How to make a Band when you have no friends

29 dec 2019
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Today I'm a teach you how to make a one-man band so you can steal jobs from all the musicians around you!
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  • If you'd like to hire Vulo to perform the best song in the world over and over again, please send your inquiries to

    I did a thingI did a thingÅr sedan
    • @Stone_Pickaxe thanks alot

      chromsochromso2 månader sedan
    • @chromso It is Prelude in E Minor Op. 28 No. 4 in E Minor by Chopin. I use a Google Chrome extension called Aha music and you can actually click it while the song's playing and it'll tell you what the song is if it can find it. It worked especially well here since there wasn't talking over it.

      Stone_PickaxeStone_Pickaxe2 månader sedan
    • Add this to spotify

      Jonathan ???Jonathan ???2 månader sedan
    • Can he please make a full cover of the song?? Im still rewaching the vid to hear the songgg 🙏😍

      tal shaqtal shaq2 månader sedan
    • What about a alarm clock that stabs you if you try to hit the snooze button

      KolbeKolbe2 månader sedan
  • this made me cry a bit

    glitchglitch2 dagar sedan
  • Salute to his mate

    Akash NagAkash Nag2 dagar sedan
  • amoogus

    Luca PogainisLuca Pogainis3 dagar sedan
  • 11:11 the guy behind with the black hoodie 😂

    Big Nose Inc.Big Nose Inc.3 dagar sedan
  • Dude in the back at 11:10 mooned the camera

    AlligatorcrocsAlligatorcrocs3 dagar sedan
  • 10:07 discount Mario

    Trey GoodTrey Good4 dagar sedan
  • The beginning part around 1:40 made me cry so god damn bad

    Power House Airsoft P.H.APower House Airsoft P.H.A4 dagar sedan
  • I cried when the train conductor was let in to the wild

    Ayden KeithAyden Keith4 dagar sedan
  • Looking back to this he looks like a sims character lol

    Muhammad HelioMuhammad Helio5 dagar sedan
  • I cried when the conductor went to the wild :'(

    ColorabilityColorability8 dagar sedan
  • Such emotion this is art

    Cummgus KhanCummgus Khan8 dagar sedan
  • bruh this was social distancing before it was needed

    Blurst DS PlayerBlurst DS Player8 dagar sedan
  • 8:02 wtf are you searching on reddit??? I have too many questions 😃

    javnik 27javnik 279 dagar sedan
  • some people probably thought he was autistic some say hes a legend

    God But WiredGod But Wired9 dagar sedan

    CarbonCarbon10 dagar sedan
  • oh noooo

    Razors OccamRazors Occam11 dagar sedan
  • ok that singing may have been just a joke but god damn he was good at it

    The Lingering ProtogenThe Lingering Protogen11 dagar sedan
  • I noticed the bowl he had with the money was from his milk bottle knife vid

    Vince MarevkaVince Marevka12 dagar sedan
  • I actually cried when the train driver was released into the wild Edit:I now realize the comment under me beat me to it

    Autismo173Autismo17312 dagar sedan
  • From the music i thought his friend would bring him to a hunting accident where they always never find the deer that took the shot

    PrometheusVPrometheusV13 dagar sedan
  • if you cry over the introscene that's kind of ripped off from the movie A.I. then you're probably pregnant. i don't count, as i'm male and i was only crying a little bit.

    AniX KaneAniX Kane15 dagar sedan
  • I lowkey cried a bit at the start

    Ben DoverBen Dover15 dagar sedan
  • How did you manage to make me cry

    Daedy JacksonDaedy Jackson16 dagar sedan
  • 1:55 i actually started crying

    X1controLlerX1controLler16 dagar sedan
  • The backup dancers killed me 😂

    WieldySoap 09WieldySoap 0916 dagar sedan
  • I actually want a full cover

    Emil FladstrandEmil Fladstrand17 dagar sedan
  • Loved this video. Its great seeing music bring people together 👌🏻

