How to make a Band when you have no friends

29 dec 2019
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Today I'm a teach you how to make a one-man band so you can steal jobs from all the musicians around you!
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  • If you'd like to hire Vulo to perform the best song in the world over and over again, please send your inquiries to

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    • @chromso "Mi Instante En El Tiempo" -Alejandro Ordonez

      Greg LawrenceGreg Lawrence3 dagar sedan
    • I am first if the first Pearson and the last person and everybody in the middle didn't comment

      Nidal mohammadNidal mohammad7 dagar sedan
    • @Stone_Pickaxe thanks alot

      chromsochromso4 månader sedan
  • is it just me or does the train driver look like he's made of clay

    btdbtd21 timme sedan
  • How the fuck did you manage to make me sad with that stupid train driver bit??

    Herohammer StudiosHerohammer Studios6 dagar sedan
  • i died cuz there was no masks REEEEEEEEEEEE

    Noah IdotNoah Idot8 dagar sedan
  • When he was at road singing i was here laughing and crying at same time in my bathroom

    Animu CirculationAnimu Circulation12 dagar sedan
  • I think my favorite part of watching your videos so far are how already you've somehow managed to sneak in police brutality, how we're ruining the environment, and now the horrors of capitalism. You're brilliant and beautiful. Show more feet.

    Michael DubyaMichael Dubya16 dagar sedan

    Edwin DuranEdwin Duran19 dagar sedan
  • I hear they have a pretty extensive conductor reserve near England, called the Island of Sodor.

    bsharpmajorscalebsharpmajorscale21 dag sedan
  • Legend

    SmellTheLSmellTheL22 dagar sedan
  • The fact that they enjoyed it amazes me

    T-90 is comingT-90 is coming24 dagar sedan
  • Imagine being in an earthquake with this thing

    Grim910Grim91028 dagar sedan
  • Please make another one man band video!! Love it!

    The 89 VisionThe 89 Vision28 dagar sedan
  • this is amazing!!

    brandon woodbrandon woodMånad sedan
  • This gives a new meaning to getting back together in a rock band

    Filip SostekFilip SostekMånad sedan
  • This might be the best I did a thing vid I’ve ever seen 🤣🤣🤣

    Bready Steady BAKEBready Steady BAKEMånad sedan
  • The little kids during the end were so wholesome

    Operator InsaneOperator InsaneMånad sedan
  • Wait a sec... Nobody's talking about the black hoodie guy that mooned the camera at 11:10

    Corey IlesCorey IlesMånad sedan
  • whats the name of that piano song around 1:18min

    Tom SturmeTom SturmeMånad sedan
  • pepesad

    Valter FalleniusValter FalleniusMånad sedan
  • 10:13 Is he talking to God?

    Suprxme MemeSuprxme MemeMånad sedan
  • We not gonna talk about the guy who straight up mooned the camera? Edit: 11:12 ,you can't miss it

    Big DaveBig DaveMånad sedan
  • That stupid

    Chicken BoiChicken BoiMånad sedan
  • That conductor skit had no right being a sad as it is

    XhanXhanMånad sedan

    MasterCrazyAndyMasterCrazyAndyMånad sedan
  • One band man

    xi lixi liMånad sedan
  • Spoiler: the main character dies

    Gaming How ToGaming How ToMånad sedan
  • first step: go outside and get some friends.

    Linh macLinh macMånad sedan
  • Meanwhile ... steal my job anytime.

    Smallstudio DesignSmallstudio DesignMånad sedan
  • did you realy take all his money?!

    denis blakedenis blakeMånad sedan
  • Just one word : epic

    kim jensenkim jensenMånad sedan
  • Best fucking video idea you've ever had on your channel mate

    Greek Dev GeekGreek Dev GeekMånad sedan
  • that was perfect

    wyatt caltonwyatt caltonMånad sedan
  • The song was actaully fucking great hahah

    Ville BlomqvistVille BlomqvistMånad sedan
  • Why did the train driver thing make me so sad 😭

    Janna-lynn SechserJanna-lynn SechserMånad sedan
  • Does anyone remember Marry Poppins? This is Bert reborn.

