Making a Device for No Nut November

23 nov 2019
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For some people nuts are a delicious snack and for others they are a one way trip to Jesus town. Help me help you by showing you how to create a device that eliminates nuts from your life.
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  • crunchy nut is sooo much better than any other cereal

    stonersirenstonersirenTimme sedan
  • 0:46 there is an ant in malaysia

    Adam SeersAdam Seers7 timmar sedan
  • tip dont nut so you will forget about it

    Vincent Rey De OcampoVincent Rey De OcampoDag sedan
  • I understand the use for nnn now I've been doing it cause it was a trend didn't knew it was "that" helpful

    Doopie DervyDoopie Dervy2 dagar sedan
  • you know a joke is good when the minority involved is laughing really hard

    tsira kuratsira kura2 dagar sedan
  • amoogus

    Luca PogainisLuca Pogainis3 dagar sedan
  • This not the no nut november i thought of

    Akash NagAkash Nag3 dagar sedan
  • Not a bad video

    Goodguy TyphlosionGoodguy Typhlosion3 dagar sedan
  • Jesus, I need to keep reminding myself that this whole channel is a joke and not to take it seriously

    ShredsShreds4 dagar sedan
  • thing is pro wank. i love it.

    MustardMustard4 dagar sedan
  • There was an ant on the globe.....

    M O I S TM O I S T9 dagar sedan
  • lmfao, those dancing guys were friggin hilarious !

    Event HorizonEvent Horizon10 dagar sedan
  • That dance sequence was fuckin liiiiiiit!

    CarbonCarbon10 dagar sedan
  • You should call it “The circum cider

    Super J MoSuper J Mo11 dagar sedan
  • I lost my shit after the rabbi dance

    Fat JesusFat Jesus12 dagar sedan
  • Ant on the globe

    CheezeWuzCheezeWuz12 dagar sedan
  • LMFAO if he didnt do the cool outro i probably wouldnt smash da like

    jasa jbpjasa jbp14 dagar sedan
  • I really love the dancin parts :)

    Errrnald SlimjimErrrnald Slimjim15 dagar sedan
  • nonstop nut november...

    TheGravlingTheGravling16 dagar sedan
  • Dont worry It will grow back

    Kiruo RinKiruo Rin17 dagar sedan
  • * looks at title * *Insert CBT related joke here*

    A CloakerA Cloaker18 dagar sedan
  • Holy shit this is monetized....

    Luke ByronLuke Byron18 dagar sedan
  • how many different ways is he gonna say it???

    ianxeianxe19 dagar sedan
  • “Or as the Germans would say. A Frankfurt”

    WillWill19 dagar sedan
  • Love the zyzz reference

    ChrisLiftsChrisLifts20 dagar sedan
  • i laughed so hard at the jewish joke lol and when the rabbi came in oh man

    Tusk Act 4 ArtinTusk Act 4 Artin21 dag sedan
  • Ok, the name Amy was written on the box that he burned in the end, and I'm wondering if there's a story there or if I'm being paranoid rn.

    Jack LeddingtonJack Leddington21 dag sedan
  • Now it makes sense why you are so cheap.

    Cole TilfordCole Tilford22 dagar sedan
  • Shlomo

    Stick StickStick Stick23 dagar sedan
  • more like no nut forever edit: i just realized someone already said this god damnit

    KOMOKOMO23 dagar sedan
  • I love the Bananaschneider. I am from Germany and I love your videos

    Theo FilTheo Fil23 dagar sedan
  • Who here actually used this

    30. 4030. 4023 dagar sedan
  • Its so easy just be gay

    THINH 6.2 BCIS sdaTHINH 6.2 BCIS sda23 dagar sedan
  • Welll I'm 10 minutes from the peanut place lol its a pizza place now but the big sighn is still there

    Micah whibsMicah whibs23 dagar sedan
  • Stiff socks

    Aqqle SauceAqqle Sauce23 dagar sedan
  • I literally love this man either his videos have a family friendly title and rated R content or a rated R title and rated R content