    Lost OutLost Out17 dagar sedan
  • He looks like a young Ron Jeremy.. lol

    Jake GrollJake Groll18 dagar sedan
  • How did you make me care for the conductor when I knew for about 20 seconds

    KillerKinkstarKillerKinkstar18 dagar sedan
  • Bruh the cover is better than the actual song wtf

    meeshkin gamingmeeshkin gaming19 dagar sedan
  • I keep coming back just for the "Party all the time", I really want a full version

    SploshSplosh19 dagar sedan

    guy named Loveguy named Love19 dagar sedan
  • I was legitimately sad when he was released into the wild.

    Gay MingGay Ming20 dagar sedan
  • It actually was pretty good!

  • 11:50 This was honestly way better than expected, he's killing it.

    TetriTek StudiosTetriTek Studios22 dagar sedan
  • 1:39 why does the guy in blue look so fake? Like a cartoon character? Wtf

    TetriTek StudiosTetriTek Studios22 dagar sedan
  • am i the only one who almost cried when he let the conductor loose

    Grey ColbertGrey Colbert22 dagar sedan
  • Imagine he fell over

    no nameno name22 dagar sedan
  • I wish he've had actually sang it in public that well instead of it all being voiced over. He would've came back with that beautiful blue marble bowl full of money

    Paul ParitiPaul Pariti22 dagar sedan
  • He honestly sounded amazing

    Reversal BoiReversal Boi22 dagar sedan
  • For those of you who are wanting to skip Directly to the song it begins at 10:41

    Ulfric StormcloakUlfric Stormcloak23 dagar sedan
  • where boys cry:"sad fortnite animations" where men cry 0:54

    Israel HernandezIsrael Hernandez23 dagar sedan
  • Wow I can't believe it actually turned out that good

    Kishan NathanKishan Nathan23 dagar sedan
  • vulo thriving out here

    Kean HawksKean Hawks23 dagar sedan
  • Piece played: Chopin - Prelude in e minor op. 28 no. 4

    RenasciturRenascitur24 dagar sedan
  • 10:42 thank me later

    Daniel KellyDaniel Kelly24 dagar sedan
  • I actually cried when he sent the conductor back to the wild (ToT)

    FocheroTFocheroT24 dagar sedan
  • 12:21 THE BOWL

    Kieran LKieran L24 dagar sedan
  • Does vujo have a Channel? He hast a really nice voice :)

    Schaad StoffSchaad Stoff26 dagar sedan
  • 10:43

    Myles is WhiteMyles is White26 dagar sedan
  • Your mate is a good singer

    Llama Playz356Llama Playz35626 dagar sedan
  • Such a vibe

    Blair CorbettBlair Corbett27 dagar sedan
  • Sad train day

    Bucas BaglerBucas Bagler27 dagar sedan
  • Anyone who has ever left a animal like that when the animal was supposed to be apart of their family is the problem with this world

    SlaeSlae27 dagar sedan
  • Why did you have to make that conductor scene so sad?

    WugWug27 dagar sedan
  • anyone else come back to this video just for the fucking banger cover of party all the time??

    PilotFluxPilotFlux27 dagar sedan
    • i do

      I did a thingI did a thing27 dagar sedan
  • Davie504 would be very disappointed in you for saying bass and guitar are the same

  • "And then it dawned on me.. I don't care" mood

    stinks or stonksstinks or stonks27 dagar sedan
  • dude he vibing

    MrBananaChipsMrBananaChips28 dagar sedan
  • This is actually incredible

    Memely_ DayzMemely_ Dayz28 dagar sedan
  • that skit almost made me cry

    Dab savage kid Yeti manDab savage kid Yeti man29 dagar sedan
  • thw fact that the song actually was good was the biggest punch to my gut

    きょきょ29 dagar sedan
  • the fact that i almost cried about abandoning a train driver says a lot

    Elliot RamenElliot Ramen29 dagar sedan
  • the piezo goes quack quack quack

    Thomas PankiewiczThomas Pankiewicz29 dagar sedan
  • with the train driver point but, there's still plenty of jobs for them. like at least 50 individual sets that NEED to be operated by a driver are currently being delivered and should be in service too. I think we should be more concerned about the guards losing their jobs but, they're really trying to make them obsolete to get that extra dough

    Lorenzo ScarpellinoLorenzo Scarpellino29 dagar sedan
  • He’s really good!

