YouTube's Worst Blacksmith Makes a Viking Axe!

26 feb 2020
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Decided to give blacksmithing another go.
Spring shoes video:

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    • @I did a thing to

      Justyn RiceJustyn Rice13 dagar sedan
    • Great profile photo and comment... this is a perfect example of a well respected member of the SEworld comment section. Good day to all

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    • @Wider Thumbs that's why they named it honey (the founders of honey)

      Spök!Spök!28 dagar sedan
    • Bruh get your paragraphs out of here

      Spök!Spök!28 dagar sedan
    • @I did a thing that rhymed

      Wider ThumbsWider ThumbsMånad sedan
  • your hilarious

    Derek PalmDerek Palm6 timmar sedan
    • cheers bud

      I did a thingI did a thing6 timmar sedan
  • i would not like to be a prob in his life

    Dumbyz YTDumbyz YT21 timme sedan
  • Thie dwarf men r proud

    omer kilicomer kilicDag sedan
  • the honey does not work it broke my CPU and my motherboard but the axe was great

    Joy ReidJoy Reid2 dagar sedan
  • 1:44 because they were able to attack enemies on both sides in case of an ambush

    Alex GlomskiAlex Glomski2 dagar sedan
  • I cant tell you how painful that honey skit was for me...

    Twitchy SkepticTwitchy Skeptic3 dagar sedan
  • I was first confused when I saw him smear honey on his keyboard and then he said “Awwww, honey” and I audibly said “fuck you”

    First name Last nameFirst name Last name4 dagar sedan
  • what's the song in the intro??

    sunkenprojectsunkenproject5 dagar sedan
  • I’m not a blacksmith, and I’ve never met one (but I have met a glass smith before) but I’d say you did great!

    missingindymissingindy5 dagar sedan
  • 11:40 Fire Aspect IV

    Abnormally Large FrogAbnormally Large Frog5 dagar sedan
  • Axe

    FremzenecFremzenec5 dagar sedan
  • 1:29 horse: this is fine

    Jac WilsonJac Wilson6 dagar sedan
  • at least he’s not huffing glue

    Unified HorizonsUnified Horizons11 dagar sedan
  • this is an amazing video

    CCL 21CCL 2111 dagar sedan
  • I have never seen your channel before but I fuckin love it.

    Sean XSean X12 dagar sedan
  • yes, put a red-hot piece of steel into flammable oil in PLASTIC container. what could go wrong?

    Falcon EggFalcon Egg14 dagar sedan
  • For sveden

    GeekbasherGeekbasher15 dagar sedan
  • Ah dude I got slag from a welder in my glove and it left a nasty mess of a hole

    UttermostVidsUttermostVids17 dagar sedan
  • I'm an amateur blacksmith currently working on my first axe, figured it was kind of a necessity to rewatch this video...

    LasnightLasnight17 dagar sedan
  • I fucking love this channel

    CarlCarl17 dagar sedan
  • I like that he didn't have just any hammer under his pillow, he had a peen hammer Yes it is called a peen hammer

    Water.Water.19 dagar sedan
  • Yea crafted l-l

    Benjamin KerrBenjamin Kerr20 dagar sedan
  • Do you actually drink it

    Benjamin KerrBenjamin Kerr20 dagar sedan
    • Yea crafted l-l

      Benjamin KerrBenjamin Kerr20 dagar sedan
    • Please tell me how

      Benjamin KerrBenjamin Kerr20 dagar sedan
    • Cuz im might try

      Benjamin KerrBenjamin Kerr20 dagar sedan
  • If anyone was confused, double-sided axes are for battle.

    krool_aidkrool_aid21 dag sedan
  • You're a raider. Legendary

    TheLegend27TheLegend2721 dag sedan
  • why...

    Cristofer ChoucoutouCristofer Choucoutou23 dagar sedan
  • It has to be used motor oil harden the steel because of the carbon in it

    jennifer berryjennifer berry24 dagar sedan
  • The reason u have a double bit ax is one side is ment to be razor sharp and the other is for a blunt working edge to cut bushes and stuff u might hit dirt with.

    jennifer berryjennifer berry24 dagar sedan
  • This axe Skyrim 40 wheels of cheese

    Joe SchreiderJoe Schreider24 dagar sedan
  • The addon honey it's trash I've tried it and not 1 coupon has worked from 1 site I've been to and I've been to slot don't get it it's a wast

    Richard LesleyRichard Lesley24 dagar sedan
  • wait honey is a sompthing you download i just put honey on my key bord and hopped for the best

    thermal_foxy4thermal_foxy424 dagar sedan
  • Wow

    Inventions with OInventions with O24 dagar sedan

    Taylor AstonTaylor Aston24 dagar sedan
  • That keyboard bit at the end made me feel uncomfortable...

