This Is The WORST thing I've Ever Made!

23 nov 2019
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For some people nuts are a delicious snack and for others they are a one way trip to Jesus town. Help me help you by showing you how to create a device that eliminates nuts from your life.
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  • Ouch

    Damian ThrasherDamian Thrasher3 dagar sedan
  • whats up with you and making fun of germans. as a chinese man i am offended.

    Chang ShuChang Shu3 dagar sedan
  • 6:02 SHARINGAN top left

    Vahan AtidaeVahan Atidae6 dagar sedan
  • yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas

    Spencer CochranSpencer Cochran9 dagar sedan
  • He only burned it so he didn’t give in to the temptation of putting it on.

    Theo SebastianTheo Sebastian9 dagar sedan
  • 5:17 What song is this?

    NaseemNaseem10 dagar sedan
  • I’m crying so many people die from coconuts the average is 150 deaths by coconuts

    LordHarpicLordHarpic10 dagar sedan
  • The Israeli part was funny

    TapToRapTapToRap15 dagar sedan
  • 8:14 Whoelse paused to measure. 8)

    BurntBurnt18 dagar sedan
  • German inventions are Wunderbar!

    Felix der RitterFelix der Ritter19 dagar sedan
  • God this reminds me of eden of the east

    Kazuto WongKazuto Wong19 dagar sedan
  • Yeah i dont get it whats the big deal with the no nut November and all that stuff . I mean you wanna do just do it its your body and no one else's no guilt or shame in that

    MichaelMichael20 dagar sedan
  • It looks like a sharingan

    harlan oppharlan opp20 dagar sedan
  • OOoOooOh yAaaaaaa

    KingjakKingjak21 dag sedan
  • Ah yes... Nein Nuss November

    BigEnderTroll ZocktBigEnderTroll Zockt21 dag sedan
  • 1:57 “stiff socks” 😭😭

    Brap InatorBrap Inator23 dagar sedan
  • So a video about an anti wood device then a box named AMY gets burnet in the end... perhaps some subtext here?

    Richard PriorRichard Prior23 dagar sedan
  • That's all well and good, but what's the problem with liking spicy food?

    Jelke HJelke H23 dagar sedan
  • Yo, I live near the peanut place lmao. I’m from the tablelands.

    Joshua CabassiJoshua Cabassi23 dagar sedan
  • Wow.

    OrangeUnique GamingOrangeUnique Gaming23 dagar sedan
  • He’s my favorite SEworldr. I wish I new him in person!

    Emile MartiEmile Marti23 dagar sedan
  • Did John Kellogg know where humans come from?

    HumterHumter24 dagar sedan
  • How many got chills when said scissors? lol

    SrenagadeSrenagade24 dagar sedan
  • Adopting a children ~I did a thing 2019

    Jeandre WentzelJeandre Wentzel25 dagar sedan
  • Why did I click on this

    TheROBLOXGuyTheROBLOXGuy25 dagar sedan
  • Were they just chill with you going into the store without shoes? That’s fucking amazing, why can’t America learn and adapt this

    Ginger AleGinger Ale25 dagar sedan
  • If you want Jurassic park, Rabbi's and Corn Flakes you have come to the right place...ohh and BBQ tips

    TRaIT0rZTRaIT0rZ25 dagar sedan
  • I’m really confused on where this when

    Osama Bin LardonOsama Bin Lardon25 dagar sedan
  • Use this device and if you ever eat crunchy nut again instead of testosterone eventually you'll start producing estrogen

    yaldram muqadisyaldram muqadis25 dagar sedan
  • Leave Mr beast alone

    henry Teyshenry Teys25 dagar sedan
  • I bet Kellogg secretly had a rabid STD. Someone with that much power and immense insecurity would react in such a way.

    Garg710Garg71026 dagar sedan

    Zinan glencerZinan glencer26 dagar sedan
  • 5:21 is that the spoon that you used spoon to make spoon?

    Baro OxideBaro Oxide27 dagar sedan
  • "Oh, this looks interestingly dangerous like a lot of his other vide-- excuse me what"

    meta_usernamemeta_username27 dagar sedan
  • I'm so glad I found this channel xD

    6Twisted6Twisted27 dagar sedan
  • Dude, just inserting a little bell sound when you stand next to the grill at the end would've been the cherry on top 😄👌🏼

    Dennis TrachniewiczDennis Trachniewicz27 dagar sedan
  • This is weird,if you take both meanings into this

    [Username Deleted][Username Deleted]28 dagar sedan
  • *jelly*

    DIETREK LYEDIETREK LYE28 dagar sedan
  • Rip Aziz

    SaRX6SaRX629 dagar sedan
  • 9:49 and that's why Australia was on fire

    Fuzysnoman6Fuzysnoman629 dagar sedan
  • screams*

    notreadyplayer2notreadyplayer229 dagar sedan
  • 122333444455555666666777777788888888999999999

    Shroom SakaiShroom SakaiMånad sedan
  • i like how you used the magpie bell

    khlorghaalkhlorghaalMånad sedan
  • kinky

    Tyler KaineTyler KaineMånad sedan
  • The castration station.

    Hentai SenseiHentai SenseiMånad sedan
  • Hes going nuts

    Leo LundbergLeo LundbergMånad sedan
  • Crunchy Nut FTW

    Emperor DijkstraEmperor DijkstraMånad sedan
  • Did you get a strike for this vid’s thumbnail and you had to change the title and basically and the whole vid?

