Branding Myself with My Brand!

28 sep 2019
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Skip business school all you need is a red hot brand!
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  • Hi, please follow me on Twitter and make me a cool guy

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    • Ok

      Hilda SissonsHilda Sissons22 dagar sedan
    • i got an ad right as you said it

      Ginger JamesGinger James2 månader sedan
    • Thats how you get a permanent sponsorship

      Pearyo PainPearyo Pain3 månader sedan
    • What sexy wood oil song was that?

      Dreamz SingzDreamz Singz3 månader sedan
    • you didnt brand yourself

      shoty568shoty5683 månader sedan
  • Touring the USofA ey? Not a bad time

    William DowningWilliam Downing5 timmar sedan
  • trust me when building stuff it's better with short fingernails. have you been using a blowtorch or something and burn your nail it stinks and is just awful. keep up the great content.

    Paige RosiePaige RosieDag sedan

    Gunslinger Nic50Gunslinger Nic502 dagar sedan
  • Im not either of those things. IM A GAMER

    Darren WilsonDarren Wilson2 dagar sedan
  • amoogus

    Luca PogainisLuca Pogainis3 dagar sedan
  • Lil nails matter. Just sayin.

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  • 999

    Goodguy TyphlosionGoodguy Typhlosion3 dagar sedan
  • Legend says he will pin this comment at the top

    Bryant BrendynBryant Brendyn4 dagar sedan
  • Why the russian chanting xD

    KaifarykKaifaryk4 dagar sedan
  • You will... do more dumb stuff and make lots of rude jokes

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  • :(

    Jaiden VriezemaJaiden Vriezema5 dagar sedan

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  • 7:38 amoongus

    Yugi NoYugi No10 dagar sedan
  • Wait you really s

    Da loly pop PopDa loly pop Pop11 dagar sedan
  • 2:58 we want feet

    Amy ProostAmy Proost12 dagar sedan
  • I just watched the advertisement :(

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  • wait wait wait You did a thing this is crazy!!

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  • Bruh I shit you not this guy predicted Among us

    bobbob19 dagar sedan
  • 10:13 after he said enjoy that add I got a add

    Andrew BunkerAndrew Bunker20 dagar sedan
  • IDAT: "I'm gonna oil this wood in the least sexual way possible" Me: Please, God, no, please, stop, someone help its retracting into my pelvis for protection

    Ringtail RevenantRejectRingtail RevenantReject20 dagar sedan
  • bro, you had me good. i thought you were a sick fuck. good fake out with the pork belly under his shirt

    Realistic ThinkingRealistic Thinking21 dag sedan
  • JUST stop biting your nails.. its easy.

    SleeperSleeper21 dag sedan
  • the way you oiled that wood was pretty sexual

    John Philip DonaJohn Philip Dona21 dag sedan
  • I did a think supports animal abuse 👍🏾

    DetectiveSplitDetectiveSplit22 dagar sedan
  • this guy reminds me of julian, the guy who restores paintings

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  • Bro that advertisement just killed me

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  • what the fuck

    Koolaid ManKoolaid Man23 dagar sedan
  • I aint even mad about the double add

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  • I love that the gang member at 0:32 has a calculator watch

    FletchelFletchel23 dagar sedan
  • Классная молитва чувак!

  • You have finger nails? Lol I don't have any

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  • Let me guess you are a aquarius :p

    Jeffrey PordonJeffrey Pordon23 dagar sedan
  • AH, I see what you did there

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  • Right when he said 10 minute mark and enjoy the add I got one

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  • Do you play overwatch

    Michael SullivanMichael Sullivan24 dagar sedan
  • mmmm i love it when you rub rusty saws against me~

    SamSam24 dagar sedan
  • Nooooo yyyyy y he burrrrn

    AnimeGamerCreaterAnimeGamerCreater24 dagar sedan
  • its a forever stamp

    wolfie boi dudewolfie boi dude26 dagar sedan
  • No! I did i really watch this video for 10 Minuten and you didnt burn your flech to mark yourselve? You lost me on that

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  • Dudeee😂😂😂

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  • Poggers for God

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  • you need to build a fort

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  • My man really had the oil in the ceramic dip pot

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  • how manny ppl drunk

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  • He said enjoy that advert and then I got an ad..

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  • Leave his nails alone 😭

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    • @I did a thing homie why are you commenting on a year old video

      finfin26 dagar sedan
    • Thankyou

      I did a thingI did a thing27 dagar sedan
  • After searching the song at the 5:03 mark for 2 weeks, I found it.

    Burak TürkseverBurak Türksever27 dagar sedan
  • Imagine if he ever changes his brand

    Er_ TaproEr_ Tapro27 dagar sedan
  • owie

    Tanman BlondmanTanman Blondman27 dagar sedan
  • you really gotta work on your welding form

    Arjun ShapovalovArjun Shapovalov27 dagar sedan
  • Hey don’t judge the wolves

  • This guy lives in the Tom and jerry dimension

    My hamster flew awayMy hamster flew away28 dagar sedan
  • Statistically speaking, someone watched this and discovered their kink is oiling wood with an old rusty saw blade

    seth hilesseth hiles28 dagar sedan
  • The music at the end is 失望した - EVA

    PanzerJäger HantoeigPanzerJäger Hantoeig28 dagar sedan
  • Fingernails shit

    korvisca petrovakorvisca petrova28 dagar sedan
  • “I’m gonna oil up this wood in the least sexual way possible” *picks up scissors* Lesbians: 👁 👄 👁

    ShaqraShaqra28 dagar sedan
  • Warning: do not eat food while watching Alex

    JadeJade28 dagar sedan
  • Went down the rabbit hole and ended up on the weird side of SEworld. Again.

