I made your stupid video ideas!

29 aug 2019
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Thanks for the ideas. They were all great!
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Making a human with a human. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pregnancy

  • I'll fight you with kissing

    Michael ReevesMichael ReevesÅr sedan
    • Wow

      D RitzD Ritz3 dagar sedan
    • I am a robot beep boop a[pdfija south aeo[hr2uerw go[asKNxmgdouldxhkdj gpvod;lixcxhkf

      first namefirst name29 dagar sedan
    • find the hidden word in my stuttering comment

      first namefirst name29 dagar sedan
    • qelfja;sldfkjslakjfqoeifh soidfh eoIFH S[ODFIJSo[fiej soEFUH AIPFUH POGUEQ PIGUHQ EPIRGUHQE RGIUQE GHGRIPUHdoifspoggersasflkaj foeiwj goeirgj e[gijroapeirgj qepoairgh po;

      first namefirst name29 dagar sedan
    • Fuck yeah

      first namefirst name29 dagar sedan
  • Sonovah... i looked in the description to see what your favourite nasty site was 🤣

    David MacleanDavid Maclean23 timmar sedan
  • YES. Flubber is the best sports movie of all time. I concur.

    Experiences Over ThingsExperiences Over Things2 dagar sedan
  • amoogus

    Luca PogainisLuca Pogainis3 dagar sedan
  • We have the exact same phone

    Christine NakoolakChristine Nakoolak4 dagar sedan
  • 111k likes and 11k dislikes CUINIDENSNE I THINK. NOT

    Random STUFFRandom STUFF4 dagar sedan
  • i think this is my dads welder

    Jacob DuncanJacob Duncan5 dagar sedan
  • Please take those pizza shoes to an ice rink

    Daz AlenkoDaz Alenko6 dagar sedan
  • "andiamo a mangiare un po' di pizza" that's not bad dude, you did not mispronounce so much

    MonicaMonica8 dagar sedan
  • william osman is my fav

    Jack DaigleJack Daigle9 dagar sedan
  • You are one of the kings of Chindogu!

    Jess StuartJess Stuart10 dagar sedan
  • When you spitted out the water, the milk i was drinking shot out of my nose xD

    Event HorizonEvent Horizon10 dagar sedan
  • Are you surge?

    Reece ParrisReece Parris11 dagar sedan
  • the crab returning to the river at the end 🥲 nature is healing ❤️

    Angelina GabrielliAngelina Gabrielli12 dagar sedan
  • you really wanna break your ankles my friend

    Edy BanciuEdy Banciu12 dagar sedan
  • what the hell michael reeves

    Shaylee ReevesShaylee Reeves13 dagar sedan
  • Automatic burger maker

    braceletyboiplays UTTPbraceletyboiplays UTTP14 dagar sedan
  • But Michael is freaking ripped tho.

    pixiljuice itmepixiljuice itme15 dagar sedan
  • Lol he did

    shadow manshadow man15 dagar sedan
  • Ankle breakers

    Dillon VandervortDillon Vandervort16 dagar sedan
  • He actually left a link in the description 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Fishing with Eden WiidFishing with Eden Wiid16 dagar sedan
  • Meby tray meik gaster blaster

    Torleif Severin EkebergTorleif Severin Ekeberg16 dagar sedan
  • The dislikes are from the people who were insulted

    The RagingFireThe RagingFire16 dagar sedan
  • Rollerblades aren't as cool as skateboards. They're way cooler.

    Nav JordaanNav Jordaan17 dagar sedan
  • 9:40 that killed me xd

    p4nc4k3p4nc4k317 dagar sedan
  • i am italian. i approve of this.

    • Rogue •• Rogue •18 dagar sedan
  • I like how you actually linked it in the description.