    Cheyenne ReynosoCheyenne Reynoso29 dagar sedan
  • I have that giant bear

    the elemental dragonthe elemental dragon29 dagar sedan
  • I may be stupid but Am I the only one who thinks that his brother looks like Bruce Wayne from Gotham

    Angry BassTVAngry BassTVMånad sedan
  • uuuuuuuuuhhhh it reminds me of the sad scene in fox and the hound

    Wyatt MuellerWyatt MuellerMånad sedan
    • It is that exact scene

      I did a thingI did a thingMånad sedan
  • i wasnt ready to catch the feels

    Algo NeulandAlgo NeulandMånad sedan
  • Me who knows about don't starve: give item one_man_band.

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  • Fantastic Video. Automation is great, it makes individual produce more. Just unfortunately the extra gain isn't given to the people who did the hard work but the capital behind. Great reflect of reality.

    Chenhui GeChenhui GeMånad sedan
  • This was truly an Amazing video!

    EvanEvanMånad sedan
  • Damn I didn't know they went to China to play, quality video

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  • One of the more cringier videos hes made

    Scared Of GhostsScared Of GhostsMånad sedan
  • Bro im cring no joke :/

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  • Internet WARNING this year 2021

    Permijit DunkleyPermijit DunkleyMånad sedan
  • not since the conductor revolution of 2001 that built thousands of large wooden trains

    Donut_man360noscopeDonut_man360noscopeMånad sedan
    • and destroyed humanity

      Donut_man360noscopeDonut_man360noscopeMånad sedan
  • This video made me happy.

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  • £200 bear

    Dagger CrownDagger CrownMånad sedan
  • Ten times humanity got destroyed by a sad story number one slot is this

    Dragon GamesDragon GamesMånad sedan
  • ninja turtle cosplay

    AfterhourAfterhourMånad sedan
  • I’m surprise people even looked at him

    The Fun PigThe Fun PigMånad sedan
  • 11:10 look he is so happy

    Helmut_ wohn_sajrajtHelmut_ wohn_sajrajtMånad sedan
  • That sounds way better than I expected: groove it!

    Paul ToddPaul ToddMånad sedan
  • Didn’t realize how diverse Australia is

    Roe JoganRoe JoganMånad sedan
  • Is that requiem for Annie by parov stelar?

    Narcissist MargarineNarcissist MargarineMånad sedan
  • This thing is actually pretty good I mean people were dancing to it.

    Debarjan DattaDebarjan DattaMånad sedan
  • the song is a bop tho

    Michał BorysławskiMichał BorysławskiMånad sedan
  • Ah, the rare and exotic Vibraslap. Such a rarity in today's world, as they are sadly near extinction.

    The Alpha YithThe Alpha YithMånad sedan
  • this is so wholesome, nobody would dance in america

    rochadiccrochadiccMånad sedan
  • This is my personal favorite video of 2019.

    XK-ClassXK-ClassMånad sedan
  • Next level!

    John PalermoJohn PalermoMånad sedan
  • Huge props to that guy for actually being able to pull it off😂

    Its LumberJackIts LumberJackMånad sedan
  • i'm new so i don't know his kids name but i thought he was funny

    Lago PlayzLago PlayzMånad sedan
  • 11:13 the guy behind him is mooning the camera

  • I like this version of the song better

  • No te pagan lo suficiente para tan alta obra de arte

    AlbarikokeAlbarikokeMånad sedan
  • He should make a video about how to be a one nut wonder

    Jack WackJack WackMånad sedan