    He’s your son to and I’m telling you he’s on drugsHe’s your son to and I’m telling you he’s on drugs24 dagar sedan
  • I’m watching this while eating nuts

    Oben WilliamsOben Williams24 dagar sedan
  • There are like a gazillion chastity devices on amazon

    Tore LTore L24 dagar sedan
  • omg thank you for fucking burning that shit made my PP sweat a little bit

    DieSoftDieSoft24 dagar sedan
  • at 5:54 why did he draw the sharingan

    SsvenpaiSsvenpai24 dagar sedan
  • 😂

    ReinQ _ReinQ _24 dagar sedan
  • he makes a chastity belt

    arhiearhie24 dagar sedan
  • Ain't nobody going to talk about their amazing dancing skills?

    Eisen KräheEisen Krähe25 dagar sedan
  • ye no honry

    FlynnFlynn25 dagar sedan
  • the dancing skit was just to reach 10 minutes wasnt it

    Collin WardCollin Ward25 dagar sedan
  • Ahhh yes exotic butters

    chip chip nicolaschip chip nicolas25 dagar sedan
  • Now it’s time to see if it works

    Goovin HDGoovin HD25 dagar sedan
  • Lol nut jaru

    LunarFlareLunarFlare25 dagar sedan
  • Wait?

    ShiroShiro25 dagar sedan
  • oh god hes a wanker

    Zatlan54Zatlan5426 dagar sedan
  • He got us for the first 10 seconds

    Jc GarciaJc Garcia26 dagar sedan
  • 9:47 You're still holding the jerry can🤦‍♂️ Haven't you ever seen a fail compilation?!

    Charlie MioCharlie Mio26 dagar sedan
  • Is that Ellen White at 3:07?? Wtf she’s like a huge thing in my church

    CoryphaeusCoryphaeus26 dagar sedan
  • Mission successfully failed, can no longer reattach it for DDD

    Wyatt MurphyWyatt Murphy26 dagar sedan
  • I gasped when the carrot just stood on itself after the slice. I’m a female

    Zoe JohnsonZoe Johnson26 dagar sedan
  • 2:00 stif socks way to to Hidden joke

    Stef MertensStef Mertens27 dagar sedan
  • You managed to dance in sinc and out of sinc the same time. It’s actually incredible or I’m just too drunk

    Inko GnitoInko Gnito27 dagar sedan
  • a long while ago my teacher was actively talking about No Nut November as she thought it meant you couldn't eat nuts in november

    LumdiesLumdies27 dagar sedan
  • On nnn u laugh but on other months u cry

    Gediminas VėlavičiusGediminas Vėlavičius27 dagar sedan
  • Imagine if you got morning wood and you woke up to a bloody pants

    Pheoneix gamingPheoneix gaming27 dagar sedan
  • There’s a way to make sure children don’t have nut allergies , is where you introduce peanuts/nuts to children at a young age , my family did it to me and I didn’t get nut allergies , peanuts are one are my favourite food. So I don’t know if this works for everyone but it did for me.

    ̊• ̊Scared Enderman ̊• ̊̊• ̊Scared Enderman ̊• ̊27 dagar sedan
  • Where did he find a rabai costume in fucking February

    KegaKega27 dagar sedan
    • @I did a thing so your living a double life, Austi engender/ youtuber by day- rabai by night, your like Hannah Montana if she was actually useful in anyway

      KegaKega27 dagar sedan
    • I just have the clothes at home

      I did a thingI did a thing27 dagar sedan
  • I chose to cancel nnn 2020

    Benboi 2727Benboi 272727 dagar sedan
  • The intro tho

    Errored 404Errored 40427 dagar sedan
  • fruit fly walking on the globe, 0:47.

    kaden macdougallkaden macdougall27 dagar sedan
  • what an amazingly long way to say beat your “frankfurt”😂😂😂

    Italianbadass 656Italianbadass 65628 dagar sedan
  • No

    Rose BelldandyRose Belldandy28 dagar sedan
  • neat idea until people start bleeding to death as a result of this device, causing it to be banned and therefore nullifying the effect on society and things returning to how they were.

    mischievous onemischievous one28 dagar sedan
  • Ey, du hast doch hoffentlich nicht gegen Deutsche .

