Getting Stray Cats High To Stop Them Eating My Pets

18 jul 2020
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i dont like cats.
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  • Watch me torture more cats in part 1:

    I did a thingI did a thing7 månader sedan
    • All you need is plastic bottles half filled with water . We started putting two by our rubbish bins when street cats started going through our rubbish and making a mess. It took a few days to start working (water needs to go stale apparently), but definitely works

      Maltese PsychoMaltese PsychoMånad sedan
    • yeah more torture

      Jackson BoltonJackson BoltonMånad sedan
    • You're a fucking limp prick goof.

      Corrupt GoogleCorrupt GoogleMånad sedan
    • what

      Its MeaIts Mea2 månader sedan
    • Lol

      ph4ntomblazeph4ntomblaze2 månader sedan
  • Kill the cats

    MemeLordMemeLord38 minuter sedan
  • And grasshopper 2:46

    NovaBoomerNovaBoomer52 minuter sedan
  • LMAO. The ant on the receipt was the one he stuck in his pocket towards the beginning of the video

    NovaBoomerNovaBoomer55 minuter sedan
  • what's with the tails of these cats? they seem to be cut off

    Thomas ZüllichThomas Züllich3 timmar sedan
  • Lol I don’t think leaving food and ‘drugs’ will help with your cat problem

    Josh srcJosh src5 timmar sedan
  • I was waiting for a lemon to fall on the baby’s head lmao 😂

    sodium vlogssodium vlogs6 timmar sedan
  • I hate cats

    Marie-Louise BrudvikMarie-Louise Brudvik9 timmar sedan
  • it's because when women are dressing up as cats, they are also wearing tights! I think that is a big part of it of the allure.

    The Over/UnderThinkerThe Over/UnderThinker9 timmar sedan
  • set up a can of tuna then make catnip tea and then put a cage right over so when you see the cat you can release the rope in the cage will be going vertically up and down

    Zion MensahZion Mensah10 timmar sedan
  • why do most of the cats there not have tails?

    TMCTMC12 timmar sedan
  • Do he killing cats?

    naniq 115naniq 11517 timmar sedan
  • Maybe put blockers so they can't get in instead of turning them into fuggin junkies ya fookin retord

    The KittyThe Kitty19 timmar sedan
  • Snooopcat?

    Exo skelletorExo skelletor23 timmar sedan
  • Lol, trying to scare cats off to convince them to go somewhere else...Meanwhile dogs are euthanized on the regular. Just shoot them 😉. Done and over.

    RobRobDag sedan
  • I’m a cat owner and I love cats but I fully agree with scaring the cats out of your yard. Save those birds,lizards and little monkey!

    Rexy RexRexy RexDag sedan
  • this is kind of a good idea 👌

    Miguel Von BerryMiguel Von BerryDag sedan
  • 18:21 are we just gunna ignore the fact that you pulled some dude perfect shit right there

    Mr. has no nameMr. has no nameDag sedan
  • the camera fail is just him killing them

    JF LivesJF LivesDag sedan
  • cats are only scared of cucumbers because when they turn around they are surprised like if you were standing somewhere and someone put a big object that you have likely never seen before behind you and you turn around you are also gonna be pretty surprised

    Jan RozyckiJan RozyckiDag sedan
  • Just spray vinegar around the yard they will still away till the vinegar goes away

    youtube lifeyoutube lifeDag sedan
  • those cats checked into rehab after this vid

    Doua XiongDoua XiongDag sedan
  • Damn Aussie cats are built different

    Goodguy TyphlosionGoodguy TyphlosionDag sedan
  • maybe this Chinese product isn't very good

    arthur Benedettiarthur BenedettiDag sedan
  • The cuecumber only works when the cat doesn’t know it’s there like say there eating and you put it next to them that’s when they freak out

    Molly CardMolly CardDag sedan
  • Make a guillotine on the inside of your gate that activates whenever anything peeks under the gate. or if u don't wanna be so harsh, place a fake decapitated cat head under the gate to scare the other cats off :) or both :3

    SeHNSeHNDag sedan
    • if the cops ask questions just say its for rats and uh.. crocodiles?

      SeHNSeHNDag sedan
  • That black cat a hacker 😂

    Ace TrigAce TrigDag sedan
  • I love cats. I think i take this as a joke, or if its not a joke im gonna hire a hitman and you will be the target. No joke.

    sus impostorsus impostor2 dagar sedan
  • "little monkeys"

    Tim MaoTim Mao2 dagar sedan
  • Why ya gotta hate cats

    darrel folsedarrel folse2 dagar sedan
  • 6:57 "and first up is this chubby black boy" uuuhmm yea idk bro

    Joep LukkenJoep Lukken2 dagar sedan
  • Is this legal?

    PlutoPluto2 dagar sedan
  • Yeah mate, get an outdoor dog?

    Terry TurnerTerry Turner2 dagar sedan
  • Dog good cat bad

    Ronnie Dela cruzRonnie Dela cruz2 dagar sedan
  • Miloš :D

    Petar ĐuričinPetar Đuričin2 dagar sedan
  • Way to much effort just do what I do and shoot them hey presto no more cats

    Graham HardingGraham Harding2 dagar sedan
    • I know right? Too much work with too little result.

