I let animals take over my house (Update)

21 jan 2020
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  • amoogus

    Luca PogainisLuca Pogainis3 dagar sedan
  • If the cats can eat the animals you can eat the cats.

    I dont know a nameI dont know a name3 dagar sedan
  • i died at the hummas part

    Waleed ArshadWaleed Arshad4 dagar sedan
  • frog beatboxing at night 1080p 60fps

    kaden woosterkaden wooster8 dagar sedan
  • 1:00 i have aracnafobea and this is scary

    Jacob ScottJacob Scott11 dagar sedan
    • Also that frog had some fun that night

      Jacob ScottJacob Scott11 dagar sedan
  • Get an outside dog

    CdotG3953CdotG395316 dagar sedan
  • 3:06 I’m in this video and i don’t like it

    DweebzDweebz19 dagar sedan
  • Fuckin love that weird ass hummus pit 😂

    BrydecreeBrydecree19 dagar sedan
  • Just casually let the neighbours know you bought a cat trap and will be sending anything it catches to the chinese shop down the road :^)

    TheLazyGamerAUTheLazyGamerAU19 dagar sedan
  • Dude i want lizards in my house

    Martti RosendahlMartti Rosendahl20 dagar sedan
  • 1:47 congrats to leo for 2nd place in visual arts :P

    matthew jamesmatthew james21 dag sedan
  • ?

    Trevor HuntingTrevor Hunting22 dagar sedan
  • Another way to get away the lizard is to put fake frogs in there

    Will FitzgeraldWill Fitzgerald22 dagar sedan
  • get an army of mice

    bosco shambosco sham22 dagar sedan
  • add crayfish to your pond

    bosco shambosco sham22 dagar sedan
  • I love how Australian winter is just like “eh it’s a bit chippy innit?” No snow no nothin

    ryan bambiryan bambi22 dagar sedan
  • I hate spiders there ugly but I don’t mind the lizards to be honest

    Mix FeelingsMix Feelings23 dagar sedan
  • End the cats dont make a video about it easy

    Robert DaleRobert Dale24 dagar sedan
  • Make a Fork Knife please

    tristen douglastristen douglas24 dagar sedan
  • Shoot the cats with a weak air soft gun like 150 FPS

    Emmett RussellEmmett Russell24 dagar sedan
  • "beesness" im fucking dying, youre right i need new braincells

    KoxRodKoxRod24 dagar sedan
  • we have the same piano

    Off Road FishingOff Road Fishing24 dagar sedan
  • i’m so jealous :/ i love cute little birds and lizards and spiders and froggie friends but all we get where i live is a few mice and my parents hate them haha i sound 12

    JasperJasper25 dagar sedan
  • Get a python to consume the cat

    Gatorwarrior75Gatorwarrior7525 dagar sedan
  • Quick follow up, are roaches a common problem for you? Id suggest leaving less rotten fruit under the love seat.. just a thought...

    Ben DoverBen Dover25 dagar sedan
  • Are you really I did a thing or are you just a man that put a sexy voice over this 8:08 handsome mans home video... BUSTED!!!! FINLAND ISNT REAL!!!!

    Nellerkilller 12Nellerkilller 1226 dagar sedan
  • I just decided that i will never visit Australia

    FroodohFroodoh26 dagar sedan
    • same

      SedatealthSedatealth25 dagar sedan
  • Little did he know that the cats used Skill Share to take over his house.

    hello worldhello world26 dagar sedan
  • Should keep Huntsmans they eat white tails

    DawnDusk MxDawnDusk Mx26 dagar sedan
  • Get the smaller huntsman spiders with bigger spiders

    RoboBathRoboBath27 dagar sedan
  • KEEP YOUR CATS INSIDE! It’s not safe for the cats or the other wildlife:(

    meow meowmeow meow27 dagar sedan
  • Did you ever step on one? Any casualties?

    meow meowmeow meow27 dagar sedan
  • Bioactive house

    Late Night GamerLate Night Gamer27 dagar sedan
  • that poor snare

    Arjun ShapovalovArjun Shapovalov27 dagar sedan
  • I love this video so much but I have to dislike just To make it 1000 exactly cause you know me and my ocd