    Hugo van DamHugo van Dam24 dagar sedan
  • Men: danger Women: art Toddlers: *FOOD*

    Fear FoxyFear Foxy25 dagar sedan
  • I guess the double headed axe was an axe-ident. Bad-um-tsssss

    AJ SmithAJ Smith25 dagar sedan
  • What a seemless and breath taking sponsor transition

    terrortoaster 498terrortoaster 49825 dagar sedan
  • This guy is genuinely funny.

    terrortoaster 498terrortoaster 49825 dagar sedan
  • How is he still alive

    Shem OcampoShem Ocampo25 dagar sedan
  • you did a thing!

    GiantDuckSharkGiantDuckShark25 dagar sedan
  • “Trust in the all father” - Bloodhound

    Marquis CollazoMarquis Collazo27 dagar sedan
  • The reason doble headed axes actually isent useles for cuting is because you have two different grinds on the different bits, usaly one whit a sharpe edge fore limming and one more dull for chopping.

    Dr DomentosDr Domentos28 dagar sedan
  • Just saying You stole the intro music from chefs table

  • 3:10 is he walking on nothing!!!

    SykeAmer88 _SykeAmer88 _29 dagar sedan
  • Now I know why he where’s that brown, weird looking thing!

    Xoilide gameplaysXoilide gameplays29 dagar sedan
  • good job, gary

    StalkerStalker29 dagar sedan
  • To the people want to now. The reason for two head was for two reasons. For a "commercial" lumberjack having to cut down a lot of trees has two sharp sides so when one blade gets dull they just switch. On a homestead one side is for felling trees (Sharp) and the other side has a wider edge so its dull but is better for splitting logs.

    Tristin DeanTristin Dean29 dagar sedan
  • “Are you a mindless consumer” Said whilst wasting a whole tub of expensive honey

    XoomXoomMånad sedan
  • It dident work 😕

    Martin FrostMartin FrostMånad sedan
  • not trying to be a know it all but a double bitted axe has one thiner edge for chopping and a edge with a more of a wedge shape to split.

    John carlo CardonaJohn carlo CardonaMånad sedan
  • A double headed axe (battle axe) was manly used in battle (obviously) and was pretty useful because you didn't need to swing as much as a normal axe, you could swing left and right very easily, and, yes it heavier than a normal one, but by it being heavier, they hit harder

    Denis RoyDenis RoyMånad sedan
  • 5:47 did he have his butt out?

    Wyatt BelcherWyatt BelcherMånad sedan
  • COOL VIDEO! i watched it completly :-)

    manamanamanamanaMånad sedan
  • The joke was very serious

    Lord BeerusLord BeerusMånad sedan
  • This dude is weird I like it ima subscribe 😂

    Hunter MenierHunter MenierMånad sedan
  • The cheeks at 4:34

    Killer Soul AkaKiller Soul AkaMånad sedan
  • what a fucking chad, blacksmithing barefoot

    YaBoiOthmanYaBoiOthmanMånad sedan
  • “Ahhahaha honey” smoothest sponser shoutever

    Sebastian HugginsSebastian HugginsMånad sedan
  • honey.

    ceylin Türkmenceylin TürkmenMånad sedan
  • 7:24 wait so if you stuck two pieces of pure metal together in a vacuum, they weld themselves together? Huh, neat.

    Chance HauglandChance HauglandMånad sedan
  • Damm ur thicc using that holed jeans hu

    coala tediosocoala tediosoMånad sedan
  • 2 heads mean 2 blades so when one gets dull you can flip it.

    Jeffery BauduinJeffery BauduinMånad sedan
  • Goddamit man, your videos are a gift from the gods. I lost it at the "cut the metal with scissors." -part.