    DinosaurNerdDinosaurNerd20 dagar sedan
  • sorry to say it, but your impersonation of an italian man is really bad

    Luca Dal BoLuca Dal Bo20 dagar sedan
  • 😂

    Sheyli :3Sheyli :321 dag sedan
  • Yo he actually put the discription on how to make humans with humans (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)

  • yay crayfish

    bosco shambosco sham22 dagar sedan
  • 9:28 i have the same phone 😂

    i Ii I22 dagar sedan
  • Heh, banana phone

    Its Crystal ClearIts Crystal Clear22 dagar sedan
  • 2:10 bru wow

    Xxhyper10xXXxhyper10xX22 dagar sedan
  • when he spit the water out I almost died

    Razors OccamRazors Occam23 dagar sedan
  • Make a automatic nut shooter for squirrels

    Kevin AldanaKevin Aldana23 dagar sedan
  • make a gun out of a gun

    rufuchuthe3 rdrufuchuthe3 rd24 dagar sedan
  • I comment every video I watch

    ImprimisImprimis24 dagar sedan
  • crab stick

    Nathan JulesNathan Jules25 dagar sedan
  • As a welding student it is amusing to watch him fail at smaw

    fspsyco1fspsyco125 dagar sedan
  • Why didn’t you use boots, so that you know, it’s impossible to destroy your ankles Thanks kinda why moon shoes are boots

    ryan bambiryan bambi25 dagar sedan
  • ?

    Trevor HuntingTrevor Hunting25 dagar sedan
  • If you were ever sitting there wondering if there was a woman in Florida totally devoted to any idea you ever had, the answer is YES. Please don’t stop anytime soon!

    Nobody’s DarlingNobody’s Darling25 dagar sedan
  • Andiemo a mangiero un po de pizza!

    Ascanio LampadaAscanio Lampada25 dagar sedan
  • Watching that spring shoe segment physically hurt my ankles

    MemeweebMemeweeb25 dagar sedan
  • Don’t challenge a man to a fight that loves tasers

    Random ManRandom Man26 dagar sedan
  • Hahahahaha I saw your face

    THE All GamerTHE All Gamer27 dagar sedan
  • How do I make a friend like this guy? All I have is random ideas 😆

    Ash BashAsh Bash27 dagar sedan
  • Why does he wear low top shoes there is zero ankle support

    HwhxjfbfgazjdvdnsHwhxjfbfgazjdvdns27 dagar sedan
  • Damn wtaf he has like 8 trap phones he must be selling crack or something

    Carter gregoryCarter gregory27 dagar sedan

    Half Moon JayfeatherHalf Moon Jayfeather27 dagar sedan
  • Hows the head an shoulder bottles knock down bro :^)

    Jeff HaroldJeff Harold27 dagar sedan
  • When you read the description Just to check if how to make a human with a human was there

    Zionic NightZionic Night27 dagar sedan
  • james is a legend

    coffee_candycoffee_candy28 dagar sedan
  • I’ll take your entire stock

  • Hey why don't you make snow shoes

    StrikerStriker28 dagar sedan
  • Face reveal 6:55

    Alex HavengaAlex Havenga28 dagar sedan
  • didnt link phub down below 1/10

    chicken nuggetchicken nugget28 dagar sedan
  • Bro just put a metal sheet at the bottom of the springs so you don't break ankles and have balance that would be dope

    Salvador JanthanSalvador Janthan28 dagar sedan
  • Try welding class will help I weld

    Ty DueittTy Dueitt28 dagar sedan
  • Those springs look like they are from a playground

    CollideAScopeCollideAScope28 dagar sedan
  • If you used roller blade boots for the spring shoes, you wouldn't break you ankles, rather you'd snap your knees

    xXTHEOmegaShockwaveXxxXTHEOmegaShockwaveXx28 dagar sedan
  • The pizza guy was so nice

    happy guyhappy guy29 dagar sedan
  • Would've been interesting to use ski boots cause of their extreme stiffness. You wouldn't be able to roll your ankles. They're expensive tho.

    happy guyhappy guy29 dagar sedan
  • Anyone else hear an audible crunch at 7:27

    The Suspicious CookieThe Suspicious Cookie29 dagar sedan
  • No one commented on the fact he actually put the pregnancy thing in the description

    Skyler GoinsSkyler Goins29 dagar sedan
  • I'm gluten intolerant

    Josefs TiseliusJosefs Tiselius29 dagar sedan
  • Yes hes small hes big but remember what happened to goliath

    Hungry Panda1243Hungry Panda124329 dagar sedan
  • The amperage on your welder might not be too high, you're using a stick welder which is really aggressive and it is hard to strike a weld with stick welders anyway.