    Gavin SmithGavin Smith28 dagar sedan
    • @I did a thing sorry yes Sir

      Gavin SmithGavin Smith11 dagar sedan
    • Thats not fair. Take it back

      I did a thingI did a thing28 dagar sedan
  • Imagine you have guest and a lizard runs over the carpet wait ist that normal in Australia?

    dönermann 76dönermann 7628 dagar sedan
  • The lizards there are used to complete distortion of and disconnection from reality cause of the fluoride and high concentrations of 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine that they have in the water in australia, the latter being present cause of the overwhelming amount of workers at water purification plants puking after eating several too many p e n g a h s. Shoulda known they woulda seen right through the illusion...

    happy guyhappy guy28 dagar sedan
  • Is it not a risk to let lizards in your house? Do they carry disease?

    ida bida b28 dagar sedan
  • :( rip to that slow moving skink

    ida bida b28 dagar sedan
  • You can deal with the algae in your pond by putting a pleco in it

    Bucky BarnsBucky Barns28 dagar sedan
  • What about cleaning you house?

    Federico MutasciFederico Mutasci28 dagar sedan
  • 0:50 that sounds like an actual drumroll

    Maxximus HicksMaxximus Hicks28 dagar sedan
  • I went to iron knob it’s such a small town lol

    Guitars,bikes and lifeGuitars,bikes and life28 dagar sedan
  • are u code bullet?

    paige gibsonpaige gibson28 dagar sedan
  • Somehow thought this was a "Brave wilderness" video from the Thumbnail.

    Greek FireGreek Fire28 dagar sedan
  • Where you able to get rid of your neighbors kids lol

    Helaman GileHelaman Gile28 dagar sedan
  • how is this guy this funny its like he learnt funnyness at uni

    YJGames06YJGames0628 dagar sedan
  • .-. Yuh that’s all I have to say-

    Hello I’m a catHello I’m a cat29 dagar sedan
  • diy ecosystem

    carbon based organismcarbon based organism29 dagar sedan
  • They call me the big Wheeler cat peeler in my neighborhood, well they would call me that if they knew what I was doing with all their bastard cats killing all the wildlife.

    Tiffany ThomasTiffany Thomas29 dagar sedan
  • now how do u get the lizards outta your house

    terminator1000 ougtifvterminator1000 ougtifv29 dagar sedan
  • I love this guy 😂😂😂

    Brianna PeterkinBrianna Peterkin29 dagar sedan
  • This is the literal most *coolest* thing but yet the most *weirdest* thing-

    LissartLissart29 dagar sedan
    • Thanks?

      I did a thingI did a thing29 dagar sedan
  • Why not just plug up the gap in the gate so cats can't get through it?

    Tiffany MinerTiffany Miner29 dagar sedan
  • 6:00: A perfect example that shows how sensitive ecosystems are and what small interventions can cause. Welcome to the Anthropocene.

    LarryCatLarryCat29 dagar sedan
  • Clean your grotty carpet and fridge M8 :) I love your videos BTW.

    Hannibal LecterHannibal Lecter29 dagar sedan
  • I let my turtle walk on my bed sometimes

    RaineSZNRaineSZN29 dagar sedan
  • I lived in Australia all my life and haven’t seen a spider of that size I mean there big but idk about that

    The big g CheeseThe big g Cheese29 dagar sedan
  • 2:39 just got you a sub and a like!😂

    MqrijuqnqMqrijuqnq29 dagar sedan
  • dude just buy a hoover and some soap... please...

    Harper StephensHarper Stephens29 dagar sedan
  • You can use barley bales or barley extract to keep algae from growing in your pond. It doesn't kill them, just keeps what you have from overpopulating

    SkadooshSkadoosh29 dagar sedan
  • 2.14!!!! am i the only one who belive its fixed on a rope????

    Prima PeggyPrima Peggy29 dagar sedan
  • Me: it is ypur time to die dumb cat Cat:oh frick he about to give me a shot in da head cat two seconds later: *dead*

    Frenchy french friesFrenchy french friesMånad sedan
    • CEO of comedy right there

      Márton MészárosMárton Mészáros27 dagar sedan
  • But why tho?