    Lynne FTWLynne FTW29 dagar sedan
  • Great video man

    Play Time MeyersPlay Time Meyers29 dagar sedan
  • I have gotta say you had me in the first 0.000001

    potato tomatopotato tomato29 dagar sedan
  • why are your lips so red?

    Loge R_2 Floofy BoogalooLoge R_2 Floofy Boogaloo29 dagar sedan
  • I know a guy that actually branded himself at a party.

    44theshadow44theshadow29 dagar sedan
  • Fellow nail biter here too :) Lifelong nail bed pain mmmmmmm.

    Hannibal LecterHannibal Lecter29 dagar sedan
  • A year late but be careful, Animals have hide that is thick and have less nerve endings. In humans branding can lead to infection and disease.

    doobthenoob XDdoobthenoob XD29 dagar sedan
  • I have the same finger nails

    Solaire of AstoraSolaire of Astora29 dagar sedan
  • did it hurt?

    Roy ChenRoy ChenMånad sedan
  • You are so fucking weird

    Freddy TablesFreddy TablesMånad sedan
  • Lmfaooooooo the ending killed me

    okokMånad sedan
  • 0:00 video starts

    Nacho SurpemeNacho SurpemeMånad sedan
  • Uhh... Nice...?

    Sara BlakeSara BlakeMånad sedan
  • ok that looked really real did you actually burn another guy ??? XD

    Brendan LambBrendan LambMånad sedan
  • 8:40 That's Cyberpunk 2077, if they finish their work before releasing.

    PaulPaulMånad sedan
  • You didn't mutilate yourself in this video at all, you liar. Except for your fingernails.

    Nom du ClavierNom du ClavierMånad sedan
  • Powermove: Marking your house with the 'bad project' brand

    Nom du ClavierNom du ClavierMånad sedan
  • Australians trying to be religious: How do we... Er... whack a bunch of candles everywhere?

    Nom du ClavierNom du ClavierMånad sedan
  • The amount of effort put into stupid jokes is priceless

    Thomas AlbertsThomas AlbertsMånad sedan
  • Finally, I have found another of my kind, the nailless

    Cucumber RainCucumber RainMånad sedan
  • I wonder if that's really 7:58

    Ronaldo_ Slayer21Ronaldo_ Slayer21Månad sedan
  • Idk but something about those scissors... makes me feel... so...

    Leonard MollingLeonard MollingMånad sedan
  • Him branding everything, even his house.... Is the Human male equivalent of a dog peeing on everything to say its his.

    The Upset KittenThe Upset KittenMånad sedan
  • still sexual

    Gaming NewsGaming NewsMånad sedan
  • Who else listens to his videos while you sleep I don’t know why but I enjoy listening to I did a things videos to help me sleep I enjoy these can anyone suggest me videos like this about building stupid shit or similar Chanel’s to this sorry

    Overthink timeOverthink timeMånad sedan
  • I love you dude. One of my favorite youtube channels. Your videos are addictive

    kokkinikauti chilipipperiakokkinikauti chilipipperiaMånad sedan
  • You should brand your baby

    Gagau Wasabos ArielGagau Wasabos ArielMånad sedan
  • I am me

    Bryce BrookesBryce BrookesMånad sedan
  • Binging with Babish

    Among udAmong udMånad sedan
  • Sick I’m human to

    Lucio HernandezLucio HernandezMånad sedan
  • That was clickbait m8 Shoulda branded yourself

    Inbred BananaInbred BananaMånad sedan
  • There's a reason he's funny

  • Handle got edged

    Idubbz I’m fakeIdubbz I’m fakeMånad sedan
  • Deadset the music at 6:49 is sex to my ears aha such a dope beat

    Jai HillJai HillMånad sedan
  • now he can't be kidnapped

    aquele puto que tentou ter um canalaquele puto que tentou ter um canalMånad sedan
  • Least sexual way possible Seems kinda sexual to me

    Blade KingBlade KingMånad sedan
  • I used to chew my nails like crazy, when I quit smoking I was so afraid it would get worse, but it surprisingly it didn't.

    lawless vaporslawless vaporsMånad sedan
  • hmm. "least sexual" he says. i know people who like blades. soooooo.

    heywiregamerheywiregamerMånad sedan
  • Use bytex, Denatonium benzoate on your nails... Let's see how much you love to nibble em then

    Andrew van LeeuwenAndrew van LeeuwenMånad sedan
  • Display without power 😂😂😂

    Andrew van LeeuwenAndrew van LeeuwenMånad sedan
  • You are crazy

    Brennon CollierBrennon CollierMånad sedan
  • 5:30 Adeptus Mechanicus performing engraving work as his brothers chant to appease themachine spirits

    NPCNPCMånad sedan