World's Largest Beyblade - Powered By A Chainsaw!

17 mar 2021
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    • @MyGuyKi _ Iii

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    • I have my vodys height of hair

      bixby guybixby guy5 dagar sedan
    • Make a shotgun that shoots seed shells to plant trees What could go wrong

      QyasarQyasar8 dagar sedan
    • U forgot to build a beyblade stadium Remember The stadium made its so beyblade would tilt and spin to the mid of the arena

      Delta DragonDelta Dragon9 dagar sedan
    • U nub

      Delta DragonDelta Dragon9 dagar sedan
  • The k-hole scene was incredible

    flymol0flymol02 timmar sedan
  • "If you cannot destroy the bleyblade of your opponent, create one that can destroy your opponent instead." -Sun tzu

    El Pulgón CarboneroEl Pulgón Carbonero3 timmar sedan
  • That looks like a solid battle bot

    Tactical Rocket TurtleTactical Rocket Turtle6 timmar sedan
  • jigsaw wants to know your location

    unspeakable's fan subunspeakable's fan sub6 timmar sedan
  • ...WTF 4:30

    Chris Familiar ANIMEChris Familiar ANIME7 timmar sedan
  • I did a thing admit that Australia stole the Pav, the Lamington, the flag and the flat white

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  • 8:40 mashallah brother

    roverbroverb10 timmar sedan
  • 1 video a month..... I like it.

    Jonathans HamonJonathans Hamon12 timmar sedan
  • Make vegemite good

    Jacob StoddardJacob Stoddard16 timmar sedan
  • He had condams

    einsmommy13einsmommy1318 timmar sedan
  • When the news is dropped that you have died in a horrible video-related accident, we will all be deeply saddened, but not one of us will be surprised.

    Ian ThorntonIan Thornton20 timmar sedan
  • You're like how to basics extroverted cousin who can speak and show their face 💀😂😂😂..... shit on me please 🤬🤤🤤🤤🤤🥴

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  • I just want to ask you something ok ..... what do you smoke mhhh what is it

    AlfaAlfaDag sedan
  • 5:10 is this what meth feels like

    SynchronizedSynchronizedDag sedan
  • Song? 16:35

    Carlos OrtizCarlos OrtizDag sedan
  • What's The Intro Song

    Partho SarathiPartho SarathiDag sedan
  • Bahahahahaa

    Brandon WojciechowskiBrandon WojciechowskiDag sedan
  • When he played taweel al shawq I lost my shit

    Bruh ManBruh ManDag sedan
  • if you plan on another iteration you could potentially put some weights on it, like drilling a hole or holes and putting some extra nuts and bolts

    Andy YuAndy YuDag sedan
  • Lmao this is funny

    KevinKevinDag sedan
  • 1:52 Nobody talking about this? Had me dying.😂😂

    Mr GoatMr GoatDag sedan
  • GLUE greatest song ever to be made

    Archie MetcalfeArchie MetcalfeDag sedan
  • Has anyone on SEworld ever compared you to another SEworldr called EVscape?? Your voices are crazy similar.

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  • Are u muslim

  • The fact that he did this barefooted.

    SnowiSnowiDag sedan
  • Never mind!

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  • My dad Wells a lot and he owns his own semi shop that him and his brother and his grandpa and his dad built and he loads on trucks real careful and good you should meet him sometime you're really good so keep on welding good.

    Emerson DoddEmerson Dodd2 dagar sedan
  • 7:30 creating this weird looking dog...

    JangeklicktJangeklickt2 dagar sedan
  • You dont want the tip to be a point, it would be better if it was an inverted cone/dish or cylinder. it would then be almost impossible for it to just spin in 1 spot

    Carl LewisCarl Lewis2 dagar sedan
  • What the beyblade "back in the days" looked like

    kenrick Coonjahkenrick Coonjah2 dagar sedan
  • I'm curious to see more of what you do. But all the stupid bullshit in the video is too ignorant to watch anything further. 🙄

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  • Hey hey he did a thing

    Valerie Smith-LewisValerie Smith-Lewis2 dagar sedan
  • Rip fridge door

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  • Not gonna lie, kinda turned on by that "third leg" hanging 😅

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  • Woooooow i was so trippin

    RoBoD LPRoBoD LP2 dagar sedan
  • Beyblade! Beyblade! Let It Ri- AHHHHHHH MY HANDS-

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  • Yo! What about turning that chainsaw into an automatic fishing rod?

    Milyu VarionMilyu Varion2 dagar sedan
  • Wait your a muislim like me

    Yousif shaldanYousif shaldan2 dagar sedan
  • Can you make a grabber please

    Sebas OrdonezSebas Ordonez2 dagar sedan
  • When are we gonna see two of these battle?

    Ace RuneAce Rune3 dagar sedan
  • Put flails on it

    Potentialy PurplePotentialy Purple3 dagar sedan
  • In Germany we say: "Einmal mit Profis..."

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  • uploaf

    God HimselfGod Himself3 dagar sedan
  • Happy to hear Taweel Al-Shawq at 8:50 😀

    SimplyWorseSimplyWorse3 dagar sedan
  • Bro wtf happened to your finger nails

    Kool Gamer ClipsKool Gamer Clips3 dagar sedan
  • he’s pretty weird

    bryson scullybryson scully3 dagar sedan
  • Genius

    funnybone569funnybone5693 dagar sedan
  • bruh are you ganna make more content?

    wyatt caltonwyatt calton3 dagar sedan
  • Man the stuff you come up with us so funny.

