This Is The Most Dangerous Thing I've Ever Made

29 aug 2020
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Johnny Cash - Ring of fire.
Burnt to a Crisp

  • Australian Spencer from iCarly (highest praise possible)

    olivia lolivia l6 timmar sedan
  • I love your videos man

    Sven EinhenkelSven EinhenkelDag sedan
  • man being australian and being scared of spiders is a shitty combo

    net myersnet myersDag sedan
  • I found the Vietnam flashback jokes offensive and rude. I loved them all

    The_Bubble10The_Bubble10Dag sedan
  • Lol he said: you all just...bullied me into making it

    Marie LawrenceMarie LawrenceDag sedan
  • I love that when he let the spider loose he started wearing actual footwear

    James FreemanJames FreemanDag sedan
  • Basically tf2 pyro

    Sean HuSean Hu2 dagar sedan
  • amoogus

    Luca PogainisLuca Pogainis3 dagar sedan
  • the amount of effort bloke goes to for the tiniest jokes is absolute gold 😂 fucken chaos

    JacksonJackson3 dagar sedan
  • 11:56 I like how he tried to blow out the flame with a face guard over his face. I love this man

    Tristan FalconTristan Falcon3 dagar sedan
  • hahahaha holy shit 6:30

    MahvimcooMahvimcoo4 dagar sedan
  • Of course there was gonna be a Vietnam flashback meme

    The RaffillsThe Raffills5 dagar sedan
  • I went through 14 pipe assemblies when making my forge burners, with flames coming out from every connection, before I cracked the code of flame throwing

    Jason OrlicJason Orlic5 dagar sedan
  • Meet the pyro.

    Mladen MileticMladen Miletic5 dagar sedan
  • Pyro Tf2 reference

    Gibbous MannGibbous Mann6 dagar sedan
  • When you give your buddy a Vietnam flash back to make sure the video hits 10 minutes.

    Mr.MedievalPineconesMr.MedievalPinecones7 dagar sedan
  • ghazghkull thraka approved

    Nate WilliamsNate Williams7 dagar sedan
  • Make a gun

    Noah CaramerosNoah Carameros8 dagar sedan
  • You know a spider is dangerous when an Australian is scared of it

    Rey CystRey Cyst8 dagar sedan
  • Shoe stick exist Him using it for crocs

    GrilledcheeseGrilledcheese11 dagar sedan
    • Im sorry but i cant find the funny

      koenskillskoenskills9 dagar sedan
  • Australian people are always the funniest

    Candace JohansenCandace Johansen11 dagar sedan
  • He took one of the jokes way to far, like he's really just gonna stick his hand in good cheese like that!

    Optics OnlineOptics Online12 dagar sedan
  • You have a great mic.

    ReeclayReeclay12 dagar sedan
  • He did a thing 1:11

    Brody Likes to talkBrody Likes to talk13 dagar sedan
  • “.Local Aussie blacksmith commits a war crime”

    Ninjawizard 1367Ninjawizard 136715 dagar sedan
  • Those feet be thick as fuk

    CasimirCasimir15 dagar sedan
  • this channel is so cursed

    Yeet GuyYeet Guy15 dagar sedan
  • You sound a lot like surge the rust youtuber are you him?

    XdOverlord #1XdOverlord #116 dagar sedan
  • give him guy an Oscar , or what ever Austrians get for making movies... oh and when he tried to blow out the fire while wearing a full face mask , classic

    David ValentineDavid Valentine17 dagar sedan
  • Why do you have a heater. In australia. I live in Texas, but... dude, how do you not get cooked alive

    A 9A 917 dagar sedan
  • Or you can steal everything you are already a criminal

    Robert DaleRobert Dale18 dagar sedan
  • 3:50 I love your commitment to the bit, but damn that hurt my soul seeing the yogurt everywhere

    Sparkey6Sparkey618 dagar sedan
  • I bet he originally planned to do something else with the lamp, but decided to do a flamethrower after the spider incident

