This Is The Most Dangerous Thing I've Ever Made

29 aug 2020
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Johnny Cash - Ring of fire.
Burnt to a Crisp

  • I had to make an YT account just to watch this video.

    Over 18Over 1811 timmar sedan
  • You should have buttons or something on you welder. try using those. xd 3,

    PlockýPlocký19 timmar sedan
  • Awww its age restricted now :(

    Mother NoMother No2 dagar sedan
  • I will never watch your videos stoned again. Holy shit.

    NolanNolan4 dagar sedan
  • Where did you put the huntsman Also use the flamethrower to burn it please

    missingindymissingindy5 dagar sedan
  • Pyro teamfortress2

    missingindymissingindy5 dagar sedan
  • Bruh degreaser pyros be like:

    Kobster brobsterKobster brobster8 dagar sedan
  • 6:33 ooh that's what PTSD is

    Sarina JohnsonSarina Johnson9 dagar sedan
  • he hasnt uploaded in a while :O like a month

    endorknight archivesendorknight archives10 dagar sedan
  • Why is this video so awesome oh cuase this dude is making a flame thrower and he is Australian

    Professor raccoonProfessor raccoon12 dagar sedan
  • Smh, this is a blowtorch. We need a real flamethrower, which is just a metal squirt gun filled with gas, and lighter taped to the front

    Atomicwinter 31Atomicwinter 3114 dagar sedan
  • That vietnam flash back tho

    Fuzzy ShadyFuzzy Shady17 dagar sedan
  • this would make elon musk proud

    Lucy SheehanLucy Sheehan17 dagar sedan
  • the di di mau bit was pure gold

    scornlolscornlol19 dagar sedan
  • U re so funny

    Imran KImran K20 dagar sedan
  • Cool, now the mayor dont have any chance to run

    Vitogamer 167Vitogamer 16721 dag sedan
  • Me too

    Bootyhole ShrexyBootyhole Shrexy23 dagar sedan
  • this video is banned in the EU

    Rareș graurRareș graur24 dagar sedan
    • i had to use a VPN to watch this

      Rareș graurRareș graur24 dagar sedan
  • This man cut his seatbelt for 1 video

    Caroline CarrCaroline Carr24 dagar sedan
  • I did a thing: HOW DO I GET RID OF THESE CATS?! Also I did a thing: made a flamethrower

    The FazBearGamersThe FazBearGamers25 dagar sedan
  • Its so enjoyable rewatching his vids while browsing through the comments. Especially since he randomly likes and comments on some of them

    LaCaneLaCane25 dagar sedan
  • That moment when it’s age restricted

    Jackasaurus Rex the 2ndJackasaurus Rex the 2nd26 dagar sedan
  • Casually tries to blow out a flame with a face shield hahhah

    eggegg28 dagar sedan
  • Needs more napalm...

    Jeffrey TindallJeffrey Tindall29 dagar sedan
  • On behalf of all Americans we are pleased with your work and would like to invite you to America to help us with our Ahem 'Problems"

  • You sir are feared by God and Satan

    Jonathan SteinerJonathan SteinerMånad sedan
  • Just an FYI Teflon tape is petroleum based and is explosive when used with gas bottles. Use brass fittings and flashback arrestors for a good seal and to prevent the bottle from blowing.

    TheMrDrAwesomeTheMrDrAwesomeMånad sedan
  • wa đi mau Means pass away quickly in vietnamese

    • EJ •• EJ •Månad sedan
  • You can't die more then die that makes no scents

    jayden hancockjayden hancockMånad sedan
  • Right now there is 666 dislikes on the video when I am watching. Coincidence? I think not.

    Master BreadMaster BreadMånad sedan
  • pyro from team fortress two

    R.J. WenteR.J. WenteMånad sedan
  • Would have died on the spot if I saw that spider

    N X L LN X L LMånad sedan
  • It’s sort of a pity that this video didn’t blow up considering the risk of blowing up you took while making it

    KSFMKSFMMånad sedan
  • mix oil in the squirt gun as well

    wyatt caltonwyatt caltonMånad sedan
  • Cook cook. fallout new Vegas joke

    NCR TrooperNCR TrooperMånad sedan
  • This is what the tier 2 workbench lets you do in rust

    MakkuhituMakkuhituMånad sedan
  • 6:25 i think ive never laughed so hard before

    MattizmushroomMattizmushroomMånad sedan
  • O hell yeah

  • Bruh this man's humor😂

    KarmaKarmaMånad sedan
  • This video has a content warning huh? 7:00, yep, there it is...

    Duncan HanselDuncan HanselMånad sedan
  • me an intelectual: lighter and axe

    J. NovakJ. NovakMånad sedan
  • If I saw a huntsman I wouldn't need the flamethrower I'd just burn down my house

    evolve ?evolve ?Månad sedan
  • Oh no

    game roomgame roomMånad sedan
  • 11:56...this is the big brain time

    Luigi DoronzoLuigi DoronzoMånad sedan
  • This is what I need on black friday

    Bex YBex YMånad sedan
  • What criminal made this masterpiece age restricted

    hitman4jacobhitman4jacobMånad sedan
  • dam tree babys.

    BoomBoomMånad sedan
  • Let's go test this outside everything starts burnig

    Mike WasaskiMike WasaskiMånad sedan
  • And this American shoulder who loves to burn vietnamese children

    Mike WasaskiMike WasaskiMånad sedan
  • So he gets scared by a huntsman, but continues to make a flamethrower. This is why I watch this channel.

    Bacon ShredsBacon ShredsMånad sedan
  • 15:24 Very underrated joke haha

    Johannes EhrlerJohannes EhrlerMånad sedan
  • You need a tig welder!!!

