Can You Bite Off Your Finger like a Carrot?

6 nov 2019
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Have you ever looked at your fingers and wondered if you could eat them? Well lets find out if they really are a convenient, cheap and healthy snack!
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  • Help me step bro I’m stuck

    hayden joneshayden jones18 timmar sedan
  • If our bones were this fragile you’d snap your spine like a kit-kat bar everytime you sneezed.

    The Guarding DarkThe Guarding DarkDag sedan
  • 7:18 AMOGUS

    Bonus PyroBonus Pyro2 dagar sedan
  • I worry about all the poor fish who had their fingers stolen and frozen for our eating pleasure. How the fuck are they supposed to hold a pencil now?

    Nate StokesNate Stokes2 dagar sedan
  • amoogus

    Luca PogainisLuca Pogainis3 dagar sedan
  • Damn you are so funny!!!

    Samuel MannSamuel Mann3 dagar sedan
  • Did anyone else realise there is a movie in his fridge

    Ava vlogzzAva vlogzz3 dagar sedan
  • Amy is a dickhead did anyone actually listen to the end of the video he said bite your middle finger and call amy a dickhead I didn't see one comment saying so I'm so disappointed

    TrentonTrenton3 dagar sedan
  • Is he corpse husband?

    Weird Boy AntoneetoWeird Boy Antoneeto3 dagar sedan
  • The maximun of a human bite is 91kg of force

    Chris The FoxChris The Fox4 dagar sedan
  • Noo And Why don't you just bite the fake finger?!?!

    Chris The FoxChris The Fox4 dagar sedan
  • i feel pain everytime he films himself hurt himself, despite not actually hurting himself like when he uses hammer to smash his toes

    The ExoticThe Exotic4 dagar sedan
  • “Why is your hand in plaster?” Lol this guy is just in his basement doing this stuff without the knowledge of any of his room mates

    Spreading DarknessSpreading Darkness4 dagar sedan
  • 1:53 “dark souls 3 controller fix” “i can only walk in dark souls 3” “how to refund steam games” what a story

    Jaesmito OnesJaesmito Ones4 dagar sedan
  • man seeing him drop a weight on the ground while barefoot made my blood pressure skyrocket

    Sam EverettSam Everett4 dagar sedan
  • 1:41 if any of you think this is common in russia its really not

    FROG BOIFROG BOI5 dagar sedan
  • E-minor actually...

    Robert SchroeckRobert Schroeck5 dagar sedan
  • Oh, but I DO hate myself

    Anti GenAnti Gen5 dagar sedan
  • The left ambulance morphologically guard because shape significantly transport next a splendid call. selective, crooked mosque

    Xiaodong WangXiaodong Wang6 dagar sedan
  • carrot thighs

    The Yellow KnightThe Yellow Knight6 dagar sedan
  • $100 you tried biting your finger while watching! 😉

    Daz AlenkoDaz Alenko6 dagar sedan
  • Can you just bite the tail-finger??

    Darwin DunnDarwin Dunn6 dagar sedan
  • Just to let you know for future reference, plaster gets boiling hot when it's setting due to a chemical reaction. So please don't try and mould anything that's alive using plaster or it will get very bad burns. 😂

    Dandelion ClubDandelion Club7 dagar sedan
  • -1:19

    Shadow playzxShadow playzx7 dagar sedan
  • I asked Gollum and he said yes we can.

    Llady DoubtfireLlady Doubtfire7 dagar sedan
  • i'm pretty sure biting your finger off is the equivalent to running over your finger with a Kawasaki (hypothesis)

    M3M38 dagar sedan
  • Flip you to man... Lol 😂😂😂 lol

    lavaman6766lavaman67668 dagar sedan
  • should have covered your fingers in wachs before dipping them into the plaster you big doofus

    PatrickPatrick8 dagar sedan
  • najjaci deo sa balkancem

    AnimatronicFixerAnimatronicFixer8 dagar sedan
  • my fingers their powerful

    Garrett WoodGarrett Wood8 dagar sedan
  • U could actually just do the math cus in 1956 they found out that to fracture not cut of your finger took no less than 1485 Newton to bite a carrot it take no more that 250 with most being 200 newtons

    one tome plzone tome plz8 dagar sedan
  • If amy was born with 6 fingers, she probably wouldn't be willing to get rid of another

    Henry WalkeHenry Walke9 dagar sedan
  • I once bit a finger in a fight. I can tell you with 100% certainty that they don’t just chomp like carrots.

    xHarpuaxHarpua9 dagar sedan
  • Umm im sad that i speak croatian cuz that guy that steals ppl speaks croatian too

    Tin NovoselTin Novosel9 dagar sedan
  • I love how the weight holder have his bad craft stamp

    GrilledcheeseGrilledcheese10 dagar sedan
  • Oi

    Ted1606Me dTed1606Me d11 dagar sedan
  • We’re looking at you, the last of us part 2.

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  • i dont need sleep...I NEED ANSWERS

    Leonidas KingLeonidas King12 dagar sedan
  • I' here to tell you this as you really need to hear it: YOU ARE AN IDIOT!

    Edy BanciuEdy Banciu12 dagar sedan
  • 1:50 "Website Grammar Tool" "Buy Human Bones" "Reddit Newtubers" "Fake website builder" "Twitter" "Obs studio" "Google drive" "Facebook"

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  • Buraz, to nije Albanski.

