Can I Make A Speargun Using Only Trash?

25 jan 2021
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  • If there are any fish watching. Im sorry :(

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    • As a fish ur forgiven xD

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    • I just put a flip-flop in my wetti

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    • Lol imagine they did live in a bucket

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    • You killed my fish friend now I’m gonna kill your birds 😋

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    • Just don't don't hunt fishes and use as a mere youtube video, there is no proud in making stuff for killing other beings. IF YOU ARE SORRY YOU DON'T DO THINGS LIKE THIS AT ALL. What if was you there as a fish and a human fish hunts you and put on socials to gain just likes and money? Use your time for somethin better you can if you can make a GUN out of trash.

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  • That is one big pool

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  • #rowenkuhns

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  • Did you know that guns are made in America to and most of us buy from the USA #cityslickergetabrain

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    • Nobody asked you to say that chazer

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    • Ok rowen kuhns nobody asked

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  • Sorry to correct you but that is an ArmaLite AR-50A1 made in the USA, not china

  • Hi there. At 17:44 what is that sauce?

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  • 3:08 Communism in a nutshell

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  • A true god amazing men

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  • wtf was that green shit

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  • Fish sticks a lot; but there's a simple trick to prevent that! Don't move it; just wait until you feel it free itself from whatever cooking surface, and then you are able to flip. Or, wait until the skin gets a little crispy and holds itself together well, it shouldn't break when you go to flip it.

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  • Jab quick mate lmao

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  • 10:22 good one

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  • I kinda feel like petting those shark honestly after you told me that their friendly they kind of looked cute

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  • This man’s channel is perfect for 3AM

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  • Yeah, if you really cared about fairness in regards to the hunting and eating of animals, you should go live in the woods nude, strangle a deer with your bare hands and eat it raw. Because houses, clothing, tools and hygeine are cheating. Humans are animals same as any other creature on this Earth, it's just that humans are fundamentally the most intelligent, even the lowest possible denominator is likely to be more intelligent than an animal excluding the braindead of course. Not to say people can't be dumb just that animals are dumber. Now cases where animals show some kind of intelligence, guide dogs for instance is the result of years of intense training and learned behaviours, usually. Whereas if you taught a human it would take them like maybe a day, maybe a few days if they are a bit slow. I get the idea of not letting them suffer when you kill them, like no shit, but I dn't get why people care whether a random cow or duck dies. Their existence is fundamentally that of living to be eaten, even in the wild, they would likely be killed and eaten at some point. It's not like a sheep will ever be more useful then the wool it grows or the meat it provides in death.

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  • madlad

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  • Ngl the spear gun looks like one of those makeshift weapons that police confiscate from poachers:) it still looks good just I couldn’t stop thinking about that

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  • 0:35 Chinese weapons have been banned in the USA for some times now not to mention that most 50 cals in the us are made in america

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    • @chazer 007 yeah I just thought it would be funny to point it out lmao

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    • It's called a joke Clint not the truth

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  • I do agree and echo your sentiment about people harvesting their own meat. I could talk for hours about that idea.

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  • What is that song

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  • Nice, nice, nice mate!👍👍👍 Known as selective fishing and beats rod fishing. Great video brother 👍👍👍

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  • I like that you can hear him yelling at the sting rays

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  • Thats a cute kid

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  • Hello

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  • Hi😃

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  • He could've made this in the trash video and won by a mile

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  • amoogus

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  • Vegan tho

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  • You should make a exoskeleton and pick up something big, like the US national debt

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  • You should go fishing with Stimpee🙏

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  • I literally watch this 2 times a day

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  • That spear gun is trash

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  • Hunting fish from a super market is impressive what do you mean

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  • Allex:So I want to make it possible to make this out of stuff at home. Also Alex: The first thing I did was leave my house and....