    Kari GreydKari GreydMånad sedan
  • Bro, this is soooo funny.

    eddie wapeddie wapMånad sedan
  • I'm sorry but these shoestick is the best investment I ever made in my life

    TrabbelmeTrabbelmeMånad sedan
  • If the spiders scare the natives stay the fuck away

    ReksratReksratMånad sedan

    Captain Three ThumbsCaptain Three ThumbsMånad sedan
  • that bust of hitler tho...

    motoXjakemotoXjakeMånad sedan
  • i love being an arachnophobe then the mf shoes an 8 meter wide spider. its midnight now i cant sleep

    NekomairNekomairMånad sedan
  • I can say as an American, this was very heart warming.

    Jayden HansonJayden HansonMånad sedan
  • You should do some videos on mountain biking. You have great camera skills and are good at making videos entertaining. If you had an mtb channel I'd watch it.

    TylerTylerMånad sedan
    • @I did a thing Easy, do a video on welding your mountain bike back together and do something fun like add boosters to make it go vrooooom.

      AGentlemansGamingAGentlemansGamingMånad sedan
    • I definitely want to but recently broke my mtb!

      I did a thingI did a thingMånad sedan
  • Extended range torches are unregulated in all but 2 states in the US

    dareddevil6dareddevil6Månad sedan
  • Pyro gaming

    blu pyro tf2blu pyro tf2Månad sedan
  • lmfao he offended like every american viewer he has XD.

    Ecastuyah Nil *nolastname*Ecastuyah Nil *nolastname*Månad sedan
  • I had to confirm my age to watch this I’m scared

    Kill MeKill MeMånad sedan
  • Siick fkn bike

    Jeremy ValenciaJeremy ValenciaMånad sedan
  • Hey, TF2 modders/ workshop, heres your cue

    SoupHandsSoupHandsMånad sedan
  • Secretly making flamethrower to kill the spider

    Corpse GamingCorpse GamingMånad sedan
  • Omg you're unreal. Too funny man. You deserve a tv show

    TitanTubsTitanTubsMånad sedan
  • If you ever feel useless 11:56 This man tried to blow the fire off when he has a helmet on

    David Navasca AntonioDavid Navasca AntonioMånad sedan
  • A spider scared an Australian?

    Frosty VRFrosty VRMånad sedan
  • Dude whats next a sniper rifle made from trash

    Rj De guzmanRj De guzmanMånad sedan
  • Not true American we are mostly fat

    Yousef RabahYousef RabahMånad sedan
  • Dam boy what a nice bike not a bad choice

    Lukad UrbanLukad UrbanMånad sedan
  • I thought I would be the only one who opens their mail like this

    SaintPlayGamesSaintPlayGamesMånad sedan
  • I started having a vietnam flashback watching this

    XcesiveXcesiveMånad sedan
  • 7:40 should have beveled that pipe

    Atx 5ohAtx 5ohMånad sedan
  • I live in Australia and not even I get that many spiders, you must live in the true out back

    Noob_Pro236Noob_Pro236Månad sedan
  • he wasnt originally going to make a flamethrower, the flamethrower was to get rid of the spider

    Bastian HolleyBastian HolleyMånad sedan
  • 6:40 his PTSD was triggered by the lamp head

    Thomas NoneyaThomas NoneyaMånad sedan
  • 14:10 when he tests it

    Kaykay AbuelKaykay AbuelMånad sedan
  • got an easier one for you. get one of those herbicide hand pump sprayers. replace the nozzle with a copper pipe and sprayer, then solder a butane lighter to it.

    fuge74fuge74Månad sedan
  • Needs a valid reason to build a flamethrower. You live in Australia bud

    munchinmunchinMånad sedan
  • This guy fuckin gets it.

    cody silvacody silvaMånad sedan
  • 6:30 uh oh.

    Clean_nutzz gamingClean_nutzz gamingMånad sedan
  • next time use some dishsoap with water and a brush to check leaks its a old trick. if it gives bubbels then it leaks

    skiperror skiperrorskiperror skiperrorMånad sedan
  • Well, that got dark quick

    William VanWilliam VanMånad sedan
  • "I have this American soldier here." His buddy, in thick ass accent: 'ELLO!

    Hezakigha MorganHezakigha MorganMånad sedan
  • Dude in America you can literally buy a propane flamethrower from a hardware store called Lowes

    Sans The SkeletonSans The SkeletonMånad sedan
  • ?

    Trevor HuntingTrevor HuntingMånad sedan
  • Nice video bro

    LuciferoLuciferoMånad sedan
  • Hey, watch this first if you consider building a flamethrower yourself:

    Julian SchäferJulian SchäferMånad sedan
  • I absolutely hate huntsman spiders. I once had on in my bed

    Mika SopenlehtoMika SopenlehtoMånad sedan
  • napalm thrower

    robscherobscheMånad sedan
  • It’s hard to tell if he’s fucking around or serious

    The Peepee Paralyzer Official Youtube ChannelThe Peepee Paralyzer Official Youtube ChannelMånad sedan
  • 2:32 fake Australian

    Rangos garageRangos garageMånad sedan
  • Jk

    Gibran 12Gibran 12Månad sedan
  • I sent you the 6 dollar

    Gibran 12Gibran 12Månad sedan
  • Tip with welding, turn your amps down if you are cutting through your metal

    Perrysburg percussionistPerrysburg percussionistMånad sedan
  • I think

    Low-Key Car Channel 2021Low-Key Car Channel 2021Månad sedan
  • That was a brown recloce spider!! You are lucky to not gotten bitten

    Low-Key Car Channel 2021Low-Key Car Channel 2021Månad sedan