    Koo Joo KishKoo Joo KishMånad sedan
    • ahaha yup

      I did a thingI did a thingMånad sedan
  • this is one of the best videos on youtube, the dance performance was so good

    Florian ZelenayFlorian ZelenayMånad sedan
  • 6:19 your telling me THATS small?????

    BlakeBlakeMånad sedan
  • Cbt

    Minpalla shillMinpalla shillMånad sedan
  • sick dance moves bro

  • Why were the hotdogs so red

    sean wilkinsonsean wilkinsonMånad sedan
  • Your German is perfect like actually

    AnonymAnonymMånad sedan
  • 1:24 🤣

    Hutts96Hutts96Månad sedan
  • you did the right thing

    Daniel JackDaniel JackMånad sedan

    Anime_ weebAnime_ weebMånad sedan
    • agreed

  • That bell thing was bs morning wood? Lakewood? Dining wood? Probably was made by a woman

    Marci ErdeiMarci ErdeiMånad sedan
  • Heads up, when you burn PVC it releases the C in the chemical formula. AKA chlorine gas. Its ultra toxic

    T_ CT_ CMånad sedan
    • i doubt he actually burned it

  • I like cornflakes D:

    blue skullyblue skullyMånad sedan
  • mmmhhh

    Leno VoLeno VoMånad sedan
  • Your a fucn legend

    Joshua WarbyJoshua WarbyMånad sedan
  • Why was the pipe so gerthy.😬

    SovietspartinSovietspartinMånad sedan
  • i dont get how peple could think getting hard is bad. its uncontrolale

    KyssKyssMånad sedan
  • Hahhahah that chick with the hat at bunnings.

    uncoordinated meaty boiuncoordinated meaty boiMånad sedan
  • Yeah greta really down matter

    - Imnotan3mo -- Imnotan3mo -Månad sedan
  • Your too late

    ʎonnƃ sʇɹɐnƃǝɹʎonnƃ sʇɹɐnƃǝɹMånad sedan
  • Now that cant be right, I can't stand spicy foods.

    Brandon ElstonBrandon ElstonMånad sedan
  • The cutter looked like a sharingan

    Mahir AzimMahir AzimMånad sedan
  • I need one of these for torturing eastern spies

    Russian spyRussian spyMånad sedan
  • One of my college professors did his post grad research in boner detection. he created a boner detecting robot that is still being used today in studies of night time boners. he said the hardest part about doing the research was dealing with the puns. the boners were also hard.

    GunhaverGunhaverMånad sedan
  • Its calld FRANKFURTER!!!!!!!!!!1!!!1

    Leonard HarteltLeonard HarteltMånad sedan
  • crunchy nut is sooo much better than any other cereal

    stonersirenstonersirenMånad sedan
  • 0:46 there is an ant in malaysia

    Adam SeersAdam SeersMånad sedan
  • tip dont nut so you will forget about it

    Vincent Rey De OcampoVincent Rey De OcampoMånad sedan
  • I understand the use for nnn now I've been doing it cause it was a trend didn't knew it was "that" helpful

    Doopie DervyDoopie DervyMånad sedan
  • you know a joke is good when the minority involved is laughing really hard

    tsira kuratsira kuraMånad sedan
  • amoogus

    Luca PogainisLuca PogainisMånad sedan
  • This not the no nut november i thought of

    Akash NagAkash NagMånad sedan
  • Not a bad video

    Goodguy TyphlosionGoodguy TyphlosionMånad sedan
  • Jesus, I need to keep reminding myself that this whole channel is a joke and not to take it seriously

    ShredsShredsMånad sedan
  • thing is pro wank. i love it.

    MustardMustardMånad sedan
  • There was an ant on the globe.....

    M O I S TM O I S T2 månader sedan
  • lmfao, those dancing guys were friggin hilarious !

    Event HorizonEvent Horizon2 månader sedan
  • That dance sequence was fuckin liiiiiiit!

    CarbonCarbon2 månader sedan
  • You should call it “The circum cider

    Super J MoSuper J Mo2 månader sedan
  • I lost my shit after the rabbi dance

    Fat JesusFat Jesus2 månader sedan
  • Ant on the globe

    CheezeWuzCheezeWuz2 månader sedan
  • LMFAO if he didnt do the cool outro i probably wouldnt smash da like

    jasa jbpjasa jbp2 månader sedan
  • I really love the dancin parts :)

    Errrnald SlimjimErrrnald Slimjim2 månader sedan
  • nonstop nut november...

    TheGravlingTheGravling2 månader sedan
  • Dont worry It will grow back

    Kiruo RinKiruo Rin2 månader sedan
  • * looks at title * *Insert CBT related joke here*

    A CloakerA Cloaker2 månader sedan
  • Holy shit this is monetized....

    sausage rollsausage roll2 månader sedan
  • how many different ways is he gonna say it???

    ianxeianxe2 månader sedan
  • “Or as the Germans would say. A Frankfurt”

    WillWill2 månader sedan
  • Love the zyzz reference

    ChrisLiftsChrisLifts2 månader sedan
  • i laughed so hard at the jewish joke lol and when the rabbi came in oh man

    Tusk Act 5 ArtinTusk Act 5 Artin2 månader sedan
  • Ok, the name Amy was written on the box that he burned in the end, and I'm wondering if there's a story there or if I'm being paranoid rn.

    Jack LeddingtonJack Leddington2 månader sedan
  • Now it makes sense why you are so cheap.

    Cole TilfordCole Tilford2 månader sedan