    Dev MilDev Mil18 dagar sedan
  • Meet the pyro

    Jarfelz MercadoJarfelz Mercado19 dagar sedan
  • Isn't the shoe cane thing for putting on boots? I've only seen them being used on big boots

    Triple GTriple G19 dagar sedan
  • that s[ider is axactly why im not living in places with hot climate

    Harley BainHarley Bain20 dagar sedan
  • I feel like any weapon this guy makes could work as a beggars bazooka in tf2 for some specific class like. Flamethrower - pyro, duh. Speargun - Demo or maybe scout.

    BallonEEEBallonEEE21 dag sedan
  • Yes I am American and I can confirm the accuracy of the American

    Bruh BryhBruh Bryh21 dag sedan
  • Fishing Rod

    Zane MiaZane Mia21 dag sedan
  • đi đi mau means “Go now!” In Vietnamese

    Awol’s AnticsAwol’s Antics22 dagar sedan
  • Not even jet fuel can't melt steel beams!

    BobTheGreatBobTheGreat23 dagar sedan
  • He is WAY to powerful

    Elliot GeddesElliot Geddes23 dagar sedan
  • That whole vietnam bit with the metal rice hat was fucking hilarious.

    Jarrett DevoreJarrett Devore24 dagar sedan
  • Make a Fork Knife please

    tristen douglastristen douglas24 dagar sedan
  • You should turn the top of the thing (that you used to cover the bin/your head) into a shield.

    Victoria LambertVictoria Lambert24 dagar sedan
  • Lol that was cool

    Fox RevivalFox Revival25 dagar sedan
  • When's theres a content warning, I get excited

    U-238-5050 BravoU-238-5050 Bravo25 dagar sedan
  • Hah Australia burned down

    FlaccoIsEliteFlaccoIsElite25 dagar sedan
  • how many diseases did u get from eating those things

    SkittleSkittle26 dagar sedan
  • This gives off the vibe: the one guy you don’t wanna rob

    Blood ChildBlood Child26 dagar sedan
  • This is legit one of the most funny videos I’ve ever watched on SEworld, keep up the great vids man :)

    SSC FuckoffSSC Fuckoff26 dagar sedan
  • heh looks like the degreaser from tf2 XD

    FishiosFishios26 dagar sedan
  • The most american thing I've seen

    AshtonAshton27 dagar sedan
  • This content is too inappropriate for a16 year old, if anyone’s wondering

  • Egg egg egg

    ALAN KadiriALAN Kadiri27 dagar sedan
  • my man really cut off his seat belt for a 5 second clip

    Wanted KaytosWanted Kaytos28 dagar sedan
  • PSA: don’t put petrol in a squirt gun with a candle on the end. The fire could travel up the stream of petrol into the gun and literally blow up.

    KegaKega28 dagar sedan
  • I can’t wait till he makes a functional Mad Max styled automobile.

    arkinyte13arkinyte1328 dagar sedan
  • Alright, but can it airblast?

    CheeseCheese28 dagar sedan
  • probably the only youtube channel that i actually enjoy watching the videos more than once

    Tom TricksTom Tricks29 dagar sedan
  • some boys are born born to raise the flag ouuuuu the red white and blue.

    Richarf BunnRicharf BunnMånad sedan
  • meet the pyro

    sadisticsmileyfacesadisticsmileyfaceMånad sedan
  • Don’t pretend you didn’t try to blow on fire through a mask

    Aqua AriesAqua AriesMånad sedan
  • Rip mr kowala

    doriii boiiidoriii boiiiMånad sedan
  • Your jedi mind tricks don't work on me (you didn't do it) (a joke).

    Mop's backup accountMop's backup accountMånad sedan
  • Ah.. the average Aussie.