    Bio BossBio BossMånad sedan

    bnerbnerMånad sedan
  • Somehow, the train driver part was genuinely heartbreaking.

    Jelke HJelke HMånad sedan
  • 8:02 find it

    kybo1226kybo1226Månad sedan
  • 11:13 showed all of the cake

    Defcon QwertyDefcon QwertyMånad sedan
  • My first tear in 7 years fell after this sad, sad cinematic in the beginning...

    Kobalt Retr0Kobalt Retr0Månad sedan
  • The snotty clutch perplexingly marry because crush prenatally crash next a daffy dibble. black, careless vein

    NguyenNgocThao NguyenNguyenNgocThao NguyenMånad sedan
  • Oooooooohhhhhhhhh, so this is how the macarena was made.

    Tyler MTyler MMånad sedan

    Mitrajit Chandra Chandra 80Mitrajit Chandra Chandra 80Månad sedan
  • then i tawned on me I DONT CARE is the best line ever

    Pending ChangePending ChangeMånad sedan
  • I am painfully embarrassed even though he crushed it

    Weston AndersonWeston AndersonMånad sedan
  • what a legend

    Uncle JoeUncle JoeMånad sedan
  • lmao fucking party all the time

    cool guycool guyMånad sedan
  • I love how supportive his friend is. Even went through with the whole bit even though he would look like a fool singing. Wish I had friends like that.

    DPDPMånad sedan
  • The unimployed Traindrivers could drive the trains in germany XD Then the trains wouldn't be that late 😂

    Vincent GerberVincent GerberMånad sedan
  • 7:37 sounds like traditional chinese drumming

    tekiictekiicMånad sedan
  • Capitalism: An Introduction

    PredatoragePredatorageMånad sedan
  • Seriously an underrated vid by you.

    Sean HouseSean HouseMånad sedan
  • Hahahaha that slick dad joke

    Emma TorodeEmma TorodeMånad sedan
  • Hatsume miku is a machine :o

    Karbon YTKarbon YTMånad sedan
  • Bro he almost sounds like a blues singer, this ain't bad, I love how goofy it is

    JordanJordanMånad sedan
  • I love how accurate that Train Driver skit was to the dog being left behind Ad that was classic

    Jacob MasonJacob MasonMånad sedan
  • Outro music anyone?

    fuckfuckMånad sedan
  • Wait a minute... That’s not a conductors hat!

    xMOSEScbxMOSEScbMånad sedan
  • The will of your friend is insane

    HermishmerHermishmerMånad sedan
  • I don’t have That Probleme

    Harald FrankeHarald FrankeMånad sedan
  • I wanna see the videos the random people on the street took of you

    clit crusaderclit crusaderMånad sedan
  • I like this more then the original can you make a cover?

    HugísHugísMånad sedan
  • BIG BRAIN QUESTION: Why does Vulo look like fuze from apex?

    OliverJuneOliverJuneMånad sedan
  • Mary Poppins plagiarized this shit.

    the mangothe mangoMånad sedan
  • Can you release the full version of the song/cover? It's amazing, I like it more than the original :DD

    Lemon CompilerLemon CompilerMånad sedan
  • dude when he scared the kids with the fucking puppet💀

    Pj MushPj MushMånad sedan
  • This was actually amazing. The comedy was spot on, the train conductor bit was great, and the project actually turned out really well. As a band kid, cutting the drum in half hurt me, but a little of that "just why" feel is a pivotal part of a I did a thing video at this point. I was fully expecting Vulo to make a fool of himself based on what I'd seen of him in other videos (no offense), but he's actually a decent singer. People also seem weirdly willing to dance in Australia, if you did that in America I'm guessing most people would just awkwardly watch.

