How to Reduce Baby Unemployment!

17 aug 2019
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Its about time babies started pulling their weight in society, i made the device to help them do it.
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    • is that small human your child?

    • His baby not cute

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    • If you want patreon supporters I suggest not showing your nice huge house every video lol

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  • Umm... Who's child?

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  • Human babies would be far more cute if they looked like baby aardvarks. Have you seen a human baby? They're ugly.

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  • it was entertaining until you started calling them cute...

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  • amoogus

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  • Fun fact, the triangle was invented by Dr. Emmi Pickler, a Hungarian pediatrician.

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  • If a mother dies from child birth can you press charges on the baby?

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  • Baby animals are cutter than baby humans

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  • i am from poland

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  • Is anyone going to talk about the fact that he said that we carry babies in our womb for 21 months?? Because it's 9 months.

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    • He said that we *would have to* carry them for 21 months for them to be as well-developed as otherwise comparable animals at birth.

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  • All I got from this was that 10% of babies are employed.

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  • Instructions unclear. Killed my baby.

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  • This is great and all but he could of just... bought one. It would've cost less than the wood lol

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  • At the beginning, when I saw the baby, I thought the baby was so freakin cute.

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  • this baby will grow up thinking its useles

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  • 3:20 this is why I love babies! Not because they’re cute but because they’re drunk dwarves!

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  • nice editing :)

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  • Unemployment rate of 0-2 year olds is 90% 😂 So 10% are already working a proper job?! 😅

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  • 90 %... So... What's the other percent doin...?

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  • 7:49 it looks like a spider!!! ( on the left side wood)

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  • Ain’t no one gonna pay attention to the fact he said the unemployment rate is 90% what about the other 10%

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  • Wood pattern at 8:02 on the left looks like a spider

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  • Ok what jobs are 10% of babies doing

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  • Mine wouldn't get a job either so I just threw its ass outside, been 12 years now and never regretted it

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  • Is that your child

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  • Is this your baby or did you like still it from someone

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  • Woah Woah Woah what is the other ten percent of baby unemployment

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  • I forgot China wen he said 90% unemployment in babies so I was very confused

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  • only 90% ay? I like my chances.

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  • Cute baby, so it must not be related to you.

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  • Pathetic, China already invented it!

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  • 3:59 this music sounds like something from the last of us, like it really does.

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  • I love babys

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  • 90% of babies: unemployed 10% of babies: my goals are beyond your understanding

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    • @Simekon God damnit

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    • 5 minutes? What a waste of time. You could have made like 7 iphones.

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    • @Simekon Ok, I laughed for 5 mins straight at that one. Jesus Christ

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    • 10% of babies live in china

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    • they are probably for diapers commercial

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  • Wait what 10% of babies work?

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  • baby's are so fucking ugly it's almost agitating.

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  • Wait neanderthals had more brain capacity 😳

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  • Hi people from Samoa

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  • Child labor

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  • Nope I'm from usa

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  • The highest rate of unemployment is in people from 0-2 years of age. 90% of this group is unemployed so what is the other 10%

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  • victorian children; first time?

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  • what about the 10 percent

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  • Chinese babies always seem to find work. One of the industrial things made my iPhone!

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  • Cutest video I’ve seen in ages

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  • Why is he so adorable?? Thassa high quality baby 👍

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  • I hate children

  • China be like "very intresting"

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  • 10% of employed babies are from China that why we should be more like China

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  • 90% unemployment rate for babies. Yeah, that sounds accurate xDDD

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  • big brain

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  • That's an obnoxiously cute baby.

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  • who are the 10 percent

  • When you Pokémon fight baby and zebra

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  • This is great content.

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  • Cape Town

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  • Of course its you

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  • So... what exactly do the other 10% of babies do??! 🧐

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  • When I say I can’t read, I mean I can’t read. I read the title like “how to seduce a baby” in the tittle... had to look twice.

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  • 0:52 the life of a speed runner

  • How is the baby unemployment rate from 0-2 years 90%?

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  • Today i learn child labour are needed and wood was so expensive because wood did not grow on tree

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  • “It never happens... maybe once?” What do you know I don’t, I need answers.

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  • He’s both serious and just kiddi gat the same time

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  • I don’t know if he’s ever addressed the baby in his videos as his own child, so I like to think he just took a baby from somewhere.

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    • I think it's his sister's child.

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  • Sir that's two baby ducks

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  • 3:49 wait, what about the other 10 percent?

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  • 3:57 wtf is that other 10 percent doing mate, and what are those 30% of 2-12 doing? I sure had no job then

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  • last of us music

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  • The people getting smarten and smarter part didn’t happen to everyone

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  • Babies eat everything they meet Girl: Aww they’re so cute Baby: Sucks her into their stomach like kirby

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  • It’s called an abortion

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  • 6:54 the song is "the old man kasem remix"

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  • Anyone else worried that a baby is using something that can chop a head off??

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  • It is so irresponsible that he made the baby do it! 😡 he committed child endangerment!!

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    • This was a joke btw

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  • Wait Wait what So 10% of 0-2 years babies work????

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  • 4:09 that's Jean Piaget. Swiss child developmental psychologist. Cool dude. Defenitly not Andrei Pikler

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  • If it's a gifted child just eat it to raise your iq

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  • i feel kinda bad. im 16 and unemployed

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    • get a job

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  • Is anyone going to talk about the 10% of babys under 2 that work!!!!!

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  • wait 90%? does that mean 10% of babies have jobs?

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  • Can you do more animal vids

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  • There not useless!!! if you cook them long enough they taste better than when they were alive

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  • Is this child labor

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  • Child labor No. Baby labor No no not that. Cuteness labor Yes yes cuteness labor

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  • Wait who says they arent little drunk people

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