    _Laboratorija_Laboratorija13 dagar sedan
  • I am Albainian wtf

    The lean BeanThe lean Bean14 dagar sedan
  • A friend of mine tried this on his thumb by a log splitter. The thumb was still hanging on a tendon and they managed to glue the thumb back on his hand.

    ClownClown16 dagar sedan
  • “Albanian people smuggler” *speaks Serbo-Croatian*

    Lovro RukljicLovro Rukljic16 dagar sedan
  • 9:40 i think it's because our jaw is stronger than our upper jaw. but of course, carrot will also break if you put it in your upper jaw as well

    Lemon GrabLemon Grab16 dagar sedan
  • Y bid he flip me off

    Team 3 Boy HamsterTeam 3 Boy Hamster17 dagar sedan
  • Hello yes!

    I want to game end myselfI want to game end myself17 dagar sedan
  • Abby: *Yes. Yes you can.*

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  • Did he say human tails 6:24

    North Dakota Outdoor LimitsNorth Dakota Outdoor Limits17 dagar sedan
    • 6:21

      North Dakota Outdoor LimitsNorth Dakota Outdoor Limits17 dagar sedan
  • Uses wax as cast so it's cheap: *kalm* Wax is hot *PANIK* Uses plaster instead *kalm* Finger is stuck in plaster *P A N I K*

    Giorno GiovanniGiorno Giovanni17 dagar sedan
  • That isn't Albanian, it was Albanian Serbian. You yourself are speaking Albanian English. Albania rules.

    Angel DimovskiAngel Dimovski18 dagar sedan

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  • Whait are you from balkan????

    DNF_MarinKing223DNF_MarinKing22318 dagar sedan
  • Im Albanien

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  • bruh I tried this my finger is bitten of fuck you

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  • Using my lunch break to watch this shit

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  • Hahahaha that Ice Age film in the freezer

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  • 7:15 looking SUS😎LOL amongus

    JochemJochem19 dagar sedan

    S RoseS Rose19 dagar sedan
  • let me save you 11 minutes. yes, you physically can bite it off, but your brain prevents you from doing such an insane thing which makes it difficult to do.

    Music ModeMusic Mode19 dagar sedan
  • Lmao.. dip your hand in ice water before wax, and oil your hand before plaster. Silly guy.

    Chris KingChris King20 dagar sedan
  • Is he ok

    Happy Cookie 868Happy Cookie 86820 dagar sedan
  • U picku materinu? Hahahahahha I'm from Montenegro

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  • What tf was that intro

    Samay BhuratSamay Bhurat21 dag sedan
  • 4:23 you could have just used a fucking glove you dumbass. like bruh.

    RandarthRandarth21 dag sedan
  • lmao that intro

    Yeah But Can I Sniff Ur Pants FirstYeah But Can I Sniff Ur Pants First21 dag sedan
  • I bit a carrot several times and determined how hard I actually fit the carrot and then bit my finger as hard and surprise surprise I still have 10 fingers.

    Dylan FosterDylan Foster21 dag sedan
  • Me before video starts *bites finger* no way

    Sullivan For EveryoneSullivan For Everyone22 dagar sedan
  • "Do Not Eat Off The Floor" bruv plz do not

    Yusuf ToorYusuf Toor22 dagar sedan
  • Answer: No

    Casual Kitty CatCasual Kitty Cat22 dagar sedan
  • 1:45 if you dont know he said "Fuck this, oh what do we have here" in Serbian

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  • I'm about to end Emy Evans whole career drop an F in the chat

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  • yubi yubi

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  • >:( FaCk YoU To M8

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  • 1:44 I became so fucking happy when I heard my mother tongue ngl

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  • U pičku materinu! Opa, šta je ovo? Hahahhahaha ti si car

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  • 6:20 lol

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  • ko je iz srbije neka lika

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  • He sounds a bit like Corpse Husband. Just me......Alright

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  • 1:29 😳😳😳😳

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  • I found this while looking up "Me want bite"

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  • Glad we can clear this up finally..... I'm 24

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  • only now am I realizing that IDAT has adam ondra lips

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  • You spent all that time building a skull to test it, but why not just put the fake finger in your own mouth?

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  • Ja sam bosanac

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  • Make a Fork Knife please

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  • that middle finger thoooooooo

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  • sick prank bro, but now teh jo3k is on yoi, becaoz3 I l0zr a fingar and u r sued

    Aristotle SimoneAristotle Simone24 dagar sedan
  • Casually listening to video: "STA JE OVO U PICKU MATERINU!" *spits drink*

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  • why is this in my home page 🙂

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  • CORPSE!?!?!

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  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, sad vidim!! Pa ti si naš :D

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  • *presses play and then pauses the video*: Do I actually want to know?

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  • These Aussie Carrots are just low Quality Carrots with no strength to them whatsoever, try our german Carrots Mate!

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  • I bit my finger really hard because i got balls and it bleed it hurts but eh it healed fast but still got a wound mark

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  • Do you speak portuguese

    manuel silvamanuel silva25 dagar sedan
  • That was croatian that means. Fuck, what is this

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  • human’s tails ?..

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  • It's easy... Ask a cannibal

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  • Cant you just fucking BITE IT ?

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