    DaveDave28 dagar sedan
  • 1:48 song?

    Busta NutsBusta Nuts29 dagar sedan
  • Will made the cornflakes

    Kind of a GamerKind of a Gamer29 dagar sedan
  • Me, whom rings the pants phone: *has mood swings, bad posture, fondness of spicey foods, stiff socks, and is insane* What is causing all these problems???

    ding dawngding dawng29 dagar sedan
  • this is shadow ban

    Fancy RatFancy Rat29 dagar sedan
  • The most hilarious channel, you learn something n then laugh like a maniac

    Brainless PiggyBrainless Piggy29 dagar sedan
  • Me in dancing class:this dancing looks so how can I do it myself and what music did he use

    Jospeh PennJospeh PennMånad sedan
  • I'm so so relieved that this man burned that thing... It's like the One Ring being cast to Mount Doom.

    Arnau De CastroArnau De CastroMånad sedan
  • ?

    Trevor HuntingTrevor HuntingMånad sedan
  • I just add sugar in the milk when I eat Cornflakes

    Yash JhaYash JhaMånad sedan
  • just burn in, burn the hellish device

    Wyatt MuellerWyatt MuellerMånad sedan
  • That honestly made me feel some phantom pain

    Freezy PopFreezy PopMånad sedan
  • I am so fucking uncomfortable.

    NameSoSpookyNameSoSpookyMånad sedan
  • 1:20 this guy: It's been 3 seconds.

    Mop's backup accountMop's backup accountMånad sedan
  • 1.5 million people are interested in this 😂🤣

    Ef A.Ef A.Månad sedan
  • "Unless you're a rabbi" *dances in jew for two minutes* "Alrighty"

    Yakko PanenYakko PanenMånad sedan
  • Thanks now i have achieved immortality from this method .

    Ordinary CreatorOrdinary CreatorMånad sedan
  • Frankfurt is wienerwürst

    Ninjagamer _HDNinjagamer _HDMånad sedan
  • a chopped eggplant is a better eggplant

    AndyAndyMånad sedan
  • Notice how the video ends one second after the ten minute mark Video starts at 5:28, then there's dancing filler, then the video continues. This video could've been finished in 3-4 minutes. Quit adding all the goddamn filler.

    Inbred BananaInbred BananaMånad sedan
  • .please send your device to mouse trap mondays for live animal testing thank you

    Scared Of GhostsScared Of GhostsMånad sedan
  • Um 8:13

    XxerrorxX lolXxerrorxX lolMånad sedan
  • Bitch I love cornflakes

    StutterPunkStutterPunkMånad sedan
  • Now I can’t wait to mutilate my frankfurt

    MrFlipFlop FishguyMrFlipFlop FishguyMånad sedan
  • Some . Trees make nuts = woke trees don’t all trees make oxygen

    Connor LHDConnor LHDMånad sedan
  • Imagine working in a hardware store minding your own business and a person comes up to you and asks “Got any tubes that would fit a dong?”

    The Promised NobodyThe Promised NobodyMånad sedan
  • I love you.

    KatieJane MusicKatieJane MusicMånad sedan
  • is no one gonna point out how he has 3 desktop shortcuts for chrome at the beginning

    FreddyPooshFreddyPooshMånad sedan
  • it's even funnier when you're german - like me

    nakenakeMånad sedan
  • I would like to call this device; the nut cracker

    Big HomoBig HomoMånad sedan
  • i just take cornflakes and put sugar on them :b

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  • MrBeast 6000

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