How DANGEROUS are Metal Straws?

28 jul 2019
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After decades of stabbing sea turtles, straws have now moved onto their next

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    I did a thingI did a thingÅr sedan
    • yews

      DemonFactionDemonFactionMånad sedan
    • sock pistol??? bruh it all about the implanted toe rifle

      RedlightningwolfRedlightningwolfMånad sedan
    • osyosy oy oy

      The GhostThe Ghost2 månader sedan
    • If you're dumb enough to be offed by a straw, we don't want you anyway. Also, chopsticks dude. Also stop blocking common words, also that gel was already weakens, also you know someone's going to believe this video as factual.

      Fun With MineralsFun With Minerals2 månader sedan
    • Your are so skilled.

      Freddy FungiFreddy Fungi2 månader sedan
  • How is nobody talking about his slacklining skills? This man ate a plate of spaghetti on a slackline with a sharp metal fork without the fear of falling, or spilling. And then jumping up and down with scissors in your mouth. I salute you, you fearless Australian.

    MemeityyMemeityy9 timmar sedan
  • ok so usually im not too put off by stuff like that but i actually choked a little when i saw the straw punch straight through the gel

    Eden EnglandEden England10 timmar sedan
  • Am I the only one who is wondering why his fork is completely flat

    Pineapplegod37Pineapplegod375 dagar sedan
  • 8:35 As a American I am highly offended by this. I don't carry a pistol in my sock, that's where I keep my submachine guns, you know, the light weaponry.

    Memicus IcecreamicusMemicus Icecreamicus5 dagar sedan

    Quinton SOAPA StaggsQuinton SOAPA Staggs5 dagar sedan
  • i have bamboo straws

    Juho ProJuho Pro6 dagar sedan
  • oh god no he put the bendy straw in upsidedown this is horrible

    NeonNeon6 dagar sedan
  • You lied. You sinner lol

    Rick I SanchezRick I Sanchez7 dagar sedan
  • If a straw up a sea turtles nnose hurt. imagine what a corona test feel like. People after reading this message in a corona test Facility. I Feel Like A Turtle that has a straw up its nose

    Rick I SanchezRick I Sanchez7 dagar sedan
  • Lmao

    Fuzzy ShadyFuzzy Shady8 dagar sedan
  • Oof

    Fuzzy ShadyFuzzy Shady8 dagar sedan
  • His nails

    FeatherFeather9 dagar sedan
  • Just use silicone straws

    Orxz ArtOrxz Art11 dagar sedan
  • the start was too graphical :")

    Nhan NguyenNhan Nguyen13 dagar sedan
  • i dont like eating ice thats why i use straw

    LanceLance14 dagar sedan
  • Plot twist: he stuck a metal straw through his brain for the thumbnail.

    Sohan NaidooSohan Naidoo15 dagar sedan
  • This is why I don’t use metal straws

    Autistic YouTube watcherAutistic YouTube watcher15 dagar sedan
  • “I once saw him kill 3 men I a bar... with a straw”

    BraindedBrainded15 dagar sedan
  • Dont worry, just use ice pack.

    Zenitsu agatsumaZenitsu agatsuma15 dagar sedan
  • damn, hes got balance

    Falcon EggFalcon Egg15 dagar sedan
  • You know when a you scrape plastic straw on the top of your mouth really hard because your friend shoved you head down when you were drinking water🥵😩

    R PorrasR Porras16 dagar sedan
  • 5:20 impressive

    Tab AhTab Ah19 dagar sedan
  • or you could use idk RUBBER STRAWS

    juice wrrrldjuice wrrrld19 dagar sedan
  • This dude seems like he even wants to die😅

    MarcツMarcツ21 dag sedan
  • you played with death so many teens during this video lmao

    Westwood ShadowWestwood Shadow21 dag sedan
  • idk how anything without fingers and hands is still alive either. 90% of what it humans do is hand stuff.

