I Hit The Worlds Fastest Ping Pong Ball!

9 apr 2020
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This is an educational video exploring why im not very good at playing table tennis.
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    • *plays 'fictional aisle' by tall boy special*

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    • Hey yoyr human know

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    • ahaha are you a real man now?

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    • Could you shoot in the air?

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  • Those feet are very endearing. Post more

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  • Put a suppressor on it

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  • is it me or did his son draw a **** on the board 3:48

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  • Tbf I enjoyed the assless chaps

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  • There's a reason this is my favorite channel and this whole thing is it

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  • Why not appeal to more? "hitting the world's fastest animal with my feet"

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  • What was that little baby thinking? His idea wasn’t working that well.

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  • hate wamen

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  • More cool music like that danger track please.

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  • amoogus

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  • its like a non-lethal super long shotgun

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  • It issent table tennis it’s wiff waff

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  • Hay respect my Australian wild life

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  • Lol load 3 balls at once

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  • Is that filthy frank in the BACKGROUND?

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  • This dude is tom cruise of youTube. Does all dangerous stunts by himself

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  • What if u did what smarter everyday did with his baseball cannon and shoot the ball through a vacuum reducing air resistance

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  • Stab wild animals with your feet that'll get the views

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  • idiot

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  • 3:52 DID HE DRAW A PP?

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  • *cute baby*

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  • do the funny shit

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  • Haha babby draws pp

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  • True Australian

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  • Why does the 3D printer sound like a microwave

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  • He should use a golf ball for more damage

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  • Whos watching this in 2021

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  • 3d printer looks black and red everything else just. Wood. Brown

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  • It's with. Not without

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  • Never realized how big ur gara-workshop is

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  • this dude is the slightly more civilized filthy frank

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  • You forgot the weird people who love watch dumb and stupid stuff that don’t want to watch danger but love wholesomeness

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  • 2:06 dang them camera tricks. I’m gonna steal that for my next short film

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  • You should look into adding a sabot to keep the ball from breaking up in the chamber

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  • He did a thing

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  • 1:28 welp we know how that happened

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  • Did you know that literally every alive Human inhales 6.5 Billion Tons of air per year

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  • Woahhhhhhh is accurate. Best clickbait

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  • feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  • i like feet

  • oink

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  • Oh I didn’t understand what 1000kilos was so thank you to converting it to ar-15 units, very helpful

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  • its 14 psi

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  • voiii

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  • Every time he says ping pong bat and not ping-pong paddle I die a little inside

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  • To many danger

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  • Do more animal vids i love it

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  • *nice feet*

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  • Uh GIF is the

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  • Dude you need a slow motion Camara

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    • i really do

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  • FEET

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  • That fire string or whatever it was called was actually really cool though.

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  • 1:28 Dr Strange be like 👀

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  • Homeless are gross and deceitful.

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  • What are those fireworks that he was spinning around in the beginning called?? I wanna get some of those now

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  • Or sixteen buses

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  • I love the american jokes. It's so amazing to convert kilos into arby's sandwiches, ar-15s, and homeless people with a lack of healthcare.

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    • well, he apparently thinks an ar-15 ways under 2 pounds less then a homeless dude so i wouldn't trust his calculations

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  • What the hell is UNNews?

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  • are Australians ar's crazy heavy or are their homeless men like 1 foot tall?

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  • Alex and team (I did a thing) your videos are hugely interesting for many reasons, like entertainment, witty humour, educational, wildlife and danger. Please keep safe? I am from the everything demographic, except I'm not into feet. Love you

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  • Also it is called ping pong. Not table tennis

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  • Yeah you do have good looking feet.

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  • Damm he be go in on the attack against America huh

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  • he could have been bigger if he had a asmr channel. That voice is so relaxing

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  • Thumbs up for prog and slackline activities

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  • we except pounds

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  • so if you somehow hit the ball directly through your opponent's paddle, who wins?

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  • Thats just a compressed air shotgun lol.

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  • 2:53 a wild norwegian in its natural habitat

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  • Moar feet

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  • and then you have people like me, I like both the dangerous and the wholesome content but the feet stops me from subscribing

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  • 4:18 what does the q stand for?

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  • nicee another murder weapon!

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  • song 9:45? I need it so I can do a thing

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  • Hit the table bong

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  • Stop wearing an spring you looked like a rejected muppet baker

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  • 2:13 ok but thats actually kinda impressive

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  • Alternate title: australian man discovers legal guns

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    • More like legal grenade launcher

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    • @Minecraft Heaven yea

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    • @Joseph Stalin correct

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    • @Minecraft Heaven shotgun exist

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    • @Joseph Stalin scince the pingpong ball fractures into random patterns and not even, constant fragments, it's a warcrime

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  • Finally the thirst for D A N G E R has been quenched.

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  • FEET

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  • his face doesnt match his voice

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  • *_We would make these and shoot them out at students at my high school_* Welts everywhere!

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  • 0:15 He said the thing

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  • Song? 4:26

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  • he could work for a sleep podcast company with that voice

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  • Ping pong is fine and I am chinese so good job

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  • I’m American so I’m not good with kilos but when said 300 ar 15 rifles that help a lot

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  • So that's how australia lit on fire

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  • I wish I could like the video more than once

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  • Poggers for God

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  • who tf eats ARBYS... If your going for a decent meal go to mc D or chick'fa la

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  • I fuckin love that he compares 1000 kg in to AR15’s for us Americans

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  • Imagine if this was in nam

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  • its ping tennis you racist

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