      Louie VitoLouie Vito2 dagar sedan
  • Use rat poison is still workes

    Jonathan_Jones2005 GgJonathan_Jones2005 Gg2 dagar sedan
  • get your dogs awtside

    Leonardo Fraga-SoustinaLeonardo Fraga-Soustina2 dagar sedan
  • I absolutely agree

    Riley ClementsRiley Clements2 dagar sedan
  • You should understand that those cats owns your backyard 😉 and every time you put new things on your garden you make them curious and more attracted to your backyard

    E-B-M-M R-LE-B-M-M R-L2 dagar sedan
  • Bruh rude just let ca5sv

    Sherry McdonovanSherry Mcdonovan2 dagar sedan
  • Cats are demons

    Kipton YoungKipton Young3 dagar sedan
  • amoogus

    Luca PogainisLuca Pogainis3 dagar sedan
  • I hope your garden population survives the massacre.

    Wayne KingWayne King3 dagar sedan
  • Poison. Tell the neighbours you're putting it down, not enough to kill them but enough to makes them unwell.

    Damien FosterDamien Foster3 dagar sedan
  • Buy a husky, you'll never see another cat again in your life

    MrJThomps22MrJThomps223 dagar sedan
  • If I were to live in Australia, I would be happy for not having your crazy murderous animals in my yard.

    Jörgen studiosJörgen studios3 dagar sedan
  • Put cat spike all over every entry so that they kill their fingers trying to get in

    Jakub and fluffyJakub and fluffy3 dagar sedan
  • I'm scared for the cats this guy is fucking weird

    Judith PJudith P3 dagar sedan
    • You know that in NZ and Australia they hunt cats right? Because they Ruin the entire Ecosystem of these remoted islands country.

      นายหมีนายหมี2 dagar sedan
    • oh no he feeding them and giving them catnip ahh what a monster

      Bud BoyBud Boy3 dagar sedan
  • Mmmmmmmmm monkey

    gamer guygamer guy3 dagar sedan
  • Hire a dog

    jay quickbladejay quickblade3 dagar sedan
  • Drugs for cat: legal Drugs for humans: illegal

    Mr. MonkeyMr. Monkey3 dagar sedan
    • Bro why did u copy a comment

      Callum JacksonCallum Jackson3 timmar sedan
  • I think the cats are paid actors

    kc bradkc brad3 dagar sedan
  • That was a fat monkey

    Fricke rFricke r4 dagar sedan
  • omg they´re so chuby

  • That monkey looks kind of weird.

    IampofIampof4 dagar sedan
  • Whole new fence man ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Loop the LoopLoop the Loop4 dagar sedan
  • Your neighbors own 15 cats?

    Aibi TakahashiAibi Takahashi4 dagar sedan
  • Dang... they got high for free....

    ヒャットクHayatorikuヒャットクHayatoriku4 dagar sedan
  • Just because cats don’t have collars doesn’t mean someone doesn’t own them. You shouldn’t try to relocate any cats again as there is a very good chance that you could be separating them from their owners.

    Myles DelaneyMyles Delaney4 dagar sedan
    • That is the lazy owner’s problem then. If I find a cat where it shouldn’t be I can do what I like with it.

      Louie VitoLouie Vito2 dagar sedan
  • he did a face reveal

    Karmah GamingKarmah Gaming4 dagar sedan
  • Try using vodka, weed, marijuana if that doesn't work, use the Soviet ak47, if that doesn't work... Nuke the Town or move ta house

    Alek SvereAlek Svere4 dagar sedan
  • Just get a dog

    Sonia RodriguezSonia Rodriguez4 dagar sedan
  • Put a crap ton of snakes in the tunnel and see how they come out

    Shadow FredleeShadow Fredlee4 dagar sedan
  • Get a dog lmfao

    petit manpetit man4 dagar sedan
  • Wow really click bate u didn’t even show weed or get them High 🤨

    Fredy DiazFredy Diaz4 dagar sedan
  • Ta kočka se jmenuje Miloš, lol

    Matyáš KrybusMatyáš Krybus4 dagar sedan
  • Just.. my cat loves me dude

    just a flamingo fanjust a flamingo fan4 dagar sedan
    • You know that feline are alien species in Australia and New Zealand right? If left unchecked they'll ruin the entire Ecosystem of these country Theyre a Huge problem for them to deals with

      นายหมีนายหมี2 dagar sedan
    • @just a flamingo fan you're*

      Bud BoyBud Boy3 dagar sedan
    • Your f*cking crazy

      just a flamingo fanjust a flamingo fan4 dagar sedan
  • Idea:Get a dog

    Brandon LJHBrandon LJH4 dagar sedan
  • 2:42 LMAO

    tiktok Eclipsetiktok Eclipse4 dagar sedan
    • 5:23

      tiktok Eclipsetiktok Eclipse4 dagar sedan
  • Kill them with .45s

    Victorian DetectoristVictorian Detectorist4 dagar sedan
  • 6:59 :him:and first up is this chubby black boy ] me: ......