    Alex VillalobosAlex Villalobos3 dagar sedan
  • He gave me trip Without drugs... Nice

    uri loyauri loya3 dagar sedan
  • If that was glue I am going to personally find you and slap you with a hammer because you tried to eat that stuff I lost my appetite which is almost impossible and if you know how many toxins poisons and chemicals in that you would know your ded

    cody daviscody davis4 dagar sedan
  • Why did you eat the gluten

    Henry WhitairHenry Whitair4 dagar sedan
  • Holy I was scared xD

    OfficialAshGamerOfficialAshGamer4 dagar sedan
  • 19:32 here we see a live human leg get demolished by the beyblade.

    Ruben HernandezRuben Hernandez4 dagar sedan
  • That paint eating but made me laugh way harder than it should’ve lmao I needed that thank you.

    Ruben HernandezRuben Hernandez4 dagar sedan
  • I saw Miku fan

    bairon linaresbairon linares4 dagar sedan
  • That state of trance got me rolling. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    Vu TranVu Tran4 dagar sedan
  • my 10 year old self is so happy right now

    MrSixthMrSixth4 dagar sedan
  • You may be the first youtuber to actually give me anxiety watching someone else doing stupid shit. Did you see a discount in the local coffin store or something you wish to make use of?

    Hugo van DamHugo van Dam4 dagar sedan
  • 2:47 his 3 leg is gone.

    Cyril ZacekCyril Zacek4 dagar sedan
  • this is almost surreal

    Inferiority ComplexInferiority Complex4 dagar sedan
  • i wonder why he use muslim zikir

    cry catcry cat4 dagar sedan
    • 9:00

      cry catcry cat4 dagar sedan
  • what is guy does for crazy content is amazing

    Thatcher’s ClipsThatcher’s Clips4 dagar sedan
  • That rubber glue bit really hurt my soul 😂

    WhinnieWhinnie4 dagar sedan
  • Do you want to tell them weed sneezes are a thing or should I?

  • im waiting for him to do a face reveal

    TENTACLE fatherTENTACLE father4 dagar sedan
  • Your bad at werildiang

    JackTheSienceKerbalJackTheSienceKerbal4 dagar sedan
  • I love this

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  • There is no way this can ever be useful. 👌👍

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  • 11:23

    YyhrvaYyhrva4 dagar sedan
  • my acid bros suggested to watch it, it was fun :)

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  • Lol im down for a weld off

    Lucifer MorningStarLucifer MorningStar4 dagar sedan
  • he didn't do a thing in a month 😡

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  • The law of spinning things dictates that if the tip is going down the slope, the action will happen at 90 degrees or something like that idk but that is why the ramps were always sending it sideways

    MrAlex3461MrAlex34614 dagar sedan
  • 4:33 hope that wasent real grippy liquid i hope it was just a decoy for the vid

    Enchantfoll the turtleEnchantfoll the turtle4 dagar sedan
  • just a fucking ghost chair

    Devin inskyDevin insky4 dagar sedan
  • What is this song 19:26

    mindless feelingsmindless feelings4 dagar sedan
  • Hey man my leg is getting amputated if you want it :/

    Omega JazzOmega Jazz5 dagar sedan
  • You’re too hilarious bro🤣

    Loyiso ZotwaneLoyiso Zotwane5 dagar sedan
  • Anyone else notice the glue is missing at 4:39 ?

    Jas HollJas Holl5 dagar sedan
  • I hope he no kids watching

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  • How did I know he was gonna eat it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • First vid ive seen of you and I subbed in 2mins love the skits

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  • Wtf were those condoms at 3:38 ?????

    Solomon BoatengSolomon Boateng5 dagar sedan
  • the sponsor guy should come more often

    KakashuKakashu5 dagar sedan
  • The effort that goes into this odd masterpiece is remarkable lol

    Hawg TiedHawg Tied5 dagar sedan
  • My grandparents have the same model tv.

  • Why did you buy a mig welder? You could have just turned down the volts on the Stick welder and changed what electrode you were using.

    Narwhal Lord42Narwhal Lord425 dagar sedan
  • 3:11 It looks like you had to restart a lot and you didn't go at a consistent speed. I'm just learning now, so I don't know much myself but those are the problems I have had when stick welding so I can identify them. Beyblade is awesome though!

    Narwhal Lord42Narwhal Lord425 dagar sedan
  • Phil swift: don’t eat it, or it will cause a _lot_ of *damage*

    John Fitzgerald KennedyJohn Fitzgerald Kennedy5 dagar sedan
  • What’s the name of the song that plays at 5:11

    Jesse BurtJesse Burt5 dagar sedan
    • Thank u

      Jesse BurtJesse Burt4 dagar sedan
    • BICEP - GLUE credit to the og comment: TCGTV

      I'mNoraI'mNora4 dagar sedan
  • When he doesnt uplaod for four weeks. What is it now? Are we gonna see him suffer from weirdly original way?

    anime official vodka companyanime official vodka company5 dagar sedan
  • 9:11 what is the title song ?

    adityaaditya5 dagar sedan
  • I can't tell if he meant to say rubber dick glue or it was just his accent, He said it several times I freaking died lol!

    BananasAreWafflesTooBananasAreWafflesToo5 dagar sedan
  • I always forget that you actually have a face

    SycrosSycros5 dagar sedan
  • What did I just witness XD XD

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  • What am I watching... thank God my phone is about to die 🙌🤣

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  • RIP 😵😱

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  • We bin drikin paint

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