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  • 0:11 how is hunting bad if you are following the laws and doing the ethical thing you are not bad or are you talking about poachers

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  • Thought your son said “that’s murder”

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  • Now I want to see I did a thing, ElectroBOOM, and Michael Reeves team up and see what they can make.

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  • I keep forgetting they have a child

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  • He's a vampire... He re-grew his second hand.

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    • @MoogieSRO No but I saw some random stuff in the internet where some anime vampire re-stick his arm back to his hand, there are nerves and stuff in the arm that have been cut and it needs to regrow into the other one (or for people who get arm transplant or something the doctor just sews the nerves together)

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    • Are vampires particularly known for their limb regenerative abilities...?

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  • This man is like a comedian and an engineer at the same time, the white supremacists joke had me dying

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  • Sharks are fucking adorable. I'm glad they are on no kill lists as they are truly beautiful creatures. It seems like you've nailed the middle ground between crackhead danger and wildlife videos.

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  • My spanner is made out of Damascus steel how do I tell it’s age?

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  • Love the fasist haha

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  • A

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  • The more I watch I did a thing the more I realize how based he is.

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  • This SEworldr is the very definition of the word bigot.

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    • What?

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    • ???

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  • The pool to ocean cut was pretty good

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  • R.I.P.

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  • I wasn’t expecting a flying lotus music video lmaoo 8:00

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  • my arm did not go back on

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  • he reminds me of you suck at cooking but for diy

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  • factory meat industry is bad just dont eat meat and stuff

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  • shark scary

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  • 17:12 "what do you think of the fish" "fis"

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  • Great video

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  • Hey, Whats that green crap on the plate?

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  • murdering fishes actually seems fun

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  • 6:35 There are starving children in africa who could be huffing that clear coat, and you're wasting it on a gag. Shame on you.

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  • Those underwater shots were really cool

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  • Keep doing your thing funny smart man

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  • Omfg my anxiety is triggered every second of this video.

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  • Wow two right arms, now that's impressive

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  • man this is fake i see no spear

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  • 6:00 why is there a white blank screen?? what is there

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  • 2:03 thats some muscular arms wow

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  • 1:26 yay thanks for the pointy thing haha *trips* ouch

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  • The red end acromegaly jam because basket feasibly possess pace a swanky typhoon. rabid, likeable number

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  • Wait.. He’s like the male and Australian version of Micarah Tewers

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  • LOL

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  • I like this channel, but as every meat killed and eaten in modern times? Absolutely unnecessary death.

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    • It's called nature, deal with it

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  • the chimp

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  • haha camo joke

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  • 1:56 two right arms... Toei animation, is it you??

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  • hilarious as always

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  • Collab with Jiemba Sands

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  • Im 11 and realy how did he know

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  • I just did a thing

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    • In a thing

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  • Anyone els get 10000000000 unskipable adds

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  • Please create something that stops you from nail biting

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  • 7:40 literally the intro to bojack horseman

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  • 10:32😂

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  • Can we just talk about how is is playing with Stingray? Like wtf? I don't know what y'all do for fun in Australia, but where I'm from, we don't play with stingrays.

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  • “ By passing the wires through the hands of this chimp. “

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  • The pathetic account phenotypically spill because bulldozer consistently tease versus a nauseating quartz. wakeful, magenta peanut

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  • Cool

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  • 14:43 "Not because I'm scared of sharks" Hmm... Yea, sure.

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  • I’m over here feeling bad for the fish... anyways good job

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  • what if you mess up, how do you cut your other arm off?

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  • BTW most guns are manufactured in Austria according to google I’m not trying to be a karen but you gotta follow up

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  • That's a big pool

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  • dude where have you been for 2 months

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  • I’m a 11 year old kid?

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  • My brains shuts down every time I get to watch your brilliant DIY

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  • i get the slipping joke

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  • At the start I thought our beloved Aussie pm who disappeared like 60 years ago finally came back!

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  • This guy has a really nice pool

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  • I have been entertained.. big up ur channel ..

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