    XD 13XD 13Månad sedan
  • 11:55 tries to blow out the fire with a facemask

    RedisRedVEVORedisRedVEVOMånad sedan
  • Degreaser

    dumpsterfire 69dumpsterfire 69Månad sedan
  • Pyro tf2

    Thomson86Thomson86Månad sedan
  • Just use napalm instead of gas

    Unsettling_bread451Unsettling_bread451Månad sedan
  • Now lets make school supplies

    roger gamingroger gamingMånad sedan
  • The most demonitized video on youtube

    Scared Of GhostsScared Of GhostsMånad sedan
  • The next video should be: I Live Out My Childhood Home Alone Dreams with My Old Inventions!

    Missy Vintage Esq.Missy Vintage Esq.Månad sedan
  • "Maybe it's best if I test it indoors." WAT

    MamaBananaMamaBananaMånad sedan
  • pyro tf2

    Potato_SOVIETPotato_SOVIETMånad sedan
  • I Love your Videos Mate keep going ! and dont kill yourself haha

    Itachi UchihaItachi UchihaMånad sedan
  • the vietnam flashbacks poor dude

    Boiling PotBoiling PotMånad sedan
  • Fucking hero approved

    York fire PulseYork fire PulseMånad sedan
  • Did you try to blow the fire out THOUGH the mask?

    Da WaeDa WaeMånad sedan
  • The soldier warms my heart. In two ways

    Mr. BiscuitMr. BiscuitMånad sedan
  • You can use that to repel the cats. Yuh.

    Hayden my fav 2021 E63sHayden my fav 2021 E63sMånad sedan
  • This is quite possibly the Orkiest Flamer I've ever seen.

    IceFire DownunderIceFire DownunderMånad sedan
  • Wtf

    Việt Trung NguyễnViệt Trung NguyễnMånad sedan
  • Vietnameses:WHAT THE F###!!!!!!!!

    Việt Trung NguyễnViệt Trung NguyễnMånad sedan
  • 9:44 why the hell he has a adolf hitler head on that foam pillar?

    Karmatic Poison.Karmatic Poison.Månad sedan
  • You running from the spider made my day... I would've done the same... bwahahahahahaha!!! 🤙🤙🤙

    Tower YodaTower YodaMånad sedan
  • My dad used to beat me with a shoehorn at the bottom of my foot, hit yourself to feel it it was the worst punishment because you remembered it for the rest of the week

    FBI OfficialFBI OfficialMånad sedan
  • We have some pretty massive Hertfordshire spiders. Luckily they're not deadly tho so..

    Benabus The ThirdBenabus The ThirdMånad sedan
  • Our favorite Aussie mad scientist.

    Cameron LinCameron LinMånad sedan
  • Thank you this was really helpful!

  • I was the video before it was age restricted in my country. Now I can’t watch it lol

    Heli_ElliHeli_ElliMånad sedan
  • Were you betting all your budget on this video? You snipped your car's safety belt and spray painted your computer monitor

    b i g c ü m eb i g c ü m eMånad sedan
  • That Vietnam flashback was unironically the scariest Vietnam flashback I've ever seen in media. It was a pretty accurate depiction of a panic attack, almost gave me one

    b i g c ü m eb i g c ü m eMånad sedan
  • You do not show you're face 🤣🤣🤣 But you do really bad job of hiding ur face

    Great SageGreat SageMånad sedan
  • 👍🏻 nice

    Tim MaierTim MaierMånad sedan
  • it's very easy and safe 2 make it

    കെ ഡി താഡി Acകെ ഡി താഡി AcMånad sedan
  • The flashbacks were fuckin brill

    Ashley SavigarAshley SavigarMånad sedan
  • Just found your channel....Love your humour cracks me up! From the UK

    ReptoadReptoadMånad sedan
  • My question is... when did you get a Raid: Shadow legends sponsorship?

    Kooper JeromeKooper JeromeMånad sedan
  • Since when do you ride bikes, that bike was like a $5000 USD bike, he must actually enjoy it.

    Gabriel ChewyGabriel ChewyMånad sedan