Can Rockets be used to Plant Trees?

12 sep 2019
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I have always felt that planting trees was a boringly peaceful affair, so introducing TREE ROCKETS!
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  • Yes i know they arent actually "Rockets". Fight me!

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    • OK 🤜👊🤛

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    • Spiders are not bugs

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    • Ok

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    • Bro your fucking amazing

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  • Is this aussie flaming the amazonas for their spiders? Look in your backyard, mate!

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  • amoogus

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  • I found this video by searching tree carrot bombs.

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  • 1:36 plz tell me the name of this song. Sombody

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  • Probably too late to say this, but you lack fin or stabiliser

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  • Go to 1:23 it looks like battlefield 5s firestorm

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  • "pack our cones with some trees" I SEE U

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  • is it in the uk

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  • What is the end song?

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  • Well if it hits an animal its free fertilizer

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  • Viagra spiders 😂😂😂

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  • Breaking g news bodies killed in Afghanistan now sprouting trees?!?!!

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  • I blame climate change

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  • is the paint you used biodegradable?

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  • God death by spider boner just sounds like something riped out of a monga and hellish.

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    • hello

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  • Check out ecosia, they plant trees.

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  • sorry buddy but i think pva glue is toxic

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  • when he said "viagra spider" i literally started laughing so hard that i nearly choked

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  • ?

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  • Ah yes our world famous Viagra spider. Come to Brasil...

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  • That structure in the bush is called "northmead dam" my mates and I visit it on the regular

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  • Fly over a treeless village with these

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  • idat: tree rockets the monkeys:ARTILLERY

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  • its not illegal its called gardening

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  • 2021

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  • he said gauge instead of gage.

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  • Replanting the Amazon American style

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  • That little boy and fat man joke really got me

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  • 9:33 V E I N S

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  • Come to Brazil

  • Finally, we can combat the beavers and their diabolical tails

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  • put lead at the bottom

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  • #teamtrees

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  • Got a carbonneutral advert in this video yeahhh

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  • I want tree bomb

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  • I get the thumbnail joke their are three tree rockets

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  • monke never hurts the trees reject humanity return to monke

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  • little tree and fat tree *WW2 Flashback*

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  • 7:39 does anyone else notice the plane begind him?

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  • how to basic from walmart

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  • Was a brazilian I agree with the video

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  • Useint trees to plant trees

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  • His kids: why did you make roket plants him: B O N E R. S P I D E R

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  • lol why not just get a bunch of tree seeds and drop them into a forest with a plane

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  • Great video man

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    • Why did he get attention

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    • Thanks matey

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  • "Here mum, can I film you from the neck down getting a wide-on over Bublé?"

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  • Little tree and fat tree 😂😂🤣🤣

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  • American way to plant trees 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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  • I wouldn’t do a kick starter for this idea don’t be lazy do it the good ole fashion way by hand

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  • The wondering spider....

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  • If that was his girlfriend i’m going to be so heart broken

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  • Can you just imagine the great economic monkey depression (T.G.M.E.D)

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  • It’s only a matter of time before the apes unlock the Iron Age

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  • So the toilet paper shortage was probably the fault of the military-industrial complex... good to know.

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  • Monkeys don't start fires. The test soil was all loose and soft where real soil is hard and impenetrable. Just spray millions of the seeds and paper mache over an area and let the rain do the rest.

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  • you need to add fins onto the end to increase accuracy a parachute could also help. Additionally all you need are seeds.

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  • "viagra spider"

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  • Bomb that full of tree seeds

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  • When I saw that rope I put the suicidal hotline in the comment!

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  • 7:39 the plane in the forshadow for shadowing that this works my minds blown then it works

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  • Hold on a what shooter?

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  • Bald gang

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  • Tampon launchers always come in handy. Our American friends could use some at the moment. 🍺

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  • Could of made the cones out of hard dirt

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  • add fins behind the center of mass for stability :]

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  • I know you already had the toilet paper mixture but maybe you could have bought some biodegradable airsoft bbs, melted them down and molded them into cones. I have no idea if that would have worked

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  • It’s a good thing I don’t have a father cause I’d be worried

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  • 8:49 *heavy Japanese breathing*

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  • 0:23 what did you say

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  • the brazilian wandering spider gives you an erection when it stings you

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  • You should have used a substitute for the trees like ballistic gelatine or something :(

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  • Instead of saying paint jobs he should have said blo HAY NO TALKING

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  • you shoulde of made them out of carrots

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  • #PETT People for the ethical treatment of Trees !

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  • How much you guys bet the monkeys will dog them up

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  • Your mum's kinda hot...

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  • Bold of you to assume I have a father

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  • Viagra spiders

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  • I enjoyed your video. I saw one similar years ago, where the humans were dropping saplings encased in ice rockets. The ice had fertilizer mixed in to give the sapling a boost. They had excellent penetration when dropped from a helicopter into the side of a burned out mountain.

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  • did it work

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  • Viagra spiders 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • Oh no he started world war tree!

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  • “And why would the monkeys burn down its home” Elementary my dear whoeverthefuckisreadingthis. Insurance fraud. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going, so you burn your tree branch down, get that delicious 500k check, and live in a trailer for less than 500k. Easy

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  • Dude, you have an amazing voice.

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  • Obviously he is not in 2029 where toilet paper has the value of platinum

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  • Missed the chance to name it plowing tree.

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  • "grams of force" HA, get's me every time

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  • Spider warning ⚠️

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  • i like the little tree ( little boy) fat tree (fat boy) refrence

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  • fat tree and little tree. I see what you did there.

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