This Halloween Costume will make you Depressed

12 okt 2019
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Peak hour traffic makes me cry.
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  • Sorry for making such a spooky video. I will be providing psychological support for comments below

    I did a thingI did a thingÅr sedan
    • How

      L2 tadL2 tadMånad sedan
    • Why did the app I was using crash, deleting 40% of my work for the yearbook contest

      BodaciousDoggoBodaciousDoggo3 månader sedan
    • da faq u guys look like jehova's witnesses?

      DimitryDimitry5 månader sedan
    • Yeah first part of the vid hit a little close but I was dying by the end

      bannanagramsbannanagrams6 månader sedan
    • You should dress up as the gong in your back yard.

      Benjamin RobinsonBenjamin Robinson7 månader sedan
  • amoogus

    Luca PogainisLuca Pogainis3 dagar sedan
  • Okay, but how the fuck did you manage to work 17 different jobs in 5 years?!

    Ayden TothAyden Toth8 dagar sedan
  • "That will scare the mortgage out of any adult" 😂 Nice vid man!

    Tariq El AgeliTariq El Ageli12 dagar sedan
  • I'm confused.

    Elaqgarah UlelponElaqgarah Ulelpon13 dagar sedan
  • I cant trust anything this guy says, he just called a weed eater a wipper snipper

    Samurai NutsSamurai Nuts15 dagar sedan
  • Those lizard people weren't in a costume

    CharredSkiesCharredSkies15 dagar sedan
  • this is actually really scary and depressing

    AggelosAggelos16 dagar sedan
  • Oh good, I though i was the only one who called them whipper-snippers haha!

    CarbonCarbon18 dagar sedan
  • Soaking up the sorrows in the club

    henry bairdhenry baird19 dagar sedan
  • As a PT enthusiast during Covid the most depressing thing about this is that it is just the pole, and not the entire vehicle. Especially since some of my most interesting memories are on PT.

    NCC 651NCC 65119 dagar sedan
  • Click bate

    Noah ThorntonNoah Thornton20 dagar sedan
  • I am an american and I like the word "whippersnipper" a lot more than "weedwhacker"

    BlackKiloBlackKilo20 dagar sedan
  • I am a neet Can't relate to work depression

    luke d'amatoluke d'amato20 dagar sedan
  • whats the music from

    Kevin PalmaKevin Palma21 dag sedan
  • Jokes on you; I don't own any depressing ties. They're all bright and patterned, to cover up the impending sense of doom.

    AntoniAntoni21 dag sedan
  • Ahhhh, the 'existential dread' costume. A modern classic.

    AntoniAntoni21 dag sedan
  • My life is already miserable and depressing so this didn't do anything to me whatsoever.

    Cole TilfordCole Tilford22 dagar sedan
  • This costume just made me nostalgic

    Stockton WittonStockton Witton22 dagar sedan
  • holy balls I wanted a funny video not a midlife crisis at 16

    Lucas RennerLucas Renner22 dagar sedan
  • *talks of death and depression* *inserts video of Liverpool* Sounds about right

    tscjtscj22 dagar sedan
  • This shit depreessed me :'(

    Daniel CastroDaniel Castro23 dagar sedan
  • 1:15 "Unus Annus chanting intensifies"

    Kitten RobotKitten Robot23 dagar sedan
  • man went out here and made capitalism a costume

    masterbeanboimasterbeanboi24 dagar sedan
  • Make a Fork Knife please

    tristen douglastristen douglas24 dagar sedan
  • Whipper Sniper! Hell yeah. You Ausie's have the best names for shit!