    Elder FrostElder FrostMånad sedan
    • Thanks mate. Ill let vulo know

      I did a thingI did a thingMånad sedan
  • Your friend has a really good voice! Great video!

    BMPWRBMPWRMånad sedan
  • 11 year old Ed Sheeran has entered the chat...

    Allan ShpeleyAllan ShpeleyMånad sedan

    Adil Man Band OFFICIELAdil Man Band OFFICIELMånad sedan
  • There was a guy on the metro and acting that he was driving I was funny af he did the train noises and the calls to him self for 2hrs

    GalaxyGalaxyMånad sedan
  • The whispering piccolo expectedly shop because apartment emotionally close at a tasty pin. imaginary, wanting club

    Daniel RosenzweigDaniel RosenzweigMånad sedan
  • Why isn't anybody talking about both agreeing on cutting the drum on half with him inside?

    MrFosilManMrFosilManMånad sedan
  • 11:31 impressive! How did you use telekinesis to play the guitar

    Poi258Poi258Månad sedan
  • "one industry that's been pretty much untouched by automation, music " Daft Punk enters and exits the chat

    Vinnie DavisVinnie DavisMånad sedan
  • Do a face reveL

    ghgyghgyMånad sedan
  • ok, but why did it work?

    iliasiliasMånad sedan
  • 1:56 this is how my dad left me

    Jackson FasslJackson FasslMånad sedan
  • You cure me from my breakup

    ShiinaBeatsShiinaBeatsMånad sedan
  • this is strangely sad and funny at the same time

    ShinkiShinkiMånad sedan
  • im getting second hand embarrassment

    YJGames06YJGames06Månad sedan
  • Ouh, pre COVID you were so beautiful

    WuzNabWuzNabMånad sedan
  • Holy shit, that was a legit a really great cover m8.

    MisterPuddMisterPuddMånad sedan
  • R/madlad

    edwinlowie quisumbingedwinlowie quisumbingMånad sedan
  • I need this

    edwinlowie quisumbingedwinlowie quisumbingMånad sedan
  • I hate to break it to you, but you've just created a hootenanny.

    ForMoneyForMoneyMånad sedan
  • This actually turned out well

    Sad VibesSad VibesMånad sedan
  • wowie he's actually playing and singing good

    Sevastish BurySevastish BuryMånad sedan
  • my buddy told me about throwing out a "piss-party" related large bear out on the side of the road

    Noah PappNoah PappMånad sedan
  • Automated partying?! This is truly the future!

    Dank MemesDank MemesMånad sedan
  • him: subscribe or ill make eddy Murphey take your job me: jokes on u, I'm unemployed holding back tears

    Shezin S abdullaShezin S abdullaMånad sedan
  • I thank the algorithmic gods everyday for leading me to your channel 🙏

    The NEW Iain Mackenzie.The NEW Iain Mackenzie.Månad sedan
  • Where real men cried 1:20

    DefaultDefaultMånad sedan
  • My god was the conductor scene inspired by fox and the hound when they ditch the fox in the forrest hahaha

    Arty MarsArty MarsMånad sedan
  • as a musician seeing him saw the drum in half was painful

    DaEpikTrolleDaEpikTrolleMånad sedan
  • Why are you like a baby yust eating everything

    SpaceCat1SpaceCat1Månad sedan
  • Y is he legit rlly good lmaoo

    Punk rock BunnyPunk rock BunnyMånad sedan
  • he doesnt look like a train driver in that suit he looks more like a serial killer tbh

    CoRRupT HoPeCoRRupT HoPeMånad sedan
  • 9:10 nobody is going to acknowledge this? i think i may be insane, but that's top notch humor right there.

    ZipwadZipwadMånad sedan
  • I love how the crowd just hangs around and dances like it was a yearly tradition

    ParkerParkerMånad sedan