    Westwood ShadowWestwood Shadow21 dag sedan
  • Metal straws are such dangerous such much as your creativity level

    vovapopavovapopa22 dagar sedan
  • i have rpg

    Apache y7Apache y723 dagar sedan
  • covid tests be like

    Tab AhTab Ah24 dagar sedan
  • Hahaha my tank in my back yard is still Ther so hahaha and I have a desert eagle under my pillow and I have a shot gun under my table

    Iryna YaroshchukIryna Yaroshchuk24 dagar sedan
  • Family help them no Violence yes sure

    Iryna YaroshchukIryna Yaroshchuk24 dagar sedan
  • Show off 5:22

    Iryna YaroshchukIryna Yaroshchuk24 dagar sedan
  • Just use paper straws it decay fast on the ocean and doesn't need much paper to make

    farhatfarhat24 dagar sedan
  • Actually just did a paper on this for people with disabilities it's actually a medical concern not having straws

    Galen ManGalen Man24 dagar sedan
  • China has banned plastic straws recently. We use paper straws now

    Jack HackJack Hack24 dagar sedan
  • That was a great balancing act

    GuerrillaMunchGuerrillaMunch25 dagar sedan
  • because when you are drunk, you don't fall over with that exactly straw in your mouth !

    Ich SelberIch Selber25 dagar sedan
  • little did they know that fishing nets were the real issue and straws make up a very very small % of the plastics

    Carne AsadaCarne Asada26 dagar sedan
  • Why didn't they use rubber straw

    Herren KarsemsakHerren Karsemsak26 dagar sedan
  • You kinda pushed on the wood for the straw

    Owl Ninja11Owl Ninja1127 dagar sedan
  • one time with a plastic straw from chick fil a i think i cut the top of my mouth i was on a road trip bled for the whole 4 hour journey plus another 2 after that

    CaelumrobocopCaelumrobocop27 dagar sedan
  • No physical scar but surely a emotional one

    Ken BearlKen Bearl27 dagar sedan
  • when the metal straw went trough it I went from -_- to O_O

    LAttilaLAttila27 dagar sedan
  • man... You're handsome!

    NoobYT눕유튜브NoobYT눕유튜브27 dagar sedan
  • Why is your fork so flat

    ROUGLASROUGLAS28 dagar sedan
  • whys your fork flat the fork be built different

    Maddox PartridgeMaddox Partridge28 dagar sedan
  • Justice for the fingerless !

    Aymen DZAymen DZ28 dagar sedan
  • Me looking at 00:35 :

    The real ALEX 17The real ALEX 1728 dagar sedan
  • We all know turtles be snorting fat lines off of each others backs

    Anthony b carrollAnthony b carroll29 dagar sedan
  • Americans: what is this weak firepower my f24 sock pistole does more damage then that Me with a f24 sock bow: Pethetic

    Just a fish chickenJust a fish chicken29 dagar sedan
  • The true scariest thing is that he's not actually drinking drinks I might look like it but he's not actually sucking it up

    error 404 and sudden changes sanserror 404 and sudden changes sans29 dagar sedan
  • there is so much ropes in the sea that it can go around the planet 500 times per day and Straws only make 2% of it

    ECO podcastECO podcast29 dagar sedan
  • Paper straw?

    John KeatingJohn Keating29 dagar sedan
  • Can you do a video called better ideas for videos and one you can test a plastic straw

    give me magsgive me mags29 dagar sedan
  • the straight fork.......

    Tornad !Tornad !29 dagar sedan
  • It's weird when he said let's find something what goes in our mouth and he reached down under the table

    redfort 1300redfort 1300Månad sedan
  • How does he do this are Australians naturally able to use a rope or whatever that is like that?

    StingyMarrow231StingyMarrow231Månad sedan
  • I got a metal straw specifically for boba on my last trip to visit my family in Taiwan. In my book this is the only acceptable excuse to use a straw, and it’s wider so it’s slightly less likely to penetrate your skull

    Stephen PaulStephen PaulMånad sedan
  • Bro they sell fake limbs like a head and in arm for like US$1000

    Sniper boySniper boyMånad sedan
  • Breeeh

    Filthy SanchezFilthy SanchezMånad sedan
  • As an American watching this 100% agree 👍

    Hebrew HooliganHebrew HooliganMånad sedan
    • Also do u have trouble getting real ballistics gel?

      Hebrew HooliganHebrew HooliganMånad sedan
  • The thumbnail is literally final destination

    Tyrannosaurus GamingTyrannosaurus GamingMånad sedan
  • I have a big dent in the roof of my mouth from falling with a popsicle stick when I was a kid.

    J 3J 3Månad sedan
  • I hate the flashing club light effect. just btw.