    Tiger ShantyTiger ShantyMånad sedan
  • Oof

    basicbasicMånad sedan
  • I like cats, but I like blue tongue skinks better

  • I dont need new brain cells after watching this video I need a new brain

    RexGamingRexGamingMånad sedan
  • As an Australian, I’m even scared of a bunny. 💀

    Yellow PandaYellow PandaMånad sedan
  • When I see a spider I keep it and talk to it every day because I'm THAT lonely. Lmao

    souliscringy :3souliscringy :3Månad sedan
  • When did u clean your house last time

    TheAragocTheAragocMånad sedan
  • F in the chat for the blue tounge skink

    C H U B B Y S E A LC H U B B Y S E A LMånad sedan
  • I hate cats

    Deecy PDeecy PMånad sedan
  • You didn't put your patreon in the (thing below the video) idk.

    Worryfree TripWorryfree TripMånad sedan
  • End the cat and play it off as you thinking it was a stray. and say it was eating your wildlife.

    K AnderssenK AnderssenMånad sedan
  • My man woke up and chose to start a zoo in his house

    Brandon Lozano-GarzaBrandon Lozano-GarzaMånad sedan
  • Lol, that lizard was so small to you but it was like ok, im on a giant leg... cool imma stay here a bit and chill out, later ill explore the foot or something else

    Simone BiancardiSimone BiancardiMånad sedan
  • Atleast clean your floor.

    DaisukeDaisukeMånad sedan
  • I’m sitting on the toilet and scared

    johnnydennisjohnnydennisMånad sedan
  • Get lizard heat pads for next winter

    XadithyXadithyMånad sedan
  • So how do the lizards get in your house exactly ?

    SXCKSXCKMånad sedan
  • Is this rendog

    Tyler SiremamTyler SiremamMånad sedan
  • Is this redog

    Tyler SiremamTyler SiremamMånad sedan
  • Sending?

    Tyler SiremamTyler SiremamMånad sedan
  • Stop wearing that apron

    gabias071gabias071Månad sedan
  • The lizards packed up and left- lol

    Darrell smithDarrell smithMånad sedan
  • Disgusting you have roaches

    Krystal DaigleKrystal DaigleMånad sedan
  • The entertaining orchestra histochemically attack because wholesaler pathologically afford besides a groovy dancer. cloudy, abundant competitor

    Philip AlagaoPhilip AlagaoMånad sedan
  • Dank af man

    jbirdswitch minijbirdswitch miniMånad sedan
  • Great video man

    Play Time MeyersPlay Time MeyersMånad sedan
  • He needs a bug a salt

    Scared Of GhostsScared Of GhostsMånad sedan
  • Any update on the progress of this?

    Kalem OrtizKalem OrtizMånad sedan
  • You need geckoes for the spiders

    Bartolomeo RizzoBartolomeo RizzoMånad sedan
  • If i was you i would get Some chinese Wall lizards they Are cheep found in france spain and italy (all of the warm european countrys) and they can climb as a monkey

    {bvn}{vaw}R03f[‘-‘] ,{bvn}{vaw}R03f[‘-‘] ,Månad sedan
  • Bruh you live in Australia you can kill those cats!!

    Aris Kai ta miala sta kagelaAris Kai ta miala sta kagelaMånad sedan
  • Clean your house. Geez. But then again, you do you. Don’t mind me

    JamesJamesMånad sedan
  • "And my fat roach filled Lizards are to chubby to climb"

    augustina animationsaugustina animationsMånad sedan
  • Doesnt this guy know that huntsman eat lizards the lizards have no chance against a huntsman

    salem khamissalem khamisMånad sedan
  • No wonder he has so much pests, his house is disgusting to live in

    Aventador195Aventador195Månad sedan
  • Cats are actually a serious problem. They're responsible for the extinction of some small bird species. Outdoor cats kill 2.4 billion birds each year in the U.S alone. Excessive over-breeding of a predatory animal leads to massive damage to the ecosystem.

    IrishRepoManIrishRepoManMånad sedan
  • I guess you could pack them up and ship the cats off to kitty island or some place.

    Nathan ReddoorNathan ReddoorMånad sedan