Why did I build Monoliths all around the World?

8 dec 2020
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  • Go watch their Netflix show its absolutely hilarious! www.netflix.com/auntydonnasbigolhouseoffun

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    • No

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    • no

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    • m.seworld.info/will/m5qpldnejq2Bz5c/video

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    • No

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    • no

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  • shoulda gotten primitive technology

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  • When the guy that was saying I couldn’t find the model lift and the guy that is doing that weird stuff with the mama left like putting his arms across it and then did the car it looked like he was in sane but it makes sense like I don’t know why but dude it’s amazing he’s like a wizard! Have fun building the monolith

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  • Just a pterodactyl in the back screaming and they’re laughing and digging

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  • When people lie about starting a trend *It was in 2016 not 2019*

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  • That happened in my fucking City lol.

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  • You ruined the excitement 😔

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  • now we know i did a thing is a alien

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  • これが噂の宇宙人か。

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  • Next video: Why did I engineer a lethal virus to kill elderly people?

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  • I having a mid life crisis that it was u and I’m 14

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    • Anas underside having crisis when 14 what tradg

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  • Okay no one is going to see this but why didn’t they just put a tarp on top of the monolith... people put tarps on top of stuff all the time. It wouldn’t have looked sus.

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  • No fuxking way 😂🤣

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  • I like how everybody has a sense of humor of big but little children and the way they communicate with each other is completely funny

  • These guys you went and met with seem VERY aggressive.

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  • Monolith in romania :) glad i live there

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  • I can’t believe I watch bunch of idiots kissing monolith

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  • amoogus

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  • Omg it was actually you

  • seworld.info/will/mIy73LXXqoWY0n0/video someone copied you lmaoooo

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  • Imagine in a thousand years and they have no record of how it was created they would probs assume it was by aliens or some shit like the pyramids

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  • I should've known youd be involved somehow

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  • Weren't these monoliths like a complete mystery for a little while? Wtf!

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    • They were and still are. IDAT only put one, we still dont know who put the others ones, and frankly i dont care.

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  • 11:27 thats the most pathetic attempt at digging i ever seen

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  • Dont make fast travel points. This is an order

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  • Wtf bird or animal makes that yelling granny sound thru out the video in the wilderness

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  • I love the music in the beginning same sounds they used in the movie Annihilation.

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  • This is fake the times don't aline

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  • 0:56 very confusing but ok

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  • I bet they're laughing they're asses off watching the news

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  • The man did the most epic advertisement

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  • I feckin knew it

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  • That’s some good lookin kfc

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  • 8:55 Couldn't focus on the conversation because of your mate gollum eating all the KFC in the back

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  • the zoom call sound scared me

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  • These guys are aliens in disguise planting thier beacons for the mother ship and filming it like a vlog so the government would not suspect this monolith

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  • So that was you!

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  • Fake

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  • Any proof?

  • But why

  • No you didnt.

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  • If you built all of them why didn’t you film it ?

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    • @Oli Lawrence Ik

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    • Cause he didnt

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  • That first meet up and introduction to each other with their different groups in the parking lot was the most Australian thing I've ever witnessed

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    • Do they always start shaking hands when still over ten metres apart???

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  • Malaysia please

  • Concrete was invented for a reason

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  • Music from annihilation, Netflix in case your wondering. I don't know how you found considering it's not well known track.

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  • You are liars You said you "paid" someone to build the monolith in december 2019, but the monolith was proven to be placed between August and October 2016. You tallentless shills couldn't even get the damn year right

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    • Another one showed up in Africa

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  • One time I put a door in the middle of the forest I do have nowhere else to put it I just placed it there from the forest

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  • lmao , i stopped watching it after you brought the wrong shovels to dig holes. shits funny. Get a spear shovel FFS.

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  • no you didnt lol

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  • So basically you did a thing

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  • I'm an Alien. We built these artifacts. This human is lying! Wtf bro!

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  • Sooo, about the monolith in Congo that was you too ?

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  • is it just me or did anyone get bothered by what shovels they were using LOL

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  • Aussies talking to each other is the most entertaining thing ever

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  • So does this mean you put the one up in Toronto Ontario?

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  • Why did you put a facemask on your foot😓😓😓

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  • Why did the cast of aunt dauna put monoliths everywhere but my yard??????

