I Hit The Worlds Fastest Ping Pong Ball!

9 apr 2020
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This is an educational video exploring why im not very good at playing table tennis.
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    • @Zayn Baksmati he will always be I did a thing to me

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    • He’s i an A.I.

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    • Ah, I see I’ve achieved my dream of not being a real person. I’m joking. That was a joke.

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    • Can a Nokia phone survive!?!?? Not click bait

      David LopezDavid LopezMånad sedan
  • you made a homemade shotgun

    ITSEliteOPSITSEliteOPS10 timmar sedan
  • Top ten weapons too brutal for war

    Jack AttackJack Attack17 timmar sedan
  • there's a wit gedhang

    akbar ramadhanakbar ramadhanDag sedan
  • *Hey look hes impesoneting my last braincell*

    Eather PandaEather Panda2 dagar sedan
  • I understood the math when you used the AR15 calculator.

    MATTLEismMATTLEism4 dagar sedan
  • for one moment, i thought that the thumb had a kurzgesagt duck on it

    Yurkis _Yurkis _5 dagar sedan
  • Hmm 200 homeless men lol A man weights 5 kilos sheesh whats their workout routine

    Kool MateKool Mate6 dagar sedan
  • Song at the beginning?

    DreamweaverDreamweaver6 dagar sedan
  • Did anyone else notice that his name is Alex

    Miles SchmittelMiles Schmittel7 dagar sedan
  • ok that was cool, but next time use golf balls

    Sean WalshSean Walsh10 dagar sedan
  • all i have to say is..........lol

    Jonathan LawrenceJonathan Lawrence10 dagar sedan
  • 3 Things: 1- That's an awesome dangerous video! 2- Bring more animals, THEY'RE SO CUTE! 3- Nice feet, m8!

    Rafael IamamuraRafael Iamamura10 dagar sedan
  • I watch anything u put out

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  • 6:40 caught in 4k

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  • This man's the cats bollocks

    The Age Of KnowingThe Age Of Knowing17 dagar sedan
  • But a golf boll in it plis

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  • This is a funny guy

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  • its darwin not record buddy

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  • It's so awesome with just a pingpong ball, how about a golf ball? 😂😅

    Jeff LundquistJeff Lundquist18 dagar sedan
  • Rip headphone users

    Abel PreobrajenskyAbel Preobrajensky19 dagar sedan
  • can you maybe post the soundtracks in the description? or maybe a caption in the video?

    Nathan WestNathan West20 dagar sedan
  • 4:20 lol tha kid

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  • Why does nobody mention that he called a melon a soccer ball

    Los Hermanos PreistoricosLos Hermanos Preistoricos21 dag sedan
  • Thats cool but im curious what the actual reason is why you didnt get a longer pipe?

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  • How long do you make these videos i love them

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  • Hahahahahahahaha

    Robby BrownRobby Brown22 dagar sedan
  • Dip the ball in some of that liquid rubber. That would make the ball stick together for more impact (I Guess).

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  • that kid is big smart

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  • Can you put a golf ball in there

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  • Or the mafia that grew drugs in the house that you used to do the fidget spinner video

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  • Put some shoes on bloke

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  • 2:53 thats not table tennis thats a Bills game my Australian friend

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  • PONGERS!!!!!

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  • Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!??!

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  • Fill the ping pong ball with concrete.

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  • thats a epic frog you got on the desk

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  • Never heard psytrance used as an into lol, NOICE

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  • What’s up

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  • 4:09 CHEWB

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  • Use golf ball

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  • ssssoooooooooo i guess in a zombie apocalypse dont use a gun as thats far too loud and will atract more zombies but use a super table tennis ball launcher instead its far more quiet and its just as powerful

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  • I am looking for that one person who lists the songs used in a video, I need you

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  • You should do it with golf balls

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  • 11:58 for those of you who didn't want to watch the whole vid

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  • Anime ping pong be like

    Fuscão PretoFuscão Preto28 dagar sedan
  • Why u walk on ur feet?

    tom de Breetom de Bree28 dagar sedan
  • All around great video but the feet man

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  • No wonder those 200 homeless man are dying with their 5kg body weight if that air column is only 1000kg. Its about 100kPa ~ 10 000 kg / m2.

    G HG H28 dagar sedan
  • wow this video had it all loving it!

    Roster MaanRoster Maan29 dagar sedan
  • aint that cool?

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  • Real question is: did the medication work

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  • Can u imagine using a golf ball

    Leo brilsfordLeo brilsfordMånad sedan
  • Why does his 3d printer sound like a microwave

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  • fire a golf ball next >:)

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  • Alternate title: the revenge of the ping-pong ball.

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  • I weigh around 23 AR-15’s

    Fiberglass CheeseFiberglass CheeseMånad sedan
  • wait homeless men is equal to 2/1.5 of a ar?

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  • me when i see rbg ram's :

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  • You are a legend

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  • u made a whole canon + shotgun

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  • FEET

    Pastily RapyPastily RapyMånad sedan
  • (DA-TA) ??? ITS (DAE-TA) British accent bad, its not like English came from the Uk or something... (JOKE: I KNOW IT CAME FROM UK, PS: Also Uk Accent strange to a new york kid)

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  • I like all three options: feet, animal, danger

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  • I wanna see this modified into a pool cue and shoot the cue ball in a game of supersonic snooker lol

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  • Stupid cute freakin' kid. Why would you do this to us? Whyyyyyyeeeeeee?

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  • stolen from mythbusters.

    i don't carei don't careMånad sedan
  • I can't stop replaying the part when the drunk man yeets on the table and breaks it

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  • Why does his 3D printer sound like my microwave😂😆

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  • wow this was cool

  • Ceo of 3am videos

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  • Me hearing him say that’s dangerous him:Destroying stuff

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  • Baby straight out drew daddy ...if u see ut u see it

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  • Can you do it with a metal ball or a tennis ball now?

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  • What is the Beethoven song that plays anyone?

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  • man good thing he got the cheese berger mesurment

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  • Try an iron ball instead of a table pong ball

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  • FM Radio: Am I a joke to you!?

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  • We call it ping pong in hungary too 😁

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  • 300 AR15s or 200x homeless men about to die from a lack of Healthcare America has become the butt of everyone's jokes lolololol

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  • I'm sorry but dartah

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  • Yes a s o c c e r b a l l.

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  • You need a high speed camera Asap!

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  • Do it again but with golf balls

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  • Ur voice is calming like an Australian Morgan Freeman lol

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  • If Kevin McCallister was 8 years old today, Harry and Marv would be all kinds of Effed up!

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  • I'm surprised noone noticed that he looked like Joji in the thumbnail before taking a second look.

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  • Its called a paddle

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  • Song at 1:30?

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  • It’s called... wifwaf 😇

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  • Hitting the ball happens @11:57

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  • The odd schedule july snore because subway numerically play beneath a irate hippopotamus. petite, nauseating pedestrian

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  • Is the child in your videos actually yours or did you just find it

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  • what if, instead of making people really small, you play normal tennis on a really big table? Would that be table tennis?

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  • aww fuck its too much danger AND FEET ahhh

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  • Do Australian youtubers hate Americans? I'm honestly starting to believe that

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  • Nice hands

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