Can a Vacuum Cleaner Pull Your Eye Out? (Real Test)

5 feb 2020
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This is a educational video demonstrating the dangers of vacuum cleaners, with the aim of preventing further injuries. Never place a vacuum cleaner on your eye or any part of your body!

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  • Does he put in the ads? Or did an ad about vacuumed come up when he said he would never put an ad in his videos?

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  • Anybody else get a vacuum add while watching this video?

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  • 3:03 Wait, thats not a urinal

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  • Bro can people remember when the ad pops up when he said no ads

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  • 4:37 he FRIKIN got us

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  • 4:33

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  • 4:59 not only is this joke perfect, but I got an ad for a fucking vacuum. *Now that's comedy.*

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  • 4:57 no joke you were saying you would never put ad in ur vid and the sec you say that an ad popped up

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  • 3:15 you gave me an idea 😂 i’m going to do it

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  • I would never put a rea- advertisement comes up ( this actually happened and idk where he cut off so I put it there ty for reading)

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  • I would never place and add in my video. 5 seconds later.. ad:hello there

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  • As you said i would never put a ad in my video i got one -_-

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  • 6:41 nooooooooooooooooooooooo technoblade

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  • 8:03 Trump when he saw 2 girls 1 cup

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  • Not kidding youtube put a commercial right where you said you would never put a commercial. It was a fucking vacuume commercial wtf dude that sux

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  • I did this and a can see for miles

    it's discardit's discard5 dagar sedan
  • 4:55 LMFAOO

    I like chicken nuggetsI like chicken nuggets6 dagar sedan
  • 5:00 whyyyy I know there's an ad here there is a yellow spot but why it didn't pop up

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  • We have a Dyson I think

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  • I watched this wile eating

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    • I'm still eating and I question my own sanity.

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  • Bad days when the fake ad actually catches u off guard 😂😂

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  • Lmao the most ironic part a out the ad part is that the ad i got was a crypto card ad 🤣🤣🤣

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  • 2:53 I Have The Same Nerf Gun hahaha Lol

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  • Says he would never put an add in his videos 2 add popped up right add

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  • anybody else get an ad for vacuums at 4:59

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  • "poor snakes"

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  • The advertisement part of the video stuck every last nerve I had omg lmao

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  • After he said I‘d never put a real ad in my video I hot an ad for a Vacuum cleaner

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  • I rly thought that was an real ad

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  • After the fake advertisement, I got my real advertisement and it was about vacuum cleaners.

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  • At 4:55 I got an ad for vacuums lmao

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  • That ad got me so good

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  • The add got me

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  • ad: plays me with adblocker: visual confusion

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  • How are you still alive?

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  • ok at the part of the vid where he seid i will never put an ad in my vids a ad pop up

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  • I was told as a child that is as difucult to chew of a big carrot as biting of a pinky finger, is this true?

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  • What an EYE sore

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  • And then one day, England decided to send all of their prisoners and the criminally insane to Thailand. Wait, that's not right, it was to Japan. No, that's not it. What country am I thinking of?

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  • Surprisingly i got a vacuum ad

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  • I think I'm going to vomit, altough I like this video.

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  • Ironically I got a vacuum ad in the middle of this vid XD

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  • If ur big gonna wear shoes, please Atleast wear that walk barefoot is gross

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  • never put a real ad on video ad;IMAGIN YOU COULD TURN THIS INTO THIS

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  • i immediately got a real ad after you said 'i would never place a real ad in any of my videos"

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  • (5:00) I would never put a ad on my video Me getting a ad about vacuums 1 second after.

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  • Noooooooooooooooooooooo

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  • i love how my add was a vaccum cleaner add hahahahahahaha.

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  • Is it wrong that I diddnt cringe or say ewww once during this entire video

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  • "See, I would never put a real advertisement in my vide-" *ad

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  • that ad part still gets me lol

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  • POV: Your here from nightly juicy memes

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  • That advertisement thing was awesome

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  • was i the only one who tried to skip the video add

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  • Why tf was that one ad a fucking vacuum ad

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  • When I was a kid the myth was that putting a Pop Ball over your eye could suck it out, not even close to enough suction but half a tennis ball might do it.

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  • I literally came here after a meme of memenade It was totally worth it 🤣🤣

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  • ew

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  • 8:07

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  • 05:00 "I would never put an ad in my videos" 05:01 Ad starts to play

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  • D:< YOU LIE TO ME 🤨😣

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  • Just when he said "i would never put a real advertaisment i my video... I got a commercial..... 🤔🤔

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  • I would never put an advertisement in my videos, [ad pops up about shark vacuums]

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  • Go to the thanks I’m looking for it

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  • He trick my with the fake ad

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  • Oh my god I thought the ad was real lol

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  • when he says he wouldnt put an ad on the screen the ad: so you have chosen death?

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  • 4:31 Im not kidding, I tried to skip the ad and paused the video xD

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  • 4:34 Bruh I thought it was a real add

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  • The hilarity ensues bc he says i would never put a real add in my video and i immediately get an add

  • 4:50 liar I got an ad

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  • All is well until this video is suggested to you by SEworld.

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  • 4:55 right as a ad appeared

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  • Absolutely disgusting i almost threw up

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  • "I would never put an add i-" Me: Gets an add

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  • Can someone tell me if the eye popped out or not? I couldn't bring myself to watch something that looked that disgusting.

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  • The only difference between apple and Dyson is that apple actually makes solid feeling products. While Dyson uses the absolutes cheapest method of manufacturing. The only metal part you’ll find in a dyson is the motor. The rest is plastic, and not even quality plastic. Yet people keep buying that trash.

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  • i thought that was an add but it wasont

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  • I’m slightly Mexican and the pig head is normal

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  • That add placement for me 😂

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  • I SWEAR TO GOD, SEworld AD JUST PERFECTLY STARTED WHEN YOU SAID ''I would never put a real advertisement in my videos'' LMFAO.

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  • 1:35 Bam, Boom, STRAIGHT TO THE MOON, BITCH!

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  • 4:35 like if you tapped skip add

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  • I think am sick

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  • "i would never put a real advertisement in my videos" legit less than half a second later ad:sup

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  • in naruto you could pop the eye in and it could work on a living object

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  • i got an ad for an vaccum cleaner lol

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  • I have so many regrets

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  • Having signed up to SEworld premium for a trial and seeing an ad popped up sent me into a new level of rage before realising the obvious joke. Hats off man

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