    Kapteeni KorkkiKapteeni KorkkiMånad sedan
  • 11:39 my mans got Fire Aspect II

    CobaltCobaltMånad sedan
  • The cutest thing is when the baby tries to pick up the pasta

    Sharon RileySharon RileyMånad sedan
  • Bro how long did the honey take to clean😂

    00F GAMING00F GAMINGMånad sedan
  • any1 realize the music when hes forge welding is also in the lobby gunfight scene in john wick 3

    Carson SchmitzCarson SchmitzMånad sedan
  • Watch This Old Tony to learn how to properly use scissors to cut metal. Amature.

    SeHaJ aHuJaSeHaJ aHuJaMånad sedan
  • 5:00 Abstract art in a nutshell

    Destroyer JakeDestroyer JakeMånad sedan
  • Australian: I have a gun Hobo: stop the cap, stop it right now 😂

    MiguelMiguelMånad sedan
  • you laugh, but my grandfather cured his iron deficiency by eating nail grindigs from his father's shoeshop. bamboozled by this, he became a chemistry professor.

    giovanni pezzingiovanni pezzinMånad sedan
  • The busy hell marginally whirl because soap alternatively wriggle of a jazzy december. exciting exclusive, furry furtive worm

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  • 11:33 America: OIL! OIL! OIL! OIL! OIL! *invade Australia*

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  • Ah yes a "Blacksmith"

    Allstreamer _Allstreamer _Månad sedan
  • 15:00 watching that makes my body go into instant pain

    Dulguun ChDulguun ChMånad sedan
  • who hired this guy

    Adam SunAdam SunMånad sedan
  • 2 headed axes is made for battle not work

    Seed_BeedSeed_BeedMånad sedan
  • probably not very sharp

    shadowshadowMånad sedan
  • Not nearly as beautifully chaotic, but you remind me of Micarah Tewers 🙂

    MisanthropyMisanthropyMånad sedan
  • did you get the slow mo axe hitting song from john wick

    bard orambard oramMånad sedan
  • “Keeping the country nice and toasty” I am dying lmao😂😂😂

    Aryan ThakurAryan ThakurMånad sedan
  • LOL the "Iron" in your blood is NOT the same thing as metallic Iron 😂🤣

    Phil VerheyPhil VerheyMånad sedan
  • viking axes have two sides because, if one side gets dull, you can switch to the other side which is sharp, this applies to pickaxes too, i think it does to swords too but im not sure, i can confirm this applies to pickaxes and double headed axes

    draggonsteelman_userdraggonsteelman_userMånad sedan
  • Not only did he chop wood with bare feet but he also wasted a bucket of honey. That man scares me.

    ReeflionfishReeflionfishMånad sedan
  • Honey keyboard i guess

    Pretty Good manPretty Good manMånad sedan
  • The other side of the axe is for counter weight so the ax isn’t one sided

    Fiberglass CheeseFiberglass CheeseMånad sedan
  • This guy is one of the funniest people ever

    first lastfirst lastMånad sedan
  • watching you do this is honestly terrifying.

    gloomytextgloomytextMånad sedan
  • @LinusTechTips would be very so proud of that Segway

    Jay BoutrosJay BoutrosMånad sedan
  • A two headed axe is so that if one side gets dull you have another side

    Cameron JeskeCameron JeskeMånad sedan
  • double headed axes exist because sometimes you need two different kinds of axes one for cutting down trees and one for splitting wood. so with a double headed axe you can have essentially two different axes in one.

    Korlyboy 28Korlyboy 28Månad sedan
  • thank you for being you

    NIck ENIck EMånad sedan
  • uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    bard orambard oramMånad sedan
  • Every video i feel like somebody is going to die

    Filip SostekFilip SostekMånad sedan
  • can you make a hoverboird

    Matthew FrydendallMatthew FrydendallMånad sedan
  • My brother died do to drinking rust with coffee do to this video I blame you

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  • Gaddamn those cheeks😳 Love how he blurs them out the first time but doesn’t bother the second time haha

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  • You didn't sharpen it

    Brandon GilbertBrandon GilbertMånad sedan
    • burnt cheese

      Random KnifeRandom KnifeMånad sedan
  • man u gotta be careful with some of these jokes lol i wonder how many kids added rust water to their coffee

    squiddlessquiddlesMånad sedan
    • Haha if a kid drinks rust he deserves to he sick haha

      Tomas WhelanTomas Whelan28 dagar sedan
    • @Random Knife not many i guess but its possible that a few kids missed that its a joke and may actually try rust water in some form

      squiddlessquiddlesMånad sedan
    • kids drink coffee?

      Random KnifeRandom KnifeMånad sedan