man doesn't want a girlfriend, he wants a full time caregiver with benefits.

    Alannah YoungAlannah YoungDag sedan
  • has he not picked up on the fact that, since they charge him $$ at the end of their date that they too are "working woman"?

    poppa Rockpoppa RockDag sedan
  • He clearly showed his face!,!’!!:!

    Nugg BoiNugg BoiDag sedan
  • which video is that p[laying at like 3:50, the one where he makes the chocolate man comment

    CryoCryoDag sedan
  • Who else what’s him to start making reaction videos

    xXxXElijahXxX WilsonxXxXElijahXxX WilsonDag sedan
  • I loved this vid please do more!

    lonebread 49lonebread 49Dag sedan
  • this guy is Dennis from its always sunny in real life

    Shawn RShawn RDag sedan
  • Bird update?

    the Quanthe QuanDag sedan
  • B I G B L A C K C H O C H O L A T E M A N

    Jetpack RorschachJetpack RorschachDag sedan
  • I think I'm sensing a bit of sexual tension from these two guys.

    Remote NetworkRemote NetworkDag sedan
  • This video is amazing

    Classified 4373Classified 4373Dag sedan
  • This is so cringe that cringe isn't a strong enough word for this. Disgusting.

    CesarCesarDag sedan
  • Dateing market place Slavery?

    ThiccyMcWiccyThiccyMcWiccyDag sedan
  • Dude. This was tough to watch. The jokes were good as usual. And it is good to make people aware of such scum bags. But damn, it is so cringe worthy.

    Cecelia BlazekCecelia BlazekDag sedan
  • K

    Callum GroverCallum GroverDag sedan
  • Creating false narratives, cutting the material in such way that people get triggered and start building groups to hate on this guy. This video is indirectly promoting "cancel culture" knowing that this will be good for the views and revenue of this channel. You both are disgusting guys.

    Dominic SteinDominic SteinDag sedan
  • I can confirm girls are easy in third world countries I’ve traveled to them with my dad multiple times :)

    Matthew BlakeMatthew BlakeDag sedan