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  • THESE PEOPLE ARE FULL OF SHIT DON'T SUPPORT A LIER the Utah monolith has been there since 2015 you can go on Google Earth and find out for yourself these people are full of s*** and taking credit for something that they didn't do or just in reality trying to cover up what they really are so people will stop talking about it but he said he put the Utah monolith there in 2019 when he's full of s*** it's been there since 2015 so explain that m***********

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  • This is false news to get the public off the topic clearly

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  • Me hearing the same word 1000 times so i look out the window I see a foreign gang from Australia saying a bunch of scan approaching another gang probably called the dingoes or something so I take cover since there’s about to be a shoot out but then I realize they are Australia then they pull out a shit ton of metal and I’m confused as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk but this must of been it

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  • Oh so they built Stone Henge. There were no video games back then for a bunch of guys to do. "Hey guys, let's build something and make people in the future believe this was for a ceremony. Don't forget to hide the beer mugs."

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  • just saw the king giz shirt lmao gold

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  • This whole video might be a cover up to the real thing. In short this a hoax... And they're actually working for the government and asked to do this video to cover it up

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  • Now we are seeing the monolith in congo 🇨🇩 fuck what is going on

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  • well now i know who aunty donna is and i've watched half their content and i am in love

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  • You’re under arrest!!!! What for? I don’t know Did I do anything illegal You set up mysterious metal things around the world without telling anyone or asking permission and people didn’t find out about it for 4 years Is that illegal? No Am I gonna go to jail? No But we want to give you a stern warning and look at you meanly

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    • I mean it is illegal

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  • Because you could

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  • How dare you exist

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  • Would’ve been cooler if you didn’t make a video about making it.

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  • Did you build the one we just find in DR Congo? lol

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  • You are going to jail because of this.

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  • Get in the bloody Ute morty

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  • This is just a Australian version of The Grand Tour

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  • For 'comedians' this group 'Aunty Donna' are not funny. They come across as self obsessed and filled with soy. Good work you did, it wasn't for a good cause.

    Max MFMax MF10 dagar sedan
    • Whats wrong with soy? I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you aren't one of those braindead morons that it has feminising effects because a known conman told you so.

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  • I thought it might be the yes theory guy

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  • Hey u did a thing

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  • Pretty fake

    GD NazarGD Nazar10 dagar sedan
  • I love this channel but it wasn't him.

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  • This got a mention on/by brew. I doubt im the only one to come say that. But go tell em you 100% did it.

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  • Girls doing silly things: Goes shopping Guys doing silly things: Builds a stainless steel monolith and puts it in the forest.

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  • Fake asf

    AtombreakerAtombreaker11 dagar sedan
  • Did they actually make the monoliths

    True Mr. SpongeTrue Mr. Sponge11 dagar sedan
  • why does his face look like it shouldnt exist

    AljažAljaž11 dagar sedan
  • Cool

    Jade AwesomeJade Awesome11 dagar sedan
  • There's a tiktok conspiracy about the monolith in Utah. They think its aliens but its really just an Australian

    Austin NerdAustin Nerd11 dagar sedan
  • I know this I not real, guys don't trust this guy he only make a video about this BC FBI and government pay him to make a video that aliens are out of it

    Dark PsychoDark Psycho11 dagar sedan
  • Please do report them for misleading people

    adom barrettadom barrett12 dagar sedan
  • Liars. I hope you lose subscribers off of your thievery

    adom barrettadom barrett12 dagar sedan
  • this is fake because the utah monolith was shown being placed beetween 2015 and 2016 in google maps I also got this information from the channel Brew

    BreBre ViewsBreBre Views12 dagar sedan
    • Ok?..

      Cameron WCameron W11 dagar sedan
  • already watched this video a long time ago, but i just wanted to ask did anyone here come from Brew?

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    • Me

      Mr NobodyMr Nobody10 dagar sedan
  • YOU DID NOT , AND IF YOU DID BUILD SEVERAL , YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY BUILDER OF THEM , COME CLEAN ON THIS NOW !!! Where ever there's a mystery , there is a Cover up , and a PAWN OR SHILL , to PERPETUATE the cover up , to DISCREDIT , to RIDICULE the Mystery , and finally to DISTORT REALITY once again , brushing it ALL off as a silly hoax , created by Skulduggerous engineer type , twenty something ,trust fund babies , that have NO-THING better to do , CAUSING most people to just say , oh I knew it wasnt a real Mystery , then the Dogma deception , and Sameness continues , with the SHILL UNWITTINGLY playing a role to keep humanity in the Dark , and KNOWLEDGE SUPPRESSED .

    Jeff NortonJeff Norton12 dagar sedan
    • Pointless CAPITALISATION makes you LOOK like a LUNATIC.

      Emma StrangeEmma Strange9 dagar sedan
  • Y didnt I expect u to do this 😂

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  • Call him mark

    Shoe NiceShoe Nice12 dagar sedan
  • I pee on these

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  • Im just saying that a pointed shovel would have made that digging so much faster

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  • everythings a fucken drum

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  • How did he get a monolith from Australia to is and romania

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    • *usa

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  • Why the fuck are you on brew...

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