How Much Money Did I Make Fixing Broken Tools?

27 maj 2020
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Im just trying to prove im not useless.
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  • you should do this again, was actually a good watch

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  • i know how to fix my phone and my pc and i know how they work and I'm only 12 (bich jk lol)

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  • .... I said old people home befor the joke ended and then you where helping an old man ... I'm going to hell but then again you made the video

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  • Me an 11 year old* actually i took apart a xbox and fixed the disk drive a couple days ago

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  • What do you mean I know how to fix and build a laptop and yes it might not awalys work but hey 7th Grade Everything was trail and error and now I am stuck with a wife and kid at 17 😂😂😂😂

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  • Yeah, the beginning part of the video really made me wonder how my Samsung27.7 cu. ft. Family Hub 4-Door French Door Smart Refrigerator in Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel fridge actually works

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  • Sooooo this is more than a bit late.... but so you still have the shears?

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  • Oi mate! That “Funky Uzbekistan Disco” song is groovy! I can dig it!

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  • a macbook 8 china made it and its made of aluminum with circuts and wires and it works by pressing butting and the mousepad.

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  • Judging by the angle of the sun and amount of solar radiation that scrap yard must be in Hornsby, N.S.W.

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  • Hey, I have an amazing trick to remove grease from metals, sprinkle NaOH Or drain cleaner (it has 90% NaOH), and then pour hot water on them, all the grease and grime would release out very easily

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  • World: I have no clue how this works.. Me a kid who knows all about computers Me: My goals are beond your understanding and I am suppirior in every way!

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  • We used those shears in the onion fields. They work amazing and are not cheap.

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  • Im jealous, we don't have scrap yards like that here in Washington. We hardly have pull your own parts junkyards

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  • For those who missed it, the moral of this video is sex workers are important to the global economy. Do work get paid. After writing that down it don't seem sarcastic or ironic, so maybe just read it with some sincerity. But to make up for the lacking sarcasm how about some petty insults: you ugly nerd!

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  • what a philosophically charged video. in this age of convenience and modernity, we've forgotten the feeling of self-reliability and competence. being able to fix appliances should be the same level of relevant knowledge as cavemen knowing how to make bone knives. because our lives are about survival, and our appliances are vital to the survival of our modern lives, we should have the knowledge of them on our fingertips. ive learned so much, thank you IDidaThing!

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  • I got pissed off how much it costs to fix a phone so I now know how to fix phones for a lot less

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  • I was studying to be an electronics engineer. Half of my cool tech is stuff I fixed or bought at extremely reduced prices. I've got holes in my table too dude.

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  • I fixed up a Soviet vacuum cleaner, and would only loose money on it if i would sell it. So now i am stuck with a second Soviet vacuum.

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  • To be honest I thought he was holding pokemon cards in the thumbnail...

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