We used an ILLEGAL Covid Test from Wish!

3 aug 2020
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This is an educational video. Demonstrating the dangers of purchasing covid tests online. Always see a trained health professional and never buy a test kit online.
Second channel: seworld.info/tv/peliX_ewtnn6f467wyM0YA.html
Patreon: www.patreon.com/user?u=13180179
Twitter: twitter.com/ididathing1
Discord: discord.gg/mppfmHW
Sources: www.abc.net.au/news/2020-04-01/coronavirus-at-home-test-kits-selling-in-the-chinese-community/12095658

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    • yall both seem racist to me smh

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  • the australian version of ian and anthony

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  • Hold on, so I can watch a man do ILLEGAL COVID TESTING, but I can’t watch a man USE A FRICKN’ FLAMETHROWER?!? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU SEworld?!?

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  • Ooooh get the pigeon holder!

  • My brain cells before this video:📉📉📉📉 My brain cells after:📈📈📈📈

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  • Pigeon holders 😂

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  • perfect location to record a pondcast

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  • The camera man is wearing a eunuchs shirt

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  • Prawns? Prawns.

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  • That is not the epiglotis. The dangly thing is the uvula. The epiglottis is the thing that covers the windpipe when you swallow so you dont choke.

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  • "Great" = verb Great = good

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  • Gunky pond

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  • Did you clean out the pond tho

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  • Slow digression into HowToBasic?

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  • got some cake 17:10

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  • 8:12 Japan I’m the trees

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  • Stop throwing prowns in the pond

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  • wow matt needs to be off air he's such a racist

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  • Looks like how to basic was there

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  • That was not a test, it actually GAVE you covid.

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  • When I saw them cheeks i almost acted up

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  • yo since you love frogs so much do a disection vid lol XD

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  • JESUS call an abulance bc you took my breath away

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  • 15:57 was so stupid but I love it so much

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  • IDAT: Why are all these cats in my yard? also IDAT: *throws prawns*

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  • idk why i lost it when he said it smells like a zesty cucumber but fuuuuuck me I lol'd so hard.

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  • that belly button thing looked like the tiny little firecrackers(?) you just throw hard against a wall

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  • neato video man

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  • Got a wish ad on this video. Lol

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  • 4:26 there are prawns inside his house

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  • I love you guys just having fun

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  • Buy an n-word pass and give it to him, then when he says the n-word on camera, say that it was fake making him racist

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  • That black face bit had me dying

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  • Wat does the n word ia

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  • Back in my day we didnt have weiner adapters If your dong didnt fit in your honeys mouth YOU MADE IT FIT

  • People who can read mandarin: Oh wow this is gonna be a doozey

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  • has anyone realized how handsome he is

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  • And you know what is the funniest thing is that everything they said about the diabetics is true 😂

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  • We need more videos like this holy shit this was hilarious

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  • Idk I this he is kinda racist

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  • Wait you call shrimp prawns?!

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  • Oh so thats what fuse do to earn money

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  • 9:50 I love how he flinched when he snapped xddd

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  • Very handsome

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  • Yeah, that smoking thing was red phosphorous and the finger ash thing is white phosphorous.

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  • Is it weird that me and I did a thing have the same mouse

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  • Make a Fork Knife please

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  • When you said Coles I thought you literally meant like Kohl’s... lol the clothing store in the US... I was like wow Australia has a variety of options at their stores 🤔

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  • Why does it feel ilegal to see Mr.Thing's face

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  • I like that every thing they do that seems random is somehow reused in the video. Every pond cam angle shots killed me !

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  • Rip pond

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  • imagine the package just contains anthrax

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  • 4:25 "So you weren't eating chippies?" How did the guy on the rooftop explain the mustache dude so well that he thought the guy on the rooftop really do eating chippies ??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • 0:46 Well, as a American: Would that really be saying much

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  • omg your face it exists and it is beautiful

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  • Where’s everyone’s shoes

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  • Funniest shit I’ve seen in a long time but I’m pulling my hair out. That’s not how you’re supposed to do the tests!

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  • Wish sells meth pipes. I would know, they tried to suggest them to me. Although, I think that says something about the content I was viewing.

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  • Oh I get it he’s names is I did a thing ,because he did a thing.

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  • The Belly button Shit says "dampnesse-evil-removal" as a third use

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  • Idk why but you editing in the orange getting stabbed in the pond I lost it

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    • cheers mate

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  • Looks like weed

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  • 1 second in i dont know what im watching

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  • This is a bad video but it’s so fucking funny

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  • These are Antibody-Testkids (IgM and IgG are antibody types that are formed by your immune system when your body is infected). They are not accurate at all, because antibodies form days to weeks after an infections. The regular COVID-19 tests are PCR-Tests. Here they use a specific technique to check for SARS-Cov2 mRNA. So basically if Viral genes are present in you throat.

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  • he really thought it was nerv gas

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  • Yo nice crocs

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  • I can’t believe he shot the mandarin IN the pond!

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  • I can’t believe he shot the mandarin IN the pond with the finger spear

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  • When you skip forwards ten seconds and it goes from them talking about jawline exercise to raining shrimp

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  • how many people is in that hıuse

  • OHHHHH PRAWNS ARE SHRIMP 🦐 I love being uncultured

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  • 10:10 this Is extremely toxic what you are doing there. It is called white phosphor. You really shot do a checkup of you liverlevels. Greetings from Germany

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  • killer fumes in the pond

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  • They swabbed the mouth like a drug test😂

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  • thats your uvula dude not your epiglottis

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  • 16:48 THICC

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  • your epiglottis is usually inside your throat I'm pretty sure you meant the uvula

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  • Is it me or does he always do a thing

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  • While else lived seeing him suffer with the pind

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  • BRUH

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  • I will see this mans face a hundred times and still instantly forget what he looks like

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  • yep they definately got high of the smoke paper at the end

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  • The fuck is a prawn

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  • I hate this video so much, I'm not even halfway through and l've laughed my chest injury into unbearable pain, subscription earned sir

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  • I thought Lannan was hot... but damn Alex might take first place.

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  • hees a cutie black hair making dangerous shit

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  • 00:15:-D

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  • Doctors are DISCOURAGING Covid tests in my area right now. A month ago it was fairly easy to get a test.

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  • Wish.com

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  • Tests for covid. End up getting hiv

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  • 15:35 Is this old WarThunder menu music that i hear? Ahaha, always loved that song. Called "The Death of Ase" btw.

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  • 1:23 funny thing is we got that exact same chair a few years back

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  • I think that shit gave you covid

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  • These are COVID antibody tests, not tests for the virus itself. Antibodies are produced by the body in response to fighting the virus, and are found in(tested for in) different locations like blood or saliva.

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  • I love that I came across you

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  • As accurste as the real test!!!! Lol

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