Should Police Use "MAN CATCHERS" Instead of Guns?

14 jul 2019
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There must be more than one way to catch a man so today i am going to find out. Gold diggers take note!
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  • finally another guy who has a free standing gong in his back garden into which he throws himself head first of an afternoon

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    • @Goose i dont need sleep i need ANSWERS

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    • @Sara I was so confused😂

    • I though you said bong

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    • I do that

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    • Homemade alarm

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  • unarmed doesnt mean (unable to fight)

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  • Great idea until they throw the knife at you

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  • Don't you just hate it when your knees start feeling like your eyes

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  • are you sure yo didnt mix up american cops with australian cops?

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  • They would probably never get adopted because they're too draconian, for tasers and guns especially, the cops better have a pretty damn good reason for pulling the trigger, a man catcher is non lethal, meaning they need less reason to use it.

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  • No one:..... 'Society if everyperson used superman grab grab' good

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  • Why do so many people live with you

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  • Man catchers >> Tazers. Hands down. Everyday. Idgaf

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  • Lmfao if they worked every police everywhere would use them.

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  • amoogus

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  • Oww that hurts

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  • 0:04

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  • That's a genius idea

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  • yes I did 1:58. hint: pause the video

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  • It would be very dangerous because people can have a gun in any country and it doesn’t restrict the arms, plus how can you detain a person if your not physically touching them because you would only be pinning them to a wall

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  • Amazing just Amazing

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  • Its time for a man hunt.

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  • Australian military couldn't even win a war against wild animals with guns. You think those clowns can handle criminal humans with a "man catcher"

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  • All I can imagine is someone adding tasers to the center or ends

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  • i was in c h i n a

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  • 1:58 tho 😂 😂 Edit: i mean 1:59

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  • 3:31 throw the knife

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  • 3:31 throw the knife fuck

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  • Pull it

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  • Just evade it

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  • I know what u had for dinner The materials at my shop. Someone bought em

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  • when the try and grab u just push the stick away

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  • Its a great invention but it shouldnt be a replacement for other uses of force. Possibly a specialized tool like a non-lethal shotgun.

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  • Now put it on a harpoon gun ..😂

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  • 0:05 someone know the music?

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  • Just throw the knife

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  • This is the funniest invention and method and literally affective against attackers. Basically everything I can ask for when detaining criminals lol.

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  • I did pause the vid to see that

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  • The ones that the Chinese police have could you just drop down to your stomach if it’s around your waist then it would be below you and then you can get up and be free

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  • Stick it through a shield now you have extra protection

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  • Mmm make Clan Moulder very proud yes-yes. Catch many man-things for experiment-tests.

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  • What is that song he plays when he hits the gong with his head?

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    • Red Sun in the Sky

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  • Well I'm in America so in technicaly you would break that grabber end off and beat the attacker with the stick. Like a sensable person 👍

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  • E

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  • gotta feel bad for piano boy

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  • Wait these actually look really cool, I guess communism can make at least one good thing

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  • *slurps boomer juice* commie

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  • I believe the man catcher is useful, cant deny that based on its lengthy history. But im not going to dismiss the guns and back up weapons in law enforcement either. An exceptionally strong, or even determined opponent has the potential to overcome these modern variants of the ancient tool, which can still lead to the death of a police officer.

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  • There's something so about a grown man restraining an adolescent attacker with a large pole that is very funny for me

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  • Ok this is the first ever video I’ve seen of this guy and after I seen him literally ran into the gong I instantly subscribed

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  • How many potatoes for one cucumber?

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  • Most of Americans have legal guns

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  • I knew they used those in the dynasty days, I think it's really neat they still use them today.

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  • no, no, He's got a point

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  • If they were actually smart they would throw the knife

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    • I mean, knives are guns if you know how to use one

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  • Yes I did pause to read it.

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  • Think about all the time I stole your computer time Robber starts going for the jugular

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  • everyone gangsta until the guy trows the knife

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  • Him: imagine what a professional can do.America:hmmmmmm and aaaa gun and mabeyyy hmmmmm instead of those trap thingys at the end just make them sharper and stab into the criminal hmmmm yeah makes sense.

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  • Your face in the thumbnail scares me

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  • 1:58 Yes i paused it to read that

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  • You know, in the context of Australia this isn't that bad of an idea, nkw id recommend the cops still have guns for personal protection, but there is something to be said about taser causing deaths. And in a country with no guns (im from america hi) this sounds like a decent idea.

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    • only reason I'd recommend guns, is that much like a spear, if your assailed manages to evade your pole and get close you no longer can ensnare (or with spears stab) them especially if the grab the pole, thus a second officer with a weapon can deal with the assailant before they can harm the officer. Though with training this will happen less.

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  • Pause the video at 1:58, his google search history says "did you pause the video to read this?"

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  • The anime music😂

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  • Guns are useful and you shouldn't get rid of it for a stick. Have both

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  • Good choice of music, comrade. :)

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  • This is better than American police shooting you for breathing

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  • Yep just calmly eaten my lsd wall roben a bank for gold coins.

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  • I caught a crack head

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  • This should seriously be a sport

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  • *life hack: just back out*

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  • No it’s guns

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  • Unpopular opinion: they use man catchers in asia because they so badly want to go whaling but its illegal P.s. this is satirical

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  • I can confirm that 75% of the population in America has a gun well only 20% carries one at all time not counting cops

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  • Maybe i watched too much anime but what if he dodged and picked up the man grabber

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  • If the tips of your man catcher somwhow magnetised,snapped together they would be verrrry effective i reckon

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  • You’re a man genius. Love the content, always will💚

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  • Who thought I did a things profile was a magpie standing on a brain and not a magpie in pink crocs

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  • He's in socks outside

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  • God forbid the attacker moves backwards and then around

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    • If you move backwards, you get shoved the fuck over and either fall over or smack into the wall faster. Move around? Dawg, it’s a spear, it’s faster than your body can move. Not to mention that the dude in the video makes a catcher that locks in place.

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  • “man catching older women”

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  • This is golden.

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  • Just so you know the majority of Americans don't own guns

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  • Comments

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  • That thumbnail is my sleep paralysis demon... or that one wanker in bleach

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  • Literally the dumbest and smartest video I've ever seen

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  • If the police already has the staff out,the second you start running at them you can grab the front and push it down making it's almost useless.

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  • 3:54 eh??

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  • This is the funniest shit about chinese police

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  • Whats the songs name in the begining

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  • That thumbnail scares me...

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  • Just throw the knife

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  • BREAKING NEWS: Australian man wearing balaclava, what seems to be a brown apron and grey hoodie, holding a wooden kitchen spoon gets trapped by a pre-puberty child holding a “man catcher”

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  • In short, yes they should, you sexy man, you

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  • 那个洗手间怕是女拳翻译的吧😅

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  • my brain: *add a tazer*

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  • ah, social distancing sticks

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  • Why are your lips so large

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  • You shouldattach a tazer

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  • Finally away to get friends without everyone running away from me 🤣

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  • Idk why i believe he is actually how to basic

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