    Cecelia BlazekCecelia Blazek25 dagar sedan
  • 3:45 ... its odd mick foley is afraid of this

    UggNINEUggNINE25 dagar sedan
  • The bats are 10 times as scary now

    Henry LuHenry Lu25 dagar sedan
  • I think the skeleton would have been scarier than a bus stuck in traffic... Then again, that is a pretty depressing bus

    Hunter rulz10Hunter rulz1026 dagar sedan
  • this got me

    What The Fr4nkWhat The Fr4nkMånad sedan
  • I feel sad in the bargaining

    Longer Banner ehLonger Banner ehMånad sedan
  • A Kardashian costume would be scarier actually terrifying

    Steve LeahySteve LeahyMånad sedan
  • ADULT no a dult

    Steve LeahySteve LeahyMånad sedan
  • I have saw 4 things about biology today alone while just watching yt. I go to youtube to escape not sit around doing nothing not talk bout cells. * need a break from school lol*

    Matthew WhittleMatthew WhittleMånad sedan
  • The most depressing part about this costume is that thday many wish they could go back to living like that

    GigabecquerelGigabecquerelMånad sedan
  • Love the Queen’s Square bus station cameo

    DotmannDotmannMånad sedan
  • well I thought this was real life hangman by the thumbnail

    FreedomYorkshireFreedomYorkshireMånad sedan
  • The song at the end is by a bangladeshi artist mila. love from bangladesh.🇧🇩🇧🇩

    hussain abdullahhussain abdullahMånad sedan
  • Up to this day, it still spooks me

    Rami RezRami Rez2 månader sedan
  • I'm already depressed bring it on

    Vladimir PutinVladimir Putin2 månader sedan
  • How tf did they let you go in with that thing 😂

    Bombskwad 92Bombskwad 922 månader sedan
  • It's even scarier in 2020 lol

    Soundoffox_123Soundoffox_1232 månader sedan
  • Unus

    ----2 månader sedan
  • I'd invite you to a party

    IsbjörnXIIIsbjörnXII2 månader sedan
  • you forget another scary thing, taxes

    SteffanoSteffano2 månader sedan
  • @2:07 is that a reference to a certain Japanese style of porn?

    Sopan KotbagiSopan Kotbagi2 månader sedan
  • In Australia, when I was a kid, Halloween didn't exist here. Man I'm old.

    lukeslayerlukeslayer3 månader sedan
  • Beatiful.

    Morgan MeehanMorgan Meehan3 månader sedan
  • i love your sneaky references

    KrenonKrenon3 månader sedan
  • When u both were getting off the train it I though all you need is name tags, a black book and a bunch of magazines and you would be twice as scary.

    Black and Pink PandaBlack and Pink Panda3 månader sedan
  • Jesus loves u all so much

    I LIKE BEANS!!I LIKE BEANS!!3 månader sedan
  • this hit waay too close to home

    Harry JCHarry JC3 månader sedan
  • If non of you fucked that woman holding on to the handle in the club then y'all really need to just step out of your comfort zone.

    Ghetto GrowerGhetto Grower3 månader sedan
  • so dumb

    super gamingsuper gaming3 månader sedan
  • Little did he know that in a few months from then, he will miss those busses and crowd, being isolated and stuck at home..... P.S. Yeah, I'm from the future, I know....

    Eldar AlievEldar Aliev3 månader sedan
  • Whipper snipper

    Greg HawkinsGreg Hawkins4 månader sedan
  • w h i p p e r s n i p p e r

    bwagner23bwagner234 månader sedan
  • 8 9 9 19 5 5 25 15 21 3 18 1 3 11 5 4 20 8 5 3 15 4 5 25 15 21 12 12 14 5 22 5 18 11 14 15 23 13 25 19 5 18 3 18 5 20

    Haley MunozHaley Munoz4 månader sedan
  • I'm a new subscriber from Bangladesh... this video almost made me depressed but at 3:38, I was really surprised.. it's a Bangladeshi song... 😲😲.. didn't expect that..

    Israt JahanIsrat Jahan4 månader sedan
  • his friend looks like dax Shepard

    S JS J4 månader sedan
  • What costume are you wearing this year

    Ethan CravenEthan Craven4 månader sedan
  • I got upset at that woman grabbing your pole handle thingy >:o who she think she isssss

    Puppy PuppingtonPuppy Puppington4 månader sedan
  • You guys should do another halloweenie episode! But before that, get another haircut in North Korea.

