3 Tips for Surviving the Apocalypse

8 dec 2019
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We need to embrace climate change. Let me tell you why!

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    • How tall r u sir You look very long

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    • discord link seems to have expired, same for other videos. haven't seen it on any more recent videos. is there a reason?

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    • Yes Twitter and discord is where we found the facts this is amazing I should do that more

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    • @Charles Ott well the Arctic is melting a lot faster and there r more fires so how can u explain it getting that much hotter

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    • his tinkle may have been sweet from a chemical called urea found in urine and it is a natural sweetener

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  • *S T O P S H A K I N G*

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  • my mom walked in when they were drinking each others piss....

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  • ~ 1:20 i recognise the theme music from "a serbian film" i see youre a coinesseur too. 👌🤣

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  • That's racist and mean

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  • 1:32

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  • i doandjiawbd

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  • Your shoes

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  • 7:48 Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't sweet urine a symptom of type 2 diabetes?

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  • sweet means he has diabetes

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  • You are so racist

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  • If you blew the balloons up that meanz they're full of co2

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  • 1:32

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  • 1:32 What the flip...

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  • i did a thing: i watched this from troom troom people when realised i did a thing wathed troom troom: ITS THE APOCALYPSE

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  • Yesss im from a country that does guarantee survival

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  • Glorious, the humor is great. Also those sources are spot on, very useful information.

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  • If your an Australian you know about survival

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  • the troom troom straw wont work

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    • That was the joke

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  • NO, don't punch like that. Gonna break your bones

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  • 1:36 +10 wood

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  • I heard Bill Gates does actually drink his own piss, but it has nothing to do with survival or being environmentally friendly.

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  • TRAST ME im not going to read

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  • Thanks for the sauces, they were delicious

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  • The first 1:08 in and I’m already laughing

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  • you shouldnt imbrce climate chang becauce one of those fires could kill you

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  • Me: **Starts throwing plastic bottles everywhere so humanity will survive**

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  • 6:40 He still uses the plastic bowl

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  • Do people understand that pee is not water

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  • Dude put some SHOES on you weirdo

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  • please tell me this is all a joke or you are a jerk

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    • Its clearly a joke

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  • Who is glad they weren't eating

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  • 11:19 ????? Philipins???????

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  • You're an aussie. You already know enough about survival.

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  • “And there you go never ending rope, now just keep pulling until it ends 4:06

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  • Sociopolitical commentary is not what I expected but I am happy with it

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  • Isn't that Srpski's soundtrack?

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  • watched it after burning a dispo spliff and is a very good video that made me think.

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    • cheers mate

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  • very good video

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  • I don’t even...remember hearing any tips

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  • "knows nothing about survival".. proceeds to do the first step, punching a tree

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  • he made f ing cloroform and then breathed it in like a f ing champ

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  • Kinda feel bad for those people who think he was being serious in the intro

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  • we're all going to die aren't we?

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  • Protozoa are not bacteria. Seriously brilliant video though. Insanely clever and informative.

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  • A somewhat clear pee the healthy type, good job! Maybe you eat well and get well-hydrated everyday?

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  • *me watching this idiot drinking pee my brain: i wanna kill myself

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  • lol global warming is a myth my dude.

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    • How is global warming a myth? Give me some evidence that it is not real

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    • aww.. your brain must not be able to produce a single reasonable thought ... so tragic :(

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  • The beginning of the video is like from a Black Mirror episode.

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  • Fun fact: Sol Intse is actually a pretty good film

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  • this was funny until I saw the burnt koala and the children... that was so depressing and heartbreaking

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