    Jack HutsonJack Hutson29 dagar sedan
  • Great video man

    Play Time MeyersPlay Time MeyersMånad sedan
  • You've got a real talent for comedic timing.

    Keiffer EllisonKeiffer EllisonMånad sedan
  • You create solutions to problems noone had

    Corona VirusCorona VirusMånad sedan
  • 6:56 OmG fAc ReVeL aMiRiGt GmRs

    G - OatsG - OatsMånad sedan
  • 3 funny SEworld inventors in one video

    Not ShrimpoNot ShrimpoMånad sedan
  • Him setting in the creek on his laptop reminds me of Kermit by the swamp with his banjo

    Levi PayneLevi PayneMånad sedan
  • He actually put a link for making human with human. U got my respect

    Bryant ChinBryant ChinMånad sedan
  • Should have connected the springs to eachother for minimal wobble..

    brandonbbabrandonbbaMånad sedan
  • I like how he's not kidding about 10 minutes either

    Nate McCannNate McCannMånad sedan
  • When I saw this video I immediately thought of Michael reeves, and then he made the Michael Reeves joke. It's also hilarious because Michael's 5'5 and in the cold ones interview this guy talks about being casted in movies just for being over 6'3, so there's a chance that he's 6'5+ and a full foot taller than Michael.

    James BlenkinsoppJames BlenkinsoppMånad sedan
  • You were unexpectedly funny.

    Brian StokesBrian StokesMånad sedan
  • How did he say adidas?

    John JohnsteinJohn JohnsteinMånad sedan
  • 0:16

    Hotdiggitydang1Hotdiggitydang1Månad sedan
  • It’s a de dus

    Crypto 69Crypto 69Månad sedan
  • so uh where's that link

    AkamiAkamiMånad sedan
    • in the description my guy

      NicknameNicknameMånad sedan
  • Ive watched over 30 videos of this guy i have a feeling his australian he has the accent lives in australia but for some reason i havent heard him say the word cunt not even once in any of his videos so im still doubtful

    salem khamissalem khamisMånad sedan
  • My legs hurt just from watching you jump on that shit

    salem khamissalem khamisMånad sedan
  • guess im a schmuck (schmuk?)

    SunbrehSunbrehMånad sedan
    • yes, it's indeed called schmuck not "schmuk"

      NicknameNicknameMånad sedan
  • The sheer uselessness of this invention makes me cringe but still the humour is awesome

    Vipul KumarVipul KumarMånad sedan
  • Fun fact he welded his apron on during production

    Nom du ClavierNom du ClavierMånad sedan
  • Oi I saw you use the US spelling of 'metres' you traitor

    Nom du ClavierNom du ClavierMånad sedan

    Hugo LindHugo LindMånad sedan
  • 7:40 brings a whole new meaning to ‘put some spring into your step’

    Cory.A PlayzCory.A PlayzMånad sedan
  • he didn't put the human making websites in the description.

    Baseplate_Baseplate_Månad sedan
  • Lol I own the same kinda house phone as you xD

    Nexius ReignNexius ReignMånad sedan
  • This video is 11:11 mins long make a wish

    Ethan ThompsonEthan ThompsonMånad sedan
  • As a welder having a welding degree, I died when I saw him freak out from using one 🤣 priceless

    Mistress ChiefMistress ChiefMånad sedan
  • Miachel reeves and allan pan with rhis guy in one video would be fun

    Andrija PetrovicAndrija PetrovicMånad sedan
  • Are you binging with babish but engineer?

    lucas ylucas yMånad sedan
  • Lmao a pregnancy website is in the description

    Dilly •_•Dilly •_•Månad sedan
  • *Turducken*

    Freda MatthewsFreda MatthewsMånad sedan