    Puppy PuppingtonPuppy Puppington4 månader sedan
  • such a shame that im already depressed

    Aibreann VanhattemAibreann Vanhattem4 månader sedan
  • just dress up as the tax man and ill pish my pants

    Jack TaitJack Tait4 månader sedan
  • You oughta try that again, but with a hacksaw in your free hand. Just to see if any rail employees will pull you up as you exit the station.

    Vitabrick SnailslimeVitabrick Snailslime4 månader sedan
  • SO what pickup lines did you use with that costume?

    OvAeonsOvAeons4 månader sedan
  • This is a piece of madden art

    Juan NavarroJuan Navarro4 månader sedan
  • W H I P P E R S N I P P E R

    sir9integra9jrsir9integra9jr4 månader sedan
  • Nice

    ThatSlavThatSlav4 månader sedan
  • I felt a bit sad watching the childhood vid at the beginning... I dont know why...

    coochiegrabbercoochiegrabber4 månader sedan
  • This video just made me sad

    MilanMilan4 månader sedan
  • 2:05 source pls, I am just a Japanese culture enthusiast

    HIROSHI KENHIROSHI KEN4 månader sedan
  • Why did i choose to watch this video at night

    Chibi ShimaChibi Shima4 månader sedan
  • The scariest thing here is you going on public transport without a mask during a global pandemic Edit: I read 11 months ago as 11 minutes ago. I am an idiot.

    sam wsam w4 månader sedan
    • Genius

      Rei dos DogesRei dos Doges4 månader sedan
  • This costume brings a whole new level of horror here in 2020 XD

    Niceley DoneNiceley Done4 månader sedan
  • I can be depressed without the costume

    Adrián AndradeAdrián Andrade4 månader sedan
  • Too spooky for me

    Gy987654321Gy9876543214 månader sedan
  • Me: im gonna sleep My brain: 0:50

    i need monyyzi need monyyz4 månader sedan
  • This is the video that inspired Unus Annus

    Ryan StenderRyan Stender4 månader sedan
  • Why the fuck is there a German Service announcer or whatever this is called 3:35

    Kilian b.Kilian b.4 månader sedan
  • I like how its Depressing

    JD PerfectJD Perfect4 månader sedan
  • You need a hug?

    Brody BrailsfordBrody Brailsford4 månader sedan
  • What's the music at the begining .?

    Knee GrowKnee Grow5 månader sedan
  • This video did make me depressed, it's 2020 now, clubs and morning commutes are gone, i miss being that level of depressed.

    Angel SpearAngel Spear5 månader sedan
  • I’m too high in acid to watching this lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Quincy DQuincy D5 månader sedan
  • Why did this actually make me depressed😂

    Octavius GalacticusOctavius Galacticus5 månader sedan
  • This is not spooky This is psychological horror

    D. SadsterD. Sadster5 månader sedan
  • I think you mean weed wacker

    Frank TrickeyFrank Trickey5 månader sedan
  • Epico

    Caio_MCaio_M5 månader sedan
  • does anyone know the song name?

    General Pizza CutterGeneral Pizza Cutter5 månader sedan
  • make the first comment on this comment have more likes than this comment

    ehe te nandayoehe te nandayo5 månader sedan
  • 1:50 thats from town in liverpool

    DogeScapeDogeScape5 månader sedan
  • Ok so I've become scared

    itzNiamhitzNiamh5 månader sedan
  • I’m here for the psychological support that was promised

    The Elite PickleThe Elite Pickle5 månader sedan
  • I thought the costume was a n’use

    Rufus lionRufus lion5 månader sedan
  • It's so scary, I've barely worked in my entire life!

    SeriouskaiSeriouskai5 månader sedan
  • deep

    Misha YTMisha YT5 månader sedan
  • 0:12 is that you when you were younger?

    crying grey guy holding a chickencrying grey guy holding a chicken5 månader sedan
  • Is the "Bus in Japan" montage is a scene from a porn?

    Adib YazidAdib Yazid6 månader sedan
    • it is ahaha

      I did a thingI did a thing6 månader sedan