YouTube's Worst Blacksmith Makes a Viking Axe!

26 feb 2020
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Decided to give blacksmithing another go.
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    • @I did a thing lol

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    • @I did a thing wait W h a t that's ingenious

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    • Spike?

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    • @I did a thing that rhymed hehehe

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    • @I did a thing honey money

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  • I got so triggered when he put the honey on the keyboard xD

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  • Good job, Gary!

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  • this was awesome, thank u from the USA

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  • the only time ill watch through all of a sponsor..

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  • your huge biceps are making me want to go an adventure to become a buff blacksmith

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  • i dont know what to comment about

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  • 6300

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  • I like how he thinks his products are bad but when I even try I would probably light my whole house on fire

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  • Don’t eat the blacksmithing powder got it ( I’m going to to eat it)

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  • What is the anvil made of

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  • 15:59 since when does tissues and a spray cost 200

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  • when he said I'm gong to do this like all the problems in his life I thought he was going to say beat it

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  • when you're a shit blacksmith, but fucking funny as hell.

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  • amoogus

    Luca PogainisLuca Pogainis3 dagar sedan
  • A double headed axe exists so you can have one good sharp edge for demolishing trees and one potentially less sharp and even chipped edge that you don't care about that's to be used on risky swings where your edge could connect with a rock or piece of metal.

    TerrorbirdTerrorbird3 dagar sedan
  • My fav part is when he add classical music to add drama for the forging bit

    Spirit-BloxSpirit-Blox3 dagar sedan
  • har har im definitely not the first to say it but 2 heads on an axe allows you to go a longer time not sharpening it- just some extra utility, as well as axes were used as both home defense and work tools, however 2 heads on an axe really isn't that vital either...

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  • Love the use of Satie

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  • Crayons are good

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  • 😂😂😂

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  • Why you sound like corpse

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    • He sounds nothing like corpse

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  • Well this is assuming everyone on SEworld has blacksmith experience

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  • You're not supposed to wear gloves with any type of grinding it could really f*** your hands up if they get caught

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  • i realized i did a thing is like how to basic but with a face and actually trying to make stuff XDD

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  • Lol, Gaaaaarrry!!

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  • two headed are mostly battle axes

  • Perfect mix of comedy and work

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  • The use of a double bladed axe is one side is for chopping and the other is for splitting

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  • Cmon Garry

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  • 10:55 Viking axe WITH SCALE. XDDDDDDDDD

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  • 12 olive limit? INSANE

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  • why am i intimitdated from the veins on those arms

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  • some boomer probobly did put real honey on their keyboard im just sayin

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  • Omg I just figured out his name backwards is actually gnihtadidi can you believe that

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  • legendary add transition

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  • FYI, its called a bearded axe.

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  • The forest fire joke killed me

    Sajid MonowarSajid Monowar12 dagar sedan
  • im no blacksmith but, im pretty sure when taking the blade out of the oil during the heat treat, if it is still red hot, it isnt hardened

    zd 2005zd 200513 dagar sedan
  • double headed axes were for the more suicidal of the vikings

    Nicentia NightlyNicentia Nightly13 dagar sedan
  • this axe........will not keel......

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  • Oxygen stops metals from sticking together oxygen oxygen causes oxidation

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  • Man, you're a legend

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  • i think u 4 got to bler out the ass at 5 45

  • If you save $45.00 then how much did it cost originaly

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  • Sticky keys

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  • They had two axe blades cause they had one side that they had razor sharp all the time and then the other side was the dull side or the side that didnt matter as much if you hit the dirt

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  • 2:56 Naaa, just shout "Oi m8, you wana play snakes and ladders?" Usually works

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  • Lad, you need to get 1. a metal bandsaw 2. some basic metal cutting rods and a welder. Instead of welding, they blow through. 3. an ichiban moto logo. This is like troll heaven this video

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  • the handle is to long

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  • you did a thing

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  • evrybody

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  • I think Honey is killing that keyboard?

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  • About that cold weld part doesn't that mean you could use a vacuum chamber

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  • That boku no pico pose tho

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  • 2 headed axes are ment for lumber jacks. Oké side you keep razor sharp for cutting branches and logs where there’s no risk of damage. The other side is for cutting close to the ground or close to rocks. The goal is to keep part of the axe super sharp so it’s easy to cut wood. And one side you can accidentally dull if you hit the ground

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  • The naked feet in the begining😂😂

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  • I Did An Axe

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  • When he puts honey on his computer he actually turned on sticky keys

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  • Like the micro gun in air soft it’s just to scare anyone

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  • 5:46 those cheekless jeans. Tho

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  • Song used: winter wind - campfire & the four seasons - concerto no. 4 in f minor, op. 8, rv 297 "winter": allegro non molto (Got this from a good mate in the discord.)

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  • A double axe is usually for war and used as a weapon rather than actual tree cutting tool

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  • @elongmusk

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  • Where a long jumper

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  • What is the song at the start

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  • "The government does a nice job of keeping the country nice and toasty by themselves." I DIED!

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  • 14:45 why

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  • I liked this video until the end now I'm thinking I might unsubscribe and report you. Lol

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  • Once one blade gets dull you swap to the other

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  • This dude recorded the villager sound for Notch

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  • You have a double sided head because One side you have sharp and the other side you use if you’re going to cut into dirt so you can Dull it

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  • The song that was in Queen's Gambit threw me off

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  • instructions unclear i poured honey on my monitor

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  • Double headed axes were used until dull, and it was often cheaper and more efficient (from a sharpening perspective) to make one big axe (and carry it around), rather than two single headed axes

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  • You may be the worst blacksmith I've ever heard of, but I *have* heard of you

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  • I bet your neighbours love you after this video

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  • Wait does he not wear underwear

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  • That.. Is probably the best advert for honey i've ever seen.. :D

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  • They’re battle axes

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  • I feel like someone is gonna take this sponsor legitimately and cover their pc in honey

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  • whom might this "blacksmithing dwarf" be that you are referring to?

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  • It’s not the strength it’s the sharpness

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  • i want to c your face

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  • That transition from regular video to sponsor was incredible, so inconspicuous and smooth, amazing work!

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  • so fucking dirty ads becoming

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  • i put honey on my coumputer and it stoped working and now i am using phone i am sad

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  • He does be doing thingd

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  • 11:45 fire aspect II

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  • Why are you barefoot??

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  • What a waste of honey

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  • Ngl the way you smothered that honey to the keyboard was really sexy

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  • I put honey on my key board and I couldn’t use my computer, honey is a scam, I’m very disappointed with the online product. I’m going to give it 2 stars on Yelp, the honey was good.

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  • My dad be like doesn’t even use gloves or any protection while welding

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  • Who drinks alchohol when you got glue

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  • 2:28 that's actually a really cool bike

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