    J 3J 3Månad sedan
  • Metal straws help the environment in two ways. They're reusable, and they control the population.

    Dylan FinchDylan FinchMånad sedan
  • Plastic straws with rubber blunted edges.

  • Some people with downsindrem need straws

    joshua grayjoshua grayMånad sedan
  • No. Stop using paper straws

    Flip WarbucksFlip WarbucksMånad sedan
  • Reuseable and cheap? Sounds like YOUR MOM

    Ty MasonTy MasonMånad sedan
  • 5:15 But we do with straws???

    Joey W.Joey W.Månad sedan
  • When I was a kid I jammed a fork in my throat and my throat was bleeding

    Simple VidsSimple VidsMånad sedan
  • how flat is that straw man, i mean seriously

    JyrkyJyrkyMånad sedan
  • My Italian friend can confirm that they do in fact do “active activities” while eating a plate of spaghetti.

    TheArgonautTheArgonautMånad sedan
  • Who has flat forks??

    CollinPlayz23CollinPlayz23Månad sedan
  • Verdict: use silicone straws. They have all the bendy floppy fun of plastic straws and the reusability of the metal ones.

    B0B1800B0B1800Månad sedan
  • well done

  • Mum threw a tea spoon at dad once, it stuck in so I feel that anything in the right hands could accidentally kill an old woman

    madison dukesmadison dukesMånad sedan
  • I drank something hot through a straw when I was young. I have a huge respect for straws since then and behave like a functional human being near them.

    MazeFrameMazeFrameMånad sedan
  • I am going to hell

    Sea PopcornSea PopcornMånad sedan
  • How about just paper straws? They’ve been used in quite a few restaurants I’ve went to and they work very well

    Instant RamenInstant RamenMånad sedan
  • In America death plays with you In Australia you play with death

    YTYTMånad sedan
  • Iv always thought of metal straws as dangerous But i normmaly dont use straws

    Jacob CraneJacob CraneMånad sedan
  • I need a straw to drink my cuba libre

    Martin CabidelliMartin CabidelliMånad sedan
  • Why don't you just use glass straws

    Aoife BriggsAoife BriggsMånad sedan
  • I hate metal straws they are just to inconvenience to clean

    AchmodinIV SWEAchmodinIV SWEMånad sedan
  • It’s not the consumers fault for plastic straws ending up in the sea ( it’s their fault I they purposely throw them in the sea) it’s the recycling company’s job to recycle plastic straws and other scraps. And the hell does it end up in the sea, the only reason I can think of is that people are stupid and don’t throw the straws in a recycling bin

    AchmodinIV SWEAchmodinIV SWEMånad sedan
  • Yo, the card this dude has is probably and invitation to hell. I would go. (I'M JOKING)

    Hellbird6Hellbird6Månad sedan
    • im already going

      I did a thingI did a thingMånad sedan

    Akaza HakujiAkaza HakujiMånad sedan
  • Him balancing while eating spaget was very impressive

    Lizards R usLizards R usMånad sedan
  • There exists another solution, paper straws. Totally biodegradable and safe

    Avinash KarhanaAvinash KarhanaMånad sedan
  • After seeing this video im looking to bye wood straws instead of metal straws lol

    Jose SilvasJose SilvasMånad sedan
  • Man you reaaly shouldve tried using plastic straws with that contraption bc i dont really think what material its made of is gonna matter that much, theyre just designed in this dangerous shape /// paper straws is the way to go if you ask me

    AliKAliKMånad sedan
  • “My 24 f sock pistol does more damage than that” I did a thing 2020

    Fletcher EverettFletcher EverettMånad sedan
  • We just gonna ignore how oddly flat his forks are?

    Ethan ReedEthan ReedMånad sedan
  • I appreciate the fucked up fingernails I too myself have fucked up fingernails!

    Kevin OnuskanychKevin OnuskanychMånad sedan
  • Just don't fall on straws dummy

    QwertyQwertyMånad sedan
  • I don't get why people don't use straw as straws

    No ThanksNo ThanksMånad sedan
  • How on earth does he fall straight on his head so gracefully in a perfect arc

    PandandaPandandaMånad sedan
  • That’s what I do I never use a straw like what the hell

    Madison ShayMadison ShayMånad sedan