    brandy robinsonbrandy robinson4 dagar sedan
  • 5:27 huh me: takes a second look

    brandy robinsonbrandy robinson4 dagar sedan
  • Cats actually have low vision IF its close but if its far they see it greatly

    Random STUFFRandom STUFF4 dagar sedan
  • Funny thing catnip can be made from a plant called silver vine which is also used to make sake

    Allen GroveAllen Grove4 dagar sedan
  • Eeek please dont relocate the cat if you catch them, they might actually have owners 🥺

    Smoosh GooSmoosh Goo4 dagar sedan
  • Oof

    itz pixelz gurlitz pixelz gurl5 dagar sedan
  • Shoot them with with a pellet gun

    Joseph ferreiraJoseph ferreira5 dagar sedan
  • Also dogs are cuz theres dogs where i live

    best lizardbest lizard5 dagar sedan
  • Dang cats are thicks

    best lizardbest lizard5 dagar sedan
  • I have a cat lol

    Rileigh JamesRileigh James5 dagar sedan
  • Why not put some drugs in some tuna and see what happens and if it dosent work put a TON of drugs in the tuna

    best lizardbest lizard5 dagar sedan
  • 13:11- Animal trap that could be used to catch the cats but instead he wants cats on LSD. Smart man

    Jacob KellerJacob Keller5 dagar sedan
  • Cats and dogs hate citrus. All you gotta do is spray lemon juice around the perimeter of your yard

    Megan GreenMegan Green5 dagar sedan
  • 3 billion IQ

    Trey GoodTrey Good5 dagar sedan
  • Make 3 teir level cardboard cat maze that's hard to get out of.

    Natalie WilliamsNatalie Williams5 dagar sedan
  • Plant wild mint and spray the gate with orange oil. Leaving orange peels near the gate couldn't hurt either. Cats don't like citrus and mint smells. They are to strong. Lastly try laying out some long and short pieces of tape. Get a dog

    Natalie WilliamsNatalie Williams5 dagar sedan
  • Oooh mount a severed cat head on a pike outside the the fence for the first warning sign then. chop up the body limb from limb hang them up like its Christmas so if they don't teígh the hint from the severed head they'll realize when they see the rest as samantha that they aren't welcome. Just an idea

    bryan spangrudbryan spangrud5 dagar sedan
  • Lol a guard/attack emu!

    bryan spangrudbryan spangrud5 dagar sedan
  • U heard that cats don't like smell of citrus

    Simon ValentineSimon Valentine5 dagar sedan
  • Bro its Just the Nature Just leaven it

    sweet_No3l_89 vfmsweet_No3l_89 vfm5 dagar sedan
  • Simple answer landmines

    ScArYScArY5 dagar sedan
  • This video is pretty old but I've heard cats don't like the smell of peppermint?

    Cyn LohCyn Loh5 dagar sedan
    • Peppermint oil is, quite simply, not safe for cats. A cat’s olfactory receptors are 14 times more powerful than your own. While you may find peppermint refreshing, evoking memories of Christmas, a cat does not share your fond affection for the oil. She’ll be overwhelmed by it. Just smelling the aroma can cause a cat to develop difficulty breathing, increased heart rate, and aspiration pneumonia. Peppermint oil, like many essential oils, contains phenols and phenolic compounds. Cats are very sensitive to phenols, whether exposure comes via inhalation or ingestion. In this respect, cats and dogs are quite different. Unlike dogs (and humans), cats lack important enzymes in their livers which help eliminate toxins like phenols. If a cat ingests peppermint oil, it can upset her stomach, cause liver damage, and adversely affect her nervous system. In cats, ingesting essential oils with phenols can even lead to liver failure and death. You may think, “But I’m not feeding her peppermint oil!” Wismer reminds us that the smell of the oil can quickly saturate a cat’s fur. And since cats groom themselves by licking, they may do so more vigorously to get the odor out of their fur. Even small amounts of essential oils applied topically can cause damage when ingested. Lastly, a cat’s skin is very delicate and thin. Topical application of essential oils can be harmful, because oil can breach the skin and enter the bloodstream.

      Sandra McCormickSandra McCormick3 dagar sedan
  • (He says 6ft fence) him being a foot bigger

    Trent DavisTrent Davis5 dagar sedan
  • Bruh wild grown catnip hits them sooooo much harder

    Nora FoxNora Fox5 dagar sedan
  • Get a gun

    Scorched Frost StudiosScorched Frost Studios5 dagar sedan
  • Title should be called high ninja cats

    KEY9INEKEY9INE5 dagar sedan
  • Im jealous of the neighbour at the end of that wall hole 😔

    cattle moo moocattle moo moo5 dagar sedan
  • a little bit on the section about the cats and their emotional attachment. My cat is so attached to me that even if im taking a shower she will sit outside the bathrool and meow as loud as she can. She follows me everywhere and when i leave the house she becomes a wreck. So SOME cats have emotional attachment not all.

    InsanityInsanity5 dagar sedan
  • They are wild cat. So they eat kill everything to survive.

    